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movie trailer (quicktime)

NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by HorrorFreak889.

The movie opens out in the deserts of California. We see the two Carlyle brothers, KC (Steve Howey) and Trip (Mike Vogel) sitting on their two dirt bikes. They are both supercross riders. They are 'privateer' riders, which means they aren't yet corporate sponsored. KC tells us that him and his brother are very close, but also very opposite. Trip is more of a risk taker. He's a ladies man and doesn't seem to take things too seriously. Trip is also the better supercross rider too. KC is a more cautious rider than his brother, but still pretty good. KC adds that their father was a really popular Supercross rider. Unfortunately he died recently. KC and Trip take off on their bikes ripping threw the sand of the desert. During the opening credits we see various shots of supercross riders doing flips and high jumps on the track.

Cut to KC and Trip cleaning a swimming pool for some rich people. KC and Trip own their own pool cleaning company. Trip says to KC that the girl who lives in the house has a crush on KC and them two should hook up sometime. KC just laughs and continues cleaning the pool. Trip jumps in the pool and KC yells at him. KC says that Trip never takes anything serious. Trip just says that he is having some fun. KC jumps in after him. A rich woman named Zoe (Sophia Bush) comes walking up to the pool and tells the brothers to get out. The brothers apologize and Zoe smiles at KC. After that, we see KC and Trip arriving home. They unload their truck full of cleaning supplies. The two go inside and talk about how a big supercross-racing event is coming up at Apple Valley and they want to attend. Some friends of theirs come over and they all fix up their dirt bikes. Trip makes jokes about how KC should go ask Zoe to the racing event.

KC thinks this is a good idea so he takes a ride back over to Zoe's house. He hands her a flyer to the big event and the two flirt. Zoe says she will come watch KC race. We cut to the Apple Valley dirt racetrack. Everyone is doing some last minute adjustments to their dirt bikes. KC and Trip are fixing up their bikes and Zoe walks over to them. KC and Zoe hug and they go off. Trip is fixing up his bike and a blonde girl named Piper (Cameron Richardson) comes up to him and gives him some pointers. She is a supercross rider. Trip is introduced to Piper's father Earl (Robert Patrick) and young brother Owen (Aaron Carter). Owen is also a supercross rider.

We go to all the riders lining up at the start line. Trip and KC look at each other, and the flag is waved. The race has started. For the next five minutes we just see all the riders racing on the dirt track. Some riders do some major jumps and flips. We see that Trip and KC are close to the finish line. Trip hits some dirt bumps and spins out of control. His bike crashes into KC's bike and the two wipeout. Piper wins the race. Next we see KC and Trip back in the pits fixing up their bikes. KC yells at Trip for crashing into him during the race. Trip just laughs and says it was an accident. Piper comes up to them and joins the two as they fix their bikes.

A man named Clay Sparks (Robert Carradine) goes up to KC. Clay owns a company called Nami, which sponsors supercross riders. He tells KC that he is a wonderful rider, and he would like if KC and Trip came down to Nami to take a look around. KC and Trip agree. The next day at Nami, Clay shows the brothers around. He takes them to meet his son Rowdy (Channing Tatum). Rowdy is the best rider that Nami has.

Rowdy challenges the brothers to a race on Nami's own track. The two brothers accept. The three go to the track and begin to race. After a couple minutes of intense racing, Rowdy catches air on his bike and smashes into Trip's bike. After the race, Trip goes up and punches Rowdy in the face. They two fight but are separated.

Clay goes up to KC and says he has a lot of skill. Clay asks KC if he wants to be sponsored by Nami and KC accepts. We can tell Trip is a little jealous. That night, Trip and KC go back home. They get into an argument about how KC is going to be sponsored. Trip says he is better than KC. Trip goes to a local biker bar. He meets up with Piper there. The two talk about how Trip is jealous of his brother. On the way out of the bar, Trip meets up with a biker. Trip starts to look and touch the biker's bike which sets the biker off. The biker tells trip that they should race for pink slips, so Trip bets the pool cleaning truck. Trip gets his dirt bike ready and the biker gets his motorcycle ready. The two take off. At first Trip has the lead, but the biker beats him by an inch. Trip goes home and meets up with KC. KC yells at Trip for loosing the pool cleaning truck. KC says he can get another truck, but he can't get his brother to act mature.

