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The film begins with a close-up of John Travolta talking to someone in a coffee shop. He is just chit chatting about the movie DOG DAY AFTERNOON and telling the person how it is Pacino's greatest film. The only problem is that the robbery failed. He should have started killing hostages right away. That would have gotten their attention. Can you imagine, he says, what that would be like today with the technology we have? The news coverage would be incredible. Just then he gets up from the table, and we discover that he is involved in a huge bank heist across the street. He has been talking to the FBI negotiator (Don Cheadle) and has a dozen or so guns aimed at him. "Get out of the way" he tells the gunmen as he walks back inside the bank.

Inside, he has about 20 bank employees wired with explosives that will go off if they stray too far from the building. Travolta is now on the phone with Cheadle, and explains to him how the explosives will work.

One of his gunmen is standing outside with a hostage in his arms. A police sharpshooter shoots the gunman and an FBI agent grabs the girl but she is screaming to let her back inside but it's too late, once she gets in the middle of the street her explosives go off, killing everything around her.

Hugh Jackman is inside the bank and appears to be working with Travolta.

The scene then shifts to 4 days earlier.

Jackman is living in an old beat up trailer working as a maintenance man at some old oil rigs. When we see him he is hitting golf balls off the top of his trailer. Halle Berry drives up in a nice car and wearing a skimpy red dress.

She wants him to come work for her boss and will pay him $100,000 just for checking it out. We discover that Hugh used to be the #1 hacker in the business and after spending 2 years in jail, will go back if he even touches another computer. He's not interested in Halle's offer and she mentions his daughter. Seems that his ex-wife is now married to or living with the southern California porn king and Jackman is not allowed to see his daughter. The fact that Halle even mentioned his daughter pisses him off so much he kicks here out of his trailer. She returns with $100,000 cash and tells him if he helps them, he can get his daughter back.

Next we see Jackman being introduced to Travolta. Travolta has his henchman put a gun to Jackman's head while a girl gives Jackman a blowjob. While this is happening, Travolta spins a laptop around the table facing Jackman and tells him he has 60 seconds to break the code. He does just as Travolta pulls the trigger of an unloaded gun. He has passed the test.

The plot gets all convoluted now but I'll try to explain it as best I can...

It seems that years earlier, Hoover set up some fake corporations to launder money to pay for our own war on terrorism. If anyone commits any act of terrorism on the US, this operation (swordfish) will finance a revenge mission to scare off any future attacks. The fake corporations were shut down 15 years earlier but were highly successful and now with interest had earned 9.5 Billion dollars.

Travolta needs Jackman to hack into the system and send the money to a special bank and then send the money from that bank to different accounts around the world. His payment for this will be $10 million. The bank they have planned for is the one from the beginning of the movie.

Jackman really has no choice and spends all night trying to hack into the system. In the morning he asks a naked sunbathing Halle Berry for her keys so he can visit his daughter.

After visiting her he is confronted by the FBI and they chase him down a steep cliff but eventually catch up with him. They just want to know what he's up to and whom he's working for. Cheadle gives him his card and wants him to call him if there is a problem or anything. They let him go and he makes it back to Travolta's place.

When he gets there, he sees Halle undressing and notices a wiretap she is wearing. She confesses to him that she is with the DEA and all they want, is to find out is who Travolta is working for.

He agrees to carry on with the hacking and eventually is successful and gives Travolta the program CD he needs at the bank.

They call a bank in the Caymans to verify to Jackman that he has $10 million in a new account. Jackman leaves and heads to go see his daughter.

When he arrives at her house his ex-wife and her husband have been murdered and the girl is missing. He pulls out of his wallet the card of the FBI agent.

We then cut back to the beginning of the movie.

It was such a strange scene change and in fact, I thought the projectionist had the wrong reel on.

Seems that Jackman made it back to the bank because Travolta had kidnapped his daughter, making sure that Jackman would be at the bank in case he tried something tricky with the program.

Jackman proceeds to do the funds transfers and as he's leaving out the door with his daughter, the program starts reversing and putting all the money in banks that only Jackman knows about.

Travolta quickly grabs Halle, hangs her from a wire figuring she has 60 seconds to live before suffocating. He orders Jackman to fix it or Halle dies. Jackman fixes the problem, Halle is lowered then Travolta shoots and kills her. "She was DEA" he informs Jackman.

All the hostages are then loaded onto a bus; their transmitters are changed so the bus is their new perimeter to stay within before blowing up.

The FBI has an airplane waiting for them and will escort the bus to it. (Just like in DOG DAY AFTERNOON).

Suddenly the bus breaks free from the escort and a huge helicopter appears and lowers 4 cables down, attaches to the bus and picks up the bus and flies away with it to the city center.

It's a windy day and the helicopter starts to lose control of the bus and it swings into a sign, breaking the 2 rear cables. Now the bus is hanging from the front with the rear of the bus on the bottom. One hostage falls out the back window and immediately explodes, wiping out a downtown building in the process.

The helicopter lands the bus on the rooftop of a skyscraper and Travolta and a few of his men get off the bus, walk around to the other side of the helicopter (out of Jackman's sight) and the helicopter takes off. Jackman grabs a bazooka of some kind and shoots down the helicopter as it is flying away.

At the morgue, Cheadle and Jackman identify Travolta's burnt up body. They say however that they never could find Halle's body.

Jackman now realizes that this really isn't Travolta's body and he never got on the helicopter.

The final scene is from the back of a lady in Monte Carlo transferring funds from one account to another. She then walks to a yacht waiting for her and a blonde man greets her. We then see that it's Halle and the blonde man is Travolta.

They sail away in their boat as the news reports tell of terrorists being killed somewhere in the world.

The story is very confusing but I got all the basics in for you. I never mentioned the corrupt congressman or the other hacker that was killed earlier. Trust me, it would be too confusing. ___________________________________________

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