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The movie starts out with a girl named Tracy ( Evan Rachel Wood) and Evee getting high off a can of hairspray. They both can't feel their faces and slap each other until they are both bloody. Then The movies turns back to four months earlier where Tracy and her old friends are dropped off at school. They walk through their middle school but look younger then everyone. Tracy spots her older brother and tries to talk to him and his friends but she gets ignored and the boys go talk to Evee and her body baring friends. Tracy is jealous of Evee and she just walks away.

The next day at lunch Tracy's friends can't stop talking about how great Evee is. Tracy is annoyed but decides to not say much about it.  But when she gets out to throw out her scraps, Evee and her friends make fun of Tracy's clothes. So when Tracy gets home to deal with this she takes apart her room and removes everything childish and starts to smoke. Her mom gets home but does not catch her in time. Tracy tells her mom that she needs new clothes so they end up in someones truck looking through clothes and Tracy picks out a semi decent outfit. Her mom can hardly pay for it but they make it. Through out the movie her mom gives people haircuts for half price and lets them eat out of her fridge but doesn't charge much. The next Day at Lunch Tracy follows Evee to the bathroom and they exchange compliments and they chat ending up in Evee giving Tracy her cell number saying they're go shopping after school.  Tracy gets home and talks to the neighbor and her brother but quickly calls Evee but the number does not work. She tries again but it still does not work. So she decides to hop a bus and find them herself. She finally find Evee and a friend stealing some clothes. Tracy tries to hang out with them but is dissed. Tracy goes back outside to get a drink but she sees a woman busily talking on her cell phone and leaving her purse unattended while Tracy quickly takes her wallet out of her purse that is filled with hundreds of dollars. she goes back to Evee and shows her. She's proven herself and the three go shopping. They buy tons of shoes and lots of skimpy clothing.

The next day at school Tracy quickly becomes popular and "hot". She has new friends and decides to ditch her friends at school. She starts to cut class and come to class late. After school Evee takes Tracy to a piercing parlor and convinces The guy To give Tracy a tongue piercing.

Tracy and Evve then go to Tracy's house to hang out. Through out the movie Evee starts to pretty much live at Tracy's. Tracy's mom takes them to Melrose to buy clothes but is quickly disgusted in the clothes but still lets the girls shop. Evee and Tracy return to Tracy's house to meet one of Tracy's old friends but they quickly blow her off, go to the park and get high with some ghetto guys. They all end up half naked dancing in sprinklers. Tracy's Brother comes to retrieve Evee and Tracy. They barely makes it in the house without suspicion. 

The next day at school two boys are hitting on Evee and Tracy and they tell them to come to Evee's tonight. They come over and then all end up having oral sex. Tracy and Evee start to become closer and closer like sisters. Eventually Tracy gets jealous of Evee cause she is closer to Tracy's family. but she really doesn't care about her mom or her loser boyfriend that Tracy saw Getting high and then abuse her. Days Later Evee and Tracy start to hit on a Neighbor and finally get him to make out with them but he quickly stops cause they are just "jailbait". Later Tracy starts to fail school and things start to fall apart but once again Evee saves the day by suggesting a family movie. Evee and Tracy go to a separate movie but skip the movie and hang out downtown. Eventually Tracy and Evee get separated and some guy leads Tracy around the city to find Evee, They find her with Tracy's guy and she was obviously fooling around with him but she lies and says she didn't. Sometime during the night Tracy's brother sees Tracy dressed like a slut and later that night tells their mom about it. The mom breaks down and can't take it anymore so she calls Tracy's dad who is too busy with work to even complete a conversation. Tracy's mom thinks the reason that Tracy is acting up is Evee so they kind of kick Evee out and make her live with Evee's aunt. Evee totally ditches Tracy as a friend as Tracy needs a friend when girls want to beat her up and she failed the 7th grade.

Surprisingly Evee and her aunt show up at her house and Tracy's mom and Evee's aunt find Evee's stash in Tracy's room. Evee quickly blames it on Tracy and they all yell and Scream at each other ending up in Evee leaving and Tracy never seeing her again.

Tracy's mom helps Tracy get her life back in order and the final shot is a symbol of Tracy regaining her childhood.


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