We go to another supercross racing event. Before the race starts, Trip and Piper do some final repairs on their dirt bikes. The two go into Piper's trailer and begin to make out. We see KC hanging out with Rowdy, Clay and the rest of the Nami riders. Trip walks past KC and gives him a look. Clay goes up to KC and says that KC is Rowdy's wingman. This means KC will race in all the major racing events that Rowdy gets into. Tyler Evans (A real life supercross rider) goes up to KC and says that he will be looking forward to seeing KC in the upcoming Las Vegas Motocross Championship (This is like the World series/Super bowl of supercross racing)

All the riders get ready at the start line. They take off. For the next couple minutes, we see all the riders doing flips and high jumps. KC is in the lead, but Rowdy and a few other Nami riders zoom past KC. In the end, KC comes in fourth place, while Rowdy comes in first.

The next day we see Trip and KC hanging out at home with a few friends. Zoe and KC go some place quiet and talk. They start to make out, but are interrupted by Trip. This causes KC to blow a fuse. KC says that Trip is very immature and that without him, Trip with be homeless. They get into a bigger argument of who carries who and who pays the bills...etc. Trip yells at KC one last time and then storms out of the house. Trip goes to visit Piper at her family ranch. They talk and flirt. Trip meets up with Earl (Piper's dad). Earl says that he knew Trip's father. He says Trip's dad was a great racer and a good man. Earl takes Trip into the farmhouse, which is a bike garage. Earl gives Trip his old dirt bike, which was special to him and won him a lot of races.

The next day at another supercross racing event. KC sees that Trip is hanging out with Piper's family and he is a little jealous. KC meets up with the Nami guys as they prepare their bikes for the race. KC and Trip meet up and exchange some harsh words. All the riders get ready to race at the start line. The flag is waved and the race begins. After a couple of minutes of intense race scenes, we see Rowdy ride up to Trip. Rowdy kicks up some dirt from his back tire, which goes flying into Trip. This causes Trip to loose control while going up a ramp and smack into the ground hard. Paramedics rush over to Trip who is badly hurt.

Cut to Trip being rushed to the hospital. KC gets to the hospital after the race and finds Trip. The doctor says KC has to leave the room while doctors examine him. Sometime later, the doctor goes up to KC and says that Trip broke his leg and got severe head trauma. KC goes in to visit Trip. Trip knows that because of this accident he can't ever ride again. Trip apologizes for being so nasty to him lately. KC says that because of this whole Nami thing, he hasn't been himself lately. The two make up and realize that the final supercross race is coming up soon. So KC has to prepare.

The next day we see KC meet up with Clay. Clay says that they got this new racer who is much better then KC. KC asks if he is being replaced and Clay says that he is. KC meets up with Trip at Piper's place. He tells Trip that he isn't with Nami anymore. Earl comes in and prepares KC for the final supercross race. He says that millions of screaming fans will be there along with ESPN and other news networks.

The Las Vegas Motocross Championship finally arrives. Zoe, Trip and Piper are in the audience cheering KC on. KC meets up with Rowdy. The two fight but the fight is broken up. They fix up their bikes and get ready to race. All the riders go to the start line. The flag is waved and the race begins. A couple minutes go by, we see a bunch of riders wipeout. Eventually Rowdy and KC are left on the track. They come close to the finish line and Rowdy has the lead. Rowdy keeps turning his head around and looking back at KC, because of this, Rowdy hits some bumps and looses control. KC speeds up ahead of him, up a ramp and does a back flip over the finish line. The crowd goes wild as KC wins the race

Trip, Piper and Zoe run up to KC to congratulate him. Zoe starts to flirt with KC and tells KC that he will be all over the news for the next couple of days. KC says he can handle it.

Roll Credits

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