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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Daphne

The film opens up with a cartoon (looks similar to the Boondocks cartoon stylistically) showing cavemen and their cavewomen interacting with each other with Kevin Hart explaining how men used to have to work to gain a woman's attention. The cartoon then changes time periods and shows us women in thongs while the voiceover explains that men do not have to work as hard and have now gotten used to the idea of women readily giving men attention. We shift out of the cartoon and into reality where we see the "guys" playing basketball. We have the main four guys: 'The Dreamer' Dominic (played by Michael Ealy) who is always changing his profession, but internally knows that he wants to be chef, the 'Mama's Boy' Michael (played by Terrence Jenkins) who is a good guy but goes out on dates with girls with his mother, Loretta (played by Jennifer Lewis) in tow, the 'Player' Zeke (played by Romany Malco) who is smooth enough to get the number of a woman who just turned down his friend and the 'Commitment Phobe' Jeremy (played by Jerry Ferrara) whose girlfriend, Kristen (played by Gabrielle Union) is starting to get tired of his childish ways and wants an engagement ring to symbolize his commitment. We also have in this group the 'Happily Married' Bennett (played by Gary Owen) and the 'Happily Divorced' Cedric (played by Kevin Hart).

While the guys are playing basketball, we are then introduced to the women that are either in or about to be in their lives. While in the kitchen, Candace (played by Regina Hall) is watching an Oprah-like television show (where Sherri Shepard is playing the Oprah archetype called Viki) and Steve Harvey is the main guest and he is talking about his book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, and taking questions from the audience. One audience member asks about how long she should wait to introduce her son to her new boyfriend. This intrigues Candace as she is a single mother. Steve tells the audience member to be open as soon as possible because, as Steve explains, if a single mother waits six months to introduce her child and the child and the boyfriend don't mesh, then the single mother has just wasted six months for nothing. Candace agrees as she gives her son breakfast. While in her kitchen, Kristen, who is watching the same show happens to watch as another audience member asks about trying to get a commitment from her boyfriend to which Steve replies that the boyfriend has not been required to give a commitment. Mya (played by Meagan Good) is in a cafe buying coffee when she looks up at the tv screen to another audience member asking if her promiscuity is the reason she isn't finding any decent men to which Steve replies that it is, and that guys are looking for girls with standards, to which Mya in the coffee shop agrees. Lastly, high class business woman Lauren (played by Taraji P. Henson) is on a treadmill in her apartment watching the same show as well and watches on as an audience member asks why can't she find her dream man to which Steve replies that there is no such thing as a 'dream' guy and that she needs to be flexible on her wish list of what she wants in a man, Lauren does not agree and sticks her tongue out at the television.

We then see Mya come back from the coffee shop to her latest conquest, Alex (played by Chris Brown), and gives him some coffee. After a morning kiss and talking about being 'serious,' Mya heads into the shower to change where Alex writes a quick note (where he addresses it to Michelle, and this is a long running gag throughout the film as he calls her different names beside her own) and dashes out of the bedroom where he takes both coffee cups. Mya comes out of the shower and is disappointed to find herself alone. Later that night she goes out with her best friend Sonia (played by La La Anthony), who is a bit dim-witted, and tells her that she is reading the new Steve Harvey book and is using his advice and states that she is not going to have sex for 90 days. Zeke suddenly appears and after ordering her and Sonia a few drinks, asks Mya out to which she agrees. Sonia and Mya toast to the first night. On their first date, Zeke does not open the door for Mya, and she says that she does not go out with guys who do not open her doors. Zeke drives away to Mya's astonishment, and moments later reverses back into her driveway and apologizes saying that he was only joking. After a dinner where Mya is trying to establish a deeper connection by asking about Zeke's short and long term goals and Zeke is only trying to get into her pants, they are in Zeke's car on the way home when Zeke mentions that he used to be in the music industry and plays her his favorite track from his album. They start to connect, and when Zeke mentions going back to his place, Mya mentions that she needs at least 5 dates until there can be a nightcap. After a few more dates, and with Kevin Hart's narration, Zeke realizes that a night cap is just a night cap when Mya just wants to have coffee after a date, much to Zeke's disappointment.

Jeremy and Kristen are living together when Kristen decides she needs to Jeremy to step up. Kristen is a realtor and after showing a couple (a man and his pregnant wife who pop up a couple times throughout this storyline) around a show house, Kristen talks to her co-worker about Jeremy and tells her co-worker that she is going to start requiring Jeremy to step-up. First, she clears all the childish things in their apartment. Jeremy comes home and thinks that they have been robbed. Kristen assures him that all his item are safe but that they need to start acting their age. Kristen suggests redecorating their apartment. Jeremy agrees, trusting her opinion, but tells her that he would like to keep his couch that he has had since college when he found it in the dumpster. After redecorating, Kristen starts using Steve's book and asks Jeremy about his short and long term goals, and when it is clear that Jeremy has none Kristen suggests a job that he would be perfect for. After a few days, Jeremy come home to see that his apartment has undergone a transformation.

