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NOTE: This spoiler was written and submitted by Emilia.

Jake (Michael Ealy), Jesse (Chris Brown), Gordon (Idris Elba), and John (Paul Walker) arrive separately to an abandoned floor of an office building. They head downstairs and rob a bank within the building. A clerk sets off the silent alarm, so they have her call and say there’s a robbery in progress and leave. Police and a news copter head that way. AJ (Hayden Christenson), disguised as a security guard, flags down the news copter to the roof of the office building. He forces the crew off and he and the other thieves take off headed towards the other side of town. They arrive at their destination, blow up the chopper and go their separate ways.

In another part of town, cops Jack Wells (Matt Dillon) and Eddie Hatcher (Jay Hernandez) attempt to take down Haitian drug dealers. Jack grabs one, bashing him a little, but Eddie loses the other. They later arrive at the scene of the robbery and try to figure out who committed the crime. Meanwhile, Ghost (T.I.) is released from prison and immediately heads over to Russian mobsters, led by Sergei.

Jake proposes to his girlfriend Rachel (Zoe Saldana), as the others celebrate their victory. They meet with their broker who informs them they’ll be heading to the Dutch Antilles to deposit their money at week’s end. Ghost shows up at John’s and requests a meeting with the other to make a proposition, and collect his share. He learns that Rachel is now engaged to Jake while he was in prison, having been arrested after a botched robbery.

At Jake’s club, they privately discuss Ghost, who Jake and AJ don’t trust. Ghost arrives and makes his proposal – he wants to rob an armored car…in five days. Incidentally, he was arrested when they attempted a similar robbery. He points out his association with Russians who’ve provided him with inside info. A hesitant Jake agrees to do it, if they plan checks out.

Jack and Eddie continue to investigate the robbery, reviewing elevator footage and shaking down information from a known explosives importer. They have a shoot-out with Russians they suspect of being the culprits, but unfortunately they kill their suspects. They only find pictures, burnt plans and a subway map, which they collect as evidence. Wells finds Ghost’s prison ID info in one of the in photos, so he follows him around LA and watches as he meets with Gordon and Jesse. He follows Gordon, which John who’s driving Gordon notices. He’s about to shoot when he notices Jack’s daughter in the passenger’s seat and believes Jack to be a civilian. Jack’s obsession with this investigation puts strain on his relationship with his daughter, who wants to go back home.

Gordon receives a call that his sister Naomi, who’s recently signed herself out of rehab, has left her hotel. She’s taken all the money he gave her. He later picks her up from the police station as Jack and Eddie question her dealer about the new money in his possession. He names Naomi, who they immediately link to Gordon. Jacks starts to see the connection and claims Gordon is one of the thieves. He and Eddie decide if they can place him in the elevator, they may have a lead. While they’re reviewing footage, IA calls Jack to meet with them. He’s nervous, believing it to be a case of excessive force, but is shocked to see that they have footage of Eddie letting the Haitian go and taking some drug money. They inform him that they are drawing up charges and will soon arrest Eddie, who finds the footage of Gordon in the building elevator. He and Jack head off to arrest him. Alone, Jack confronts Eddie about the theft. He explains that he did it to pay for his son’s medical bills.

In another part of town, the takers put their plan into action. Ghost posing as a traffic controller directs traffic as John watches from a parking garage with a sniper’s rifle.  the rest wait underground. John’s about to kill Ghost, believing they’ve been tricked, when the armored trucks aren’t there.  They finally arrive later than scheduled, but their plans go awry when a biker causes the truck #1 to stop short of the area they blow up. John fights his way into truck #2 and rams the truck through the opening in the ground and follows shortly after. They rob the truck with taking fire from above and escape through the sewers.

Jack and Eddie hear the call over the radio and head to the scene. Jack remembers the evidence he found and goes to one of the subway stations the Russians had circled on the map he collected earlier. He and Eddie see Jesse and chase him through the city and into a building. Eddie catches Jesse, but hestiates and is shot. Jesse escapes by jumping onto a nearby parking garage and running away. Eddie dies in Jack’s arms, stating that it was in the line of duty and begging Jack to care for his family. At the hospital, Jack learns that because Eddie died in the line of duty they will drop the investigation, give him a police burial, and full benefits.

The takers, minus Jesse, meet at a hotel where they agree to leave with their broker from Van Nuys airport that evening. Jesse arrives and explains that Eddie could have shot him but didn’t, almost like he wanted to be shot. Ghost calls the Russians and escapes from the bathroom, just as the Russians open fire. AJ is injured and dies while laying cover fire. They take out some of the Russians while taking refuge in the bedroom, but Jake manages to shoot the rest and they leave the hotel. Jake and Jesse arrive at the club to find their money stolen and Rachel murdered. The police surround the club and the brothers decide to go out Butch Cassidy style. Jack manages to track Gordon after spotting him leave his apartment. Gordon and John realize that Ghost is going to the airport to steal their money from the broker, who has it all so they head to the airport, Gordon unknowingly leading Jack there as well. Ghost kills the broker and is leaving with the money when Gordon stops him. Jack arrives and there’s a mexican standoff. Ghost shoots both Gordon and Jack. He walks to finish off Gordon, but is killed by John. John leaves Jack there and takes Gordon. As they drive away, Gordon promises his sister that they’re going home as Jack calls for an ambulance.

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