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Bob and Walt are close brothers who are the most popular guys in Martha's Vineyard. They are former high school football stars, loved by all, and own a thriving business in town - a hamburger joint that specializes in speedy service or the meal is free. Bob is rather shy and low key while Walt has more of an outgoing personality, is a ladies man, and is even the star of the local Playhouse where he currently is appearing in the one man show "Tru".  Bob is more content living a simple life and emailing his Internet love May whom he has never met in person.
Bob and Walt are also conjoined twins.
Over the years they have learned to operate as a team. In one instance a large group of locals comes to the restaurant and tries to test their speed in serving up a large table of food but Walt and Bob deliver it up in record time.
In another instance a mentally retarded employee of the restaurant has trouble filling a drink order and is verbally abused by a customer and is called a "freak". When he demands to see the manager he is greeted by the twins and told to never come back.
The play "Tru" is a success (Bob dresses in black and tries to be non-assuming on stage but still has a severe case of stage fright) All of the locals congratulate Walt and comment that he would be a hit in Hollywood. After a long conversation Bob agrees to support Walt and give show business a chance.
Once in LA the boys get a room at a rundown hotel and begin hitting the pavement for work. On the advice of a new friend they seek out an agent who runs his office out of a retirement home. He is able to get Walt a job but it turns out to be a porno movie.
Distraught from their first day in Hollywood, the boys accidentally run into Cher who is currently planning a TV series that she is having second thoughts about.

Upon meeting Bob and Walt she realizes that since she has casting approval that she could very well sabotage the production be insisting on casting the twins as her partner on the series - assuming that a show featuring conjoined twins would fail.
At a restaurant - the boys run into Meryl Streep and Walt mentions meeting her before when she shot a movie in Martha's Vineyard. Meryl says that she would like to go back one day. Walt suggests that they might work together.
Walt is on cloud nine but Bob is home sick. In an attempt to lift his spirits Walt contacts May and invites her to LA to meet Bob. Upon their first meeting the boys are able to use very clever maneuvers in front of May so that their situation is never revealed to her.
The TV series is a big hit - much to the dismay of Cher. The director is able to hide Bob by always shooting at angles where Bob is not visible to varying degrees of success. A method is also developed to where Bob will be completely invisible on camera by wearing a blue jumpsuit which seems to solve the problem.
One day May comes by the boy's hotel unannounced and she them in bed together assuming that they are gay and runs off in a fuss. Learning the real story she is appalled and breaks up with Bob.
Cher is furious that not only is the show a hit tying her up into a long contract but that Walt is the breakout star. In an attempt to ruin the show she leaks to the press that Walt is part of a pair of conjoined twins which causes a feeding frenzy among the tabloids.
The two do damage control by going on Leno but things don't look too good. For the sake of Walt's career and Bob's lovelife they both agree to a separation which has a low probability of success.
Bob and Walt make it out of the surgery OK but have a very funny physical therapy period where they must learn to adapt to not having the other there anymore.
Separated, Bob decides to go back home. Having never been away from each other it is very hard for the both of them. May and Bob move back to Martha's Vineyard. Walt's show is no longer a success minus Bob and is canceled.
Nothing is quite the same and the brothers realize that they are better together.
Walt decides to move back home too and regain his life.
The two go back to the way things were via a joining belt and Velcro.
The finale consists of the opening of the local playhouse musical "Bonnie and Clyde" starring Meryl Streep and Walt. The entire town is in the audience cheering Walt on with Bob leading the applause.


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