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The movie opens with John Connor narrarating just as Sarah Connor did in T2. He is now living "Off the Grid" meaning no one knows where he is, who he is, or how to get in contact with him. He is constantly moving around so no one can ever meet him. While narrarating we see images of the would be future of what would have come if Judgment Day wasn't averted. Nuclear explosions as well as John leading the humans to victory eventually are shown. Driving down a road on a motorcycle, John crashes due to a deer in the road and hurts his leg badly.

The scene now focuses on a mannequin window with a strong breeze growing. A quick flash and explosion of glass and a mysterious naked woman ( the TX) stands up.

Through her vision we see her primary targets are a combination of men and woman totaling eight. John Connor is not on the list. She approaches a woman in a car and says "I like your car." Speeding down the road now in a latex outfit, she is pulled over by the police. She notices a billboard of a woman with big breasts and her breasts start to expand. The cop is about to let her off as she looks down and says "I like your gun."

The scene is now on a woman named Kate Brewster (played by Claire Danes). She is called by her father who says that he once again cannot come and visit her and her fiancé because of his special top secret work.

At General Brewster's government facility, we learn a new virus is spreading to computers throughout the world and they are afraid it may infect government computers. They mention that if it does, they may have to turn a new military defense system known as SKYNET on so that they can try to fix the problem. General Brewster is nervous because he says it is not completely ready.

In the desert near town, the strange breeze starts up again and after an explosion of light and fire, Arnold appears as a new T-800, naked as usual. He shows up at a bar where the man outside says "hey you're supposed to go around back" as he enters finding a bar on ladies night. He has about given up finding clothes seeing that all the women are not his size when a male stripper dressed as a biker appears on stage, perfect size for the T-800. He orders him to take off his clothes as he crushes his hand. Outside Arnold reaches in the pocket for sunglasses and pulls out Elton John pink star shaped glasses. He throws them on the ground and steps on them.

The TX is at a drive through and asks if the voice through the box is that of Jose (can't remember his last name). He says it is and she pulls around and shoots him several times in the head. She also appears at a party at a teenagers house looking for a boy and his sister. The boy answers the door and is shot in the head several times again as his sister looking on in horror knows that she is next.

Kate Brewster is called into work early in the morning to help some lady with her cat at a veterinary clinic. She leaves her fiancé in bed and leaves.

John Connor is dropped off at a veterinary clinic by a truck and he breaks in and takes several animal tranquilizers to dull the pain he sustained in the crash. Kate and the cat lady show up later as she tells her to wait in an examination room as she goes to the back finding John. He pulls a gun on her telling her he can't go to a normal hospital. Distracting him she takes his gun and shoots him finding out it is a paintball gun. She throws him in a cage in the back as she realizes who he is as they had gone to the same middle school and made out at a party the day before the T-1000 had gone after John. She asks why he and his mom had just disappeared as they hear a gun shot in the front of the store. The TX asks if the cat lady is Kate Brewster and tastes her blood saying "no you're not Kate Brewster." Going to the room where John was passed out she finds a bandage with blood. She tastes it and stops, absolutely stunned as the words "primary target John Connor" appear in her sight. She sees Kate run out and into a truck. She pulls her out and says "John Connor was here, where is he?" She is just about to kill Kate when Arnold runs her over in a truck. Locking Kate in a veterinary truck he finds John Connor in the back, puts him in the truck, and tells him to drive away as he fights the TX. We find out that the TX is metal interior and liquid metal exterior as she fixes herself. Her arm changes to a strange weapon and shoots electric blasts which explode. As the police appear he is knocked out into a room as the TX shows that she can control machines as she sends 3 or 4 police cars and trucks after John and Kate. Arnold gets up, takes a police motorcycle, and goes after them as the TX is now driving a big wide load semi.

Driving down the road being chased by remote cars and the TX in a semi, John and the locked up Kate are still fleeing as Arnold takes out some of the remote cars being controlled by the TX. After shooting out the semi's tires and knocking the TX from it Arnold jumps into the truck John is driving and takes control just as the semi flips over and crashes. Arnold tells John they are going to a safe place. Now is how we find out how this is possible since they destroyed Cyberdine in T2. The T-800 tells John that they didn't prevent Judgment Day, they only delayed it. The government was still developing the technology for Skynet, it was just taking longer. "Judgment Day is inevitable" he tells John. He tells John that because he was living "off the grid and couldn't be found, the TX was sent this time to kill all of his future lieutenants, Kate being one of them. He tells John that Kate is his future wife and that she is second in command. He tells John to take the wheel as he cuts open his chest and takes out one of his fuel cells and throws it out the window just as a small somewhat nuclear blast follows because it was damaged.

Back at Kate's house the TX is sitting on her bed as her fiancé wakes up. We see a picture of Kate and her fiancé as a chainsaw noise is heard and blood is splattered. Police later show up as the TX has taken the form of her fiancé and tells police that he will go along with them and help them find Kate.

At a gas station, Arnold is taking all the food they need as the attendant is complaining that the TV and computer have not worked all day ( due to the virus). Arnold steals it all and as he lets Kate out of the back she begins to scream "help me" thinking she is being kidnapped. The attendant sees this and calls the police.

John is now in the back with Kate as he explains all of it to her as they are on their way to a cemetery. When there Arnold shows them the "grave" of Sarah Connor as John says that she died of leukemia and fought it long enough to see that Judgment Day didn't occur. Arnold breaks the grave open and in the casket is an arsenal of weapons. He says that Sarah was cremated in Mexico and that her will was to have these guns placed there.

