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All the Time in the World

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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Sleeve81.

The movie opens up with a tutorial on how to use the 4D Aroma-Scope Card. The voice explains that when the number flashes, scratch that number on the card. We are then told to enjoy the movie SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!

Close up on Agent Cortez' