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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Sarah.

The Stepford Wives opens with Joanna Eberhard (Nicole Kidman) the president of some television station. She is at a conference introducing new television shows. She shows a preview for a show called I Can Do Better. In the show a wife leaves her husband for another man. While presenting another show, the husband appears in the crowd. He is mad at Joanna for ruining his life, he pulls at a gun and shoots at her, missing.

Later Joanna's boss calls her in. The boss fires Joanna. Joanna forces a smile and makes it to the inside of the elevator, where she let's out a scream.

Joanna is at the hospital having a nervous breakdown, when her husband Walter (Matthew Broderick) shows up. He and Joanna decide to leave and start over. They pack up their kids, a boy and a girl, and leave for Stepford, Connecticut.

Once in Stepford, they are greeted at their new home by Claire, (Glenn Close). She all most looks like she belongs in the fifties. Claire shows them around their new home, which is very high tech with a refridgerator that lets you know when you are out of food or drink and a robot dog.

The next day, Claire shows Joanna around town. All the women are very neat and tidy. Claire takes Joanna to a place to workout, where all the women work out in dresses and high heels, whereas Joanna is dressed in sweats. While Claire and Joanna enjoy themselves, Walter goes to the men's association club.

Next Joanna, Walter and the kids go to a picnic. At the picnic Joanna meets Bobbie (Bette Midler) an eccentric writer along with Roger Bannister (Roger Bart) and Jerry (David Grant), two men who are gay. The town then holds a square dance, where Sarah Sunderson (Faith Hill) starts acting strange.

The men form a circle around Sarah after she collapses, blocking the view of everyone else. Mike Wellington, Claire's husband. (Christopher Walken) appears and takes charge. Joanna sees him do something to Sarah that causes smoke through the feet of the men.

She, Bobbie and Roger decide to go check on her after the accident. They go to Sarah's house, where they hear Sarah and her husband having sex. The three of them hide when Sarah comes down stairs. They find a remote control with her name on it and push buttons, that causes Sarah boobs to grow. Then they hit the power button, which causes Sarah to collapse. They don't see Sarah behind them and think that she is coming, so they run to Bobbie's house, which is a mess.

That night, Joanna and Walter have an arguement. Walter is upset about Joanna never changing and being around. Joanna tells him that he is right and she will try to change.

The next day, she asks Robert and Bobbie what they think as she comes out dressed in the similar attire of the other women. Bobbie tells her that she looks like Betty Crocker.

The next scene is at the men's association club, where Walter is playing robot wars with the other men. He wins twenty dollars from one of the players. He tells the other men that he and Joanna talked and that she is going to change. Mike awkwardly changes the subject and reminds the player that he owes Walter twenty dollars.

The player calls in his wife and hands her his credit card. The wife sticks the card into her mouth and then some money comes out. She is a robot, controlled by a remote control. Walter smiles and is excited.

The next scene Bobbie is at Joanna's, and Joanna is baking. Bobbie's husband comes over telling Walter to come to the Men's association meeting. Bobbie convinces Joanna to sneak in with her and find out what they are doing. They see paintings of the men with the perfect wives. They think that they are caught, but it is only Roger. He helps them out and tells the other men that it was nothing.

Jerry tells Roger to come to a room with the other men. Something rises from the floor and Roger looks at Jerry confused, and it fades to black.

The next day, Bobbie and Joanna are worried about Roger. They attend a meeting where they see that Roger has changed drastically and is running for some position. Bobbie and Joanna question him, he tells them that people change.

Joanna goes home, suspicious. She tells Walter that she wants to leave. Walter tells her that they will leave the next day. That night she get's on the computer and finds articles about the women of Stepford, discovering how they were important people, C.E.O's, etc.

She goes to Bobbie's house the next day, only to find that Bobbie has changed. Her house is neat and tidy. Joanna runs from the house and calls the camp for her kids, only to find that they have already been picked up. She goes home and finds a portrait of Walter with a woman that looks like her, only with blonde hair and dressed differently.

Joanna runs to the Men's asscociation, demanding to know where her children are. The men surround her, and Mike comes out. He explains how the men control the women via computer chips in the brain. He then hits a button on a remote bringing a table up from the floor. On the table is a robot that looks like Joanna.

Joanna pleads with Walter. She then asks Walter  if a robot means it when it says "I love you." She kisses him on the lips one last time. Walter hesitates, but continues anyways. Walter stands on one side of the robot, and she on the other. The table sinks and then fades to black.

Six months later, the wives of Stepford are shopping. A new Joanna is shopping with them. She has long blonde hair and dresses like the rest of the wives.

The town has a small party, where Mike welcomes the new members, Joanna and Walter. They have a small dance, where Joanna dances with Mike while Walter sneaks away. Walter goes underneath the men's association, where Joanna was taken. He begins to disable the computer chips.

Meanwhile, Joanna leads Mike outside where she flirts with him. Inside the wives become themselves again, and start to get angry at the husbands. Claire runs outside and gets Mike. Mike goes inside, where Joanna follows and tells him that she can do better. She looks to Walter, who has come back.

Walter explains that Joanna was never a robot. He couldn't do it. Mike tries to attack Walter, but Joanna hits him, causing his head to fall off. Mike is a robot.

They then realize that Claire was behind the whole thing. She discovered her husband, Mike, in bed with another woman, so she killed them both. Then she made Mike into a robot. She kisses Mike's head, causing her to get a small shock. She cradles Mike's head while everyone looks on.

Bobbie, Roger and Joanna go on Larry King and tell their story about Stepford. Joanna and Walter are both very happy now. Larry asks about the other husbands.

The last scene is of the husbands doing the shopping for their wives, living in fear of them.


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