While working as a sous chef Dominic watches Lauren as she is having dinner with her best friend from college, Candace. The restaurant is extremely short staffed so Dominic is off cooking duty and starts to park cars. While getting a Lamborghini for a customer Dominic watches as Lauren enters her car. She flirtatiously takes off her jacket while looking directly at Dominic, who she thinks is the owner of the Lamborghini. Dominic follows Lauren with the car, and while both are at a stop light, Dominic, who does not know how to put the window down, opens the car doors. After an exchange, Dominic and Lauren agree to go on a date the next night. Dominic discusses the situation with his boys who tell Dominic to keep lying about his work and financial situation. On their date, Dominic and Lauren hit it off. They don't discuss work, and after going back to Lauren's place, they sleep with each other. The next morning Lauren wakes up in bed alone. A few moments later Dominic comes in with a glass of orange juice and Eggs Benedict. Lauren is visibly happy. After a few days, Lauren is at an event to accept an award where Dominic's restaurant is catering. Dominic sees Lauren and tries to turn back into hiding only to crash into another waiter and Lauren curses while realizing Dominic's true status.

Candace and Michael go out on a couple of dates, and while everything is going great for them, Candace begins to suspect that she might not be a priority in Micheal's life and thinks about breaking up with him.

D-day has arrived (Cedric's divorce has been finalized). On the way to a strip club in a strip club's party bus, the guys are all together talking about their relationships. Then they talk about their girlfriends' need to talk about goals. The guys all come to the realization that the girls are using techniques from Steve Harvey who they all call a traitor for telling women all men's secrets. They decided they need a copy of the book, but the book is sold out throughout the area. Michael has to go home to his mom's house and there he finds that Loretta has a copy of Steve's book. He calls the guys and in Michael's room, they decide to come up with a game plan and will pretend they are giving the women what they want. But as Hart's narration explains they eventually start to forget they are pretending.

Jeremy tells Kristen that he has updated his resume and applied for the job that she suggested. In their new apartment, they decide to Christen the place. Michael tells Candace that she is his number one priority and that he realizes that he needs to start to separate from his mother. Zeke starts to grow closer to Mya and backs off from suggestions of sex and after telling Mya that he loves her, Mya breaks her own rules and has sex with him. Dominic really wants to show Lauren that he has potential and instead of pretending Dominic is actually trying to start his restaurant business. Dominic woos Lauren with an elegant rooftop dinner. They soon reconcile and consummate their relationship. But after a couple of days things start to fall apart. Dominic leaves Lauren's place in an old beat up car and moments after, her ex-boyfriend Sam (played by Morris Chestnut) shows up. Lauren has conflicted feelings and a few days later Lauren takes Dominic out to lunch to both help him with his restaurant business and to break up with him. Dominic does not take this well. Jeremy gets busted by Kristen about the fake job as she has a friend at the job who has told her that there is no resume from him on file. Candace finds out that Michael is still very much a Mama's boy and Mya finds out that Zeke has been reading Steve's book and breaks it off with Zeke.

The guys have another night out. After the happily married guy makes a speech about how he's happy with his life and doesn't mind having to leave 'guys night' early sometimes. Cedric 'the happily divorced' guy calls his ex-wife Gail (played by Wendy Williams). Cedric tells Gail he misses and loves her and wants to come home to which Gail agrees. Cedric tells the guys that he is going home, and the guys think about their own relationships. Michael goes to Candace's family reunion and tells her family that he loves her and that she is his main priority. Jeremy goes to Kristen's job and in front of her co-worker and the married couple tells Kristen that he is ready to commit and asks her to marry him to which Kristen accepts. Zeke goes to a local coffee shop and sings his favorite song off his album in front of Mya. She leaves the coffee shop, but after expressing how he really feels they reconcile.

A couple days later all the happy couples go to Dominic's food truck opening. Candace is telling Lauren she should come as well, but Lauren is going on a date with Sam. On the date, Lauren realizes that Sam is extremely arrogant and self indulgent, and she realizes that she is in love with Dominic. She goes to his opening, but he doesn't want to speak to her and he tries to get her to leave. She goes away but then goes on to the food truck. They both admit their love for one another and get back together as all the happy couples look on. Cedric then makes a joke about the lack of sex he and Gail have to which Gails drags him out and takes him somewhere private.

The films ends with extra scenes of the guys playing basketball with professional basketball players.


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