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NOTE: This spoiler was written and submitted by Nadine.

The movie opens with a montage of clips recorded from different dancers describing their passion for dancing. The dancers comment on how dance changed their lives and gave them hope for their lives. The narrator comments that these people are "Born from a Boombox," or born to dance. After the recorder is put down, we see the narrator is Luke (Rick Malambri), and we are in New York.

The scene changes to a park where Moose (Adam Sevani) and Camille (Alyston Stoner) are saying goodbye to Moose's parents, as they are about to start their freshman year at NYU. Moose's mom gestures for them to get close to take a picture and we can see that Camille is pleased by Moose's hand on her shoulder. Luke bumps into Moose and keeps walking, and Moose exclaims that the person who just bumped into him is wearing Nike limited edition sneakers. He gives his books to Camille and tells her to cover for him at orientation, explaining he wants a closer look at the shoes. He walks through the crowd, trying to find Luke. Moose then hears loud music and cheering and finds himself at the periphery of a street dance battle, where people are taking bets. He stumbles into the circle where his bag falls down and then people start taking bets on him "the skinny kid." The champion in the center of the circle does a dance routine, and then gestures for Moose to top that. Moose then does his dance routine, in which he jumps on top of a table, pops bubbles, and then jumps on top of a vendor's balloons, releasing them all into the air. Everyone is really impressed, including Luke, whose attention was distracted from filming another group of dancers. The police then come running, and Luke grabs Moose's shoulder, telling him to run because they are after him. Moose follows Luke through the park, where they manage to avoid the cops by turning into an alleyway. Luke comments on how amazing a dancer Moose is. Luke takes a flyer off the wall for the "World Jam Competition," of which the prize is $100,000, and comments how Moose is good enough to enter because he beat the dancer Kid Darkness in the park.

Luke takes Moose to his house, which he calls the "Vault." Luke explains his parents left him the house. As Luke shows Moose through the large house, which is filled with speakers, we see many dancers practicing flips and choreography. As Luke lets the three "Ticks" show Moose around, he talks to another dancer in the house, who comments that the bank is about to foreclose on their house as they are five months behind on their debts. Luke argues that they just need more time to win the World Jam and pay off the debt with the prize money. Meanwhile, all the dancers in the house, who are watching the street dance-off between him and Kid Darkness that just occurred in the park, surround Moose. The other dancers comment that Kid Darkness is with the Samurai crew, which is their stiffest competition for the World Jam and that the Samurai will be coming after Moose because no one battles them just once.

After Luke takes Moose downstairs to the club he owns, Luke notices a girl dancing who catches his eye. He follows her through the club with his recorder, only to lose sight of her in the crowd. Moose goes to the restroom, where a guy who is wearing a jacket with speakers follows him. The guy suddenly plays music, and says, "No one battles the Samurai once." Then crewmembers from the Samurai come out of the bathroom stalls and in from the hallway. Moose runs out of the restroom, and they follow him into the crowd. Luke takes notice and tells them that if they want to get to Moose, they have to go through the whole crew first, and the World Jam will settle this. Julian, the leader of the Samurais, says that once the bank forecloses on the house, he will buy it and then Luke's crew, the Pirates, will be done. Luke responds that once his crew wins the World Jam that Julian's trust fund won't be able to help him. A fight breaks out, and Luke notices the girl getting pushes around. He goes to her and pulls here into a photo booth, and asks her what she is doing with her bags. She says that she was supposed to meet a friend, but the friend was a no-show. Luke tells Natalie she can stay upstairs with the dancers, and she agrees. He pulls her upstairs, and gets her settled in, telling her there is a lot of training to be done for tomorrow.

At NYU, we see Moose walking towards engineering class, where he is met by Camille, who asks where he was the night before. He replies he just had some stuff to take care off. He goes inside the class, where he sits down next to a boy with glasses. He asks the boy his name, and the boy replies, "Silence. Silence During Class." Moose gets a text message telling him to look out the left window. Outside of the left window are Luke and Natalie, waving him to come join them. He leaves class and they go train for the upcoming first of two qualifiers for the World Jam. After training, Luke asks if they are in, and Moose says he is not sure because he has to go to school, but the other dancers convince him to join. Natalie declares she is in, and everybody celebrates.

