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First of all, Matt Damon is not a nice guy.

Before the movie ends, he kills just about everyone he meets and even comes close to killing Gwyneth Paltrow.

In the film , he befriends Jude Law (Dickie) and his girlfriend Gwyneth (Marge) and they romp around Europe together. Its obvious all along that what Matt really wants is a relationship with Dickie.

When Dickie finally asks Matt to leave him alone and go back to the states, Matt kills him by whacking him upside the head with an oar. He spends the next few weeks living under the identity of DIckie. When Dickie's friend Freddie, discovers that Matt killed him, he gets wacked with a marble head bust.

Gweneth realizes that Matt is the killer when she finds Dickie's rings in Matts posession. Matt comes close to killing her but fails when his new boyfriend, Peter enters the room.

Dickie's dad hires an investigator to find out what happened to his son and determines that his son's violent background led him to suicide. He doesn't believe Gwyneth, thinking she's just too emotional. He thanks Matt for helping him and awards him part of Dickie's allowance.

Just as Matt and Peter are sailing away together, Cate Blanchet finds him. She know him only as Dickie but she also knows Peter who only know him as Tom. Uh oh... Time for someone to get whacked again.

Unfortunately for Peter, Cate is on the boat with her whole family so she's safe. So, while lying in bed together, Matt strangles Peter to keep him quiet.

The film ends with Matt sitting alone in his room crying.

Matt, with Dickie and Freddie.

Little do they know that Matt is a mean, mean guy. They both will be whacked upside the head before the film ends.

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