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The movie begins as we se Lisa (Marla Sokoloff) telling the police everything she knows about a bank heist that happened earlier. The rest of the movie is a flashback...

Lisa is on the "B" squad of Lincoln High School's cheerleading team. She desperately wants to be on the "A" squad but those members are too good and too close to each other that its pretty tough to get in. Lisa is so jealous of the "A" squad that she even wrote to the national cheerleading committee to complain about the "dismount" rules the "A" team is breaking. She also has a running rivalry with another guy on the "B" squad that she's sure is gay since he's so feminine.

We then learn all about each member of the "A" squad. They all have their little quirks from a Conan O'Brien fetish, a devout christian and even a bitter girl (Mena Suvari) whose mom is in prison.

The captain of the "A" squad is Diane (Marley Shelton). She knows all the rules of etiquette, can recite every motherly "words of wisdom" and has just fallen in love with a new boy at the school, Jack (James Marsden). Jack is the star QB of the football team and the whole school loves him, even the kitchen helpers.

At a school election assembly, Jack announces that his only campaign is to ask Diane to the homecoming dance. Diane is overjoyed, as is the entire school.

Jack and Diane become quite a couple. Jack is the dream guy and Diane the dream girl. On the night of the homecoming dance they announce to their parents that they are getting married and oh by the way, Diane is pregnant.

The parents are outraged and kick both of them out of their homes.

They find a small apartment and continue going to school and Jack keeps getting fired from various part time jobs for being, well.... an idiot. Finally he lands a job at a video store only because the two nerds working behind the counter idolize him at their school. Diane gets a job working at a supermarket bank.

Money is still tight and once they discover that Diane is going to have twins, the "A" squad tries to figure out a way to make money. One night while watching the movie "Point Break" they get an inspiration to rob a bank wearing masks. They start watching all kinds of bank heist movies to get ideas. They watch everything from "Reservoir Dogs" to "The Apple Dumpling Gang."

Finally, they realize that none of these will work and they decide to go visit Mena Suvari's mother at prison to get some advice. Her mom (Sean Young) introduces her to various cellmates who give the girls much needed information.

They learn to get guns from the local exterminator but his price is way to high. Finally, he cuts them a break if only they let his daughter (Fern) join the "A" squad. They do and get the guns. This infuriates Lisa only further that another girl has made the team yet she's still on the "B" squad.

With their guns, masks and costumes they make their way to the bank. In a pretty funny 5 second scene we see them walking in slow-motion just like the characters in Reservoir Dogs only they are in super hero costumes and Betty doll masks.

They robbery is not going so well but it is proceeding. Lisa happens to be one of the customers laying on the floor with the other patrons. The "A" squad notices a video camera so they do a cheerleading move and get up high enough to paint out the camera's lens. Lisa notices the illegal dismount and immediately knows who the robbers are.

They all get away clean. Lisa goes to the police but they think she's a nutcase.

The whole town and even the country is talking about the case. Even Conan talks about it on his show which just thrills Hannah.

Finally, the police believe Lisa and the "A" squad are arrested at the school cafeteria. Diane realizes that Lisa is the one that ratted them out so she sets up a meeting with her.

We then cut back to the beginning of the movie with Lisa spilling her guts to the cops. Just at the important part, she tells the police that it couldn't be the "A" squad because they were in her car while Lisa was in the store. She is the perfect alibi.

The girls are released from jail and there is Lisa, waiting for them all. Diane announces that Lisa is the new captain of the "A" squad since Diane will have to step down because of her pregnancy.

The film ends there but not before we learn the fate of everyone through a couple photos and notes just before the credits.

Fern appears on the cover of "Soldier of Fortune" and has grown to be a very a sexy woman.
Mena Suvari reopens her mothers murder case and she gets acquitted.
Lisa was wrong all along about the guy cheerleader and ends up marrying him.
Jack and Diane have the twins and Jack becomes a Senator with the two nerds from his video store days as his advisors.

Diane establishes a fund for pregnant cheerleaders so they will never have to rob again...


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A little ditty, bout' Jack and Diane.
She gets pregnant, robs a bank, makes a deal with her rival, resulting in the charges being dropped.
In their Betty Doll masks and superhero costumes, the "A" squad robs the local supermarket bank.
Marla Sokoloff is Lisa
Although she knows the truth, she agrees to be the alibi in return for getting the captain's spot on the "A" squad.
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