They go to the first qualifier, which is the Red Rook Challenge. The other team performs their choreography among cheers from the large crowd. Then the Pirates serve a response with their dance routine. It seems a deadlock until the Pirates pull out their "robotic" man, who outperforms the other team with an unbelievably controlled performance. The team celebrates at the house at karaoke, until Luke finds a video clip of their entire dance routine for the World Jam leaked on the Internet. They all are angry that somebody would do that to them. Later, Natalie asks Luke why he likes to film dancers. He remarks he likes to look at the world from a different angle. They go on through a long jaunt through the city, where they see a flyer for the California Film School and Natalie tells Luke he should apply. They get Icees and Natalie tells Luke he should finish the film he's been making with all the dancer's comments. They watch the sunset from a rooftop and kiss. Later, Natalie is filming Luke and asking about his passion for dance, and he comments that it's because of his parents. She asked what they thought of what he made of the house, and he said they never got to see it. Natalie shuts down the video recorder and apologizes, and Luke says it is okay. She asks him what it would be like without the competition of the Samurai, and he says that scenario is impossible because Julian has hated them ever since he was kicked out of the Pirates. Natalie asks why, and Luke explains that he and Julian were best friends until Julian's gambling debts built up and he bet the house against a dance-off and purposefully lost the dance in order to pay off his personal debt, which caused Luke to kick him out the of the house. Natalie seems shocked.

The second qualifier is the Gwai Challenge, in which the Pirates must battle the champions of Asia. Moose has to leave a test in order to be there, and he gets there late on his bike, which runs into a pipe and busts it, soaking the floor. Moose takes the lead in the next choreography, which utilizes the water on the ground to great effect. The other team flounders in the water, unable to complete their tricks, jumps, and routine. The Pirates win, and celebrate at the house. The next day, we see Natalie going to her own house, in which she confronts her brother, who turns out to be Julian. He set her up to spy on the Pirates and ensure their downfall. She accuses him of lying to her about the real reason he was kicked out of the house, and says she is out. She leaves the house, but later sends a text to Luke inviting him to her party, where they meet and kiss. However, Julian walks in on them and tells Luke that Natalie is his sister. Luke feels betrayed and leaves.

When he goes back to the house, he find it has been foreclosed on by the bank, and all of the dancers are outside. He says the Pirates are done. Later, Moose finds Luke as a waiter in a coffee shop, and tells him they need to compete. Luke leaves the coffee shop and finds the whole crew waiting outside. They go to a fairground, where they are met by the old MSA crew and join forces, practicing dance routines for the World Jam. They go to the World Jam, where Luke is pulled aside by Natalie and she tells him to come to California with her to start a new life. He asks her what makes her think that he would ever trust her again, and she starts crying. He leaves to join the rest of his crew, where they start battling the Samurais. It appears the Samurais are beating them until Natalie comes out of the crowd and joins the Pirates by dancing with Luke. Julian is visibly upset and tries to get Natalie off of the stage, but she refuses. The Pirates then pull off a stunning routine accompanied by glowing jackets and lasers, which wins them the champion title. Luke find a folder with his name on it, which contains an admission letter from the California Film School and a note from Natalie saying that she submitted his video of the dancers.

The next day, Natalie is at the train station about to leave, when the dancers from the house stop her and tell her she can't leave without saying goodbye. She asks where Luke is, and he comes up behind her, telling the other dancers to take care of the house while he is gone. Luke kisses Natalie, and they go to California together. Later, we see a clip of Moose meeting with his academic advisor to change to a double major of Engineering and Dance, to which the adviser eventually agrees. He runs out and hugs Camille, and they walk off arm-in-arm.

The ending credits are accompanied by a montage of dance moves from dancers in the film.

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