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The movie begins in 1973 as we see an Israeli plane carrying a nuclear bomb crash in Syria. The bomb is buried and goes unnoticed until 29 years later (present time) when it is discovered and sold to an arms dealer.

We then meet Jack Ryan, this time played by Ben Affleck. He has a very low ranking job with the CIA and basically spends most of his time keeping an eye on the Russian President's weight gain. The Russian President dies and a new man is placed in power. The new Russian leader (Ciaran Hinds) is still a mystery to most in Washington. the man who knows the most about him is Affleck. Seems he wrote a detailed paper about him a little while earlier. He along with top CIA official Bill Cabot (Morgan Freeman) go to Russia to meet the new leader and also do a little arms inspection.

Affleck notices that 3 of the 17 scientists are missing. He is told that they are sick, on vacation and have died.

Meanwhile, the arms dealer we saw earlier has sold the nuclear bomb to a neo-nazi whose ultimate plan is to start a war between the 2 super powers, leaving him to take over when the dust settles. He starts by starting a war in Chechnya making it look like it is the work of the Russians.

Affleck is called to help advise on this and he says that this cannot be the work of the new Russian President. Affleck loses the faith of his superiors when the Russian leader claims responsibility for the attack.

Turns out that he only did this so it wouldn't look like he has lost control of his country already.

We then find out that the 3 soviet scientists that were missing were actually persuaded to work for the Nazi and to rebuild the nuclear devise he had bought. They do so and are then murdered.

The bomb is then transported to the US and Affleck learns that it is heading for Baltimore where the Super Bowl (or some other major football game) is being played. In attendance at the game are the US President and Morgan Freeman. Affleck phones Freeman and tells him the bomb is in Baltimore. The President is whisked away and suddenly a huge blast occurs and Baltimore is blasted with a small nuclear bomb.

Freeman dies but the President is okay. He and most of his cabinet then board Air Force One and make plans for striking back.

Affleck makes it to the hospital where Freeman eventually died and takes his possessions which include a palm pilot. While driving to Washington DC he receives a message from Freeman's Russian insider. He earlier learned that the plutonium from the bomb came from the US and the message told him that it then ended up in Israel.

The US decides to strike back with a nuclear attack of their own and the Russians are prepared to launch a counter attack (everything the neo-nazi wanted to happen).

Affleck finally gets to DC but no one will believe him about the innocence of the Russian President, especially after his earlier Chechnya fiasco. He pleads with an officer at the Pentagon, giving a speech about saving the lives of Americans and Russians and their kids.

Next thing you know, Affleck is the hot line line, no longer the "red phone," now it's kind of an instant messenger, to the Russian leader. The leader remembers Affleck from their earlier visit .

He convinces the leader to back down and when seeing this, the US President backs down as well.

Affleck has saved the world!

Next thing you know, the 2 presidents are signing a peace treaty/arms act. U.S. spy/assasin John Clark (Liev Schreiber) kills the arms dealer and the Russian President's right hand man kills the neo nazi.

The final scene shows Affleck and his girlfriend having a picnic in front of the White house as the treaty is being signed. The Russian right hand man appears and Affleck learns that he was Freeman's Russian insider.


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