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In the beach, Leonardo DiCaprio plays Richard, an american who is on a vacation of sorts in Bangkok. One night at his hotel, he meets this crazy guy who gives him a map to an island paradise. Well, Leo decides he's going to try to get there and he invites his neighbors in the hotel to go with him, partially because he is attracted to one of them.

A few days later, they arrive on the island and are ecstatic and also exhausted because they had to swim nearly a mile to get there. They are making their way across the island when they come up to a field of marijuana plants. The two others start to run and skip through the field and celebrate and as Leo walks along the outer rim of the field he suddenly sees a monkey tied to a tree. He freezes and looks down to the base of the tree where he sees a man with a machine gun is sleeping. Just then the monkey starts freaking out and Leo books into the field and gets the others to be quiet and stay down as 3 or 4 other men arrive and search the field.

After they leave Leo and the other 2 run away and continue to make their way across the island. They come to a cliff which appears to be impossible to descend until the girl just jumps off, and the other 2 follow. As soon as they come up and are laughing and screaming a man congratulates them and tells them to follow him. They do so, and are led to a village, with all kinds of people, american and otherwise, who are working on huts and fish and all sorts of things.

They are informed that the crazy guy who gave Leo the map was a founding member of the community and that he left a little while ago. Since the guy gave him the map, they accept the 3 newcomers into their community and start to show them the ropes and island.

It turns out that before they left to come to the island, Leo had given a copy of the map to some potheads on the mainland. Well, one of the founding rules of the community was no new people, because the men with guns had allowed them to stay under that one provision: no more people. So, one day the potheads arrive with two girls and camp out on the far end of the island. The leader of the community is pissed at Leo and forces him to stay out there and watch them and to tell them, whenever they decide to come into the main part of the island, to leave at once.

So Leo has to camp out by himself isolated from the entire village until the potheads come. Over the course of the next week or so, (no specific amount of time is given) he slowly begins to go a little mad. He is really out of it, and is running around at night and even sneaking up on the men with guns and watching them. The potheads decide to come and Leo doesn't try to stop them and they are shot by the men with guns. This shocks Leo back into reality and he runs back to the village, which is having a celebration.

The men with guns bust in and scream about how they broke the deal and now they have to leave. But the leader of the community refuses to leave, and she says the island belongs to no one, and everyone has a right to be there.

This shocks the man, but he gives her a way to stay: shoot Leo in the face. He empties the chambers of his six shooter and places a single bullet back inside. Leo is freaking out and asking people to help and stop her, but then he accepts it and screams at her to show them exactly what the cost of them staying is. She does so, but the chamber is empty and she falls to the ground crying. Everyone in the community gets up and runs out except her and her husband and we never learn exactly what happens to them.

As for Leo and the rest of the village, they all return to wherever it was they were before and try to resume normal lives again.

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