The police with "Kate's fiancé" find out where they are thanks to the gas station attendant and the TX sticks her arm through the seat killing the officer driving and kills the passenger officer too, now steering with her arm through the officer now knowing where Kate and John are.

Several police cars appear at the cemetery and order Arnold and John to "release the hostage" as Kate runs out, still in disbelief. Arnold gets John angry to show him that he does have it in him to lead the human race to victory as Arnold breaks through the side of the building their in with casket in hand and a mini gun, shooting at the cops.

Kate is being consoled by none other than the psychologist from the first 2 terminators who saw the T-1000 walk through the metal bars. He says that in hostage situations you see crazy and unbelievable things. Just then he sees Arnolds face as he shoots at the cops and runs away in fear. Arnold makes note of 0 human casualties and heads off. Kate is now running and she sees her fiancé which turns into the TX. She is shocked and is about to be killed by the electric blast of the TX when Arnold and John pull up in a hearse and shoot the TX with a rocket launcher. Kate gets in and they drive off with the TX chasing them. Taking a shortcut the TX jumps on top of the hearse and starts cutting through the roof. Arnold drives the car under a semi ripping the roof off along with the TX. The TX is shown with the words "primary weapon damaged". She must switch from the electric blast to a flame thrower from her hand now.

When they arrive at a camper which they eventually take Arnold mentions how a General Brewster is responsible for turning Skynet on at 6:18 pm that day. John tells Kate "the end of the world is today, 3 hours from now". She wants to reach her father but the T-800 won't take Johns orders. He says that he must take Kate's orders because she is the one who captured him and reprogrammed him. Instead of heading away from the nuclear fallout towards Mexico, they are now headed towards General Brewster's headquarters an hour away because Arnold says that only he can stop it and John realizes that Brewster was the key the whole time and if he is alive they can still shut Skynet down.

In the camper driving, Arnold says that John didn't capture him in the year 2032 because he was dead. John doesn't want to know how but Kate asks anyway. Arnold says that he killed John in the future before he was reprogrammed. It was possible because of John's attachment to the T-101 in T2 and he was vulnerable when seeing him again. Kate finds out now that they are future spouses and John realizes that fate has occurred. They first kissed the day before the T-1000 tried to kill him and now, 10 years later, they meet again the day before the end of the world.

The TX is now in Brewster's facility and is shown turning on several T-1 machines and beginning to control them. In General Brewster's facility, the virus has started to get into government computers as we see several flying machines that have been seen in flashes of the future attacking humans. He gets orders from a higher power to switch to Skynet even though it is not completely tested but ready so they can get rid of the virus. Brewster switches and the computers are just about to locate the origin of the virus when everything shuts down and the machines begin to attack. Kate runs in and tells him to stop just as several bullets are put through her by Arnold. We find out that it wasn't Kate but the TX as Brewster sees the real Kate and John run for him just as he is shot and almost killed.

The offices are shown as everyone is being killed by the T-1s and flying machines inside and outside as the world is starting to come to an end. Arnold manages to destroy 2 of the T-1s by shooting and ripping their heads off.

In General Brewster's room Arnold rips open a safe for John and Kate as Brewster tells them what folder has the codes in them and where the main facility for Skynet's core is. General Brewster dies as he is caught in an explosion from a rocket outside through his window. Arnold sends John and Kate away as the TX appears and they begin to fight again. After kicking her ass for a bit she isn't phased at all as she blows his face with her new blowtorch and stomps his head off then reprograms him as he stands up and puts his head back on.

Running through the facility John and Kate turn on a machine then run through a tunnel as the TX chases them. The TX is suddenly pulled towards a central tube which is now magnetized after John turned it on. The TX is dying as she is being magnetized to it and her liquid metal exterior is falling off. After John and Kate run away she uses a saw from her arm and damages the machine, returning herself to normal now that the magnetic field is off.

John and Kate are about to leave in a small plane when Arnold appears and starts attacking John. He explains his mind is intact but he cannot control what he does as he pounds on Kate and John. John explains that he is about to fail his mission which would render him obsolete. Hearing this, Arnold shut himself down, saving them. John and Kate escape in the helicopter as Arnold is left standing there. We later see him turn himself back on, returned to normal.

In the middle of far away mountain facility, John and Kate are using the codes from the folder to open the blast doors to Skynet's core just as the TX flying a helicopter crashes in. She is just about to kill them as they open the blast doors when Arnold appears in a helicopter and flies into her. Arnold holds the blast door open for them as it is closing down on him so John and Kate can get through. Being that the TX is not all liquid metal like the T-1000, half of her body is ripped off from the helicopter and now crawls toward John and grabs his leg. Arnold releases him as he and Kate run off. As Arnold holds the TX, he takes out his other fuel cell, sticks it in her mouth and blows them both up, killing the TX and himself for good.

Taking an elevator down to the lower levels, John can't find where the core is. All they find is a presidential podium and several very old computers as they realize there is no Skynet core. Where they are is a fallout shelter for VIPs in case of nuclear war. John talks on the radio to someone calling for help as they realize what kind of hell is going on outside as the man says how machines are killing everyone. Kate realizes that her father ordered them down there just to survive. John narrarates again as he says that there was no Skynet core. Skynet was the virus that started it all and it survives in cyberspace so there is no way to shut it down. He reflects on how the T-800 said "Judgment Day is inevitable" and realizes that the whole time their purpose wasn't to stop Judgment Day, just survive it so they could lead the remaining humans to victory. John and Kate hold hands as the world is shown with multiple nuclear warheads going off across the globe and Judgment Day has finally come, with John and Kate alive to fight the machines in the future they had heard about but wished would never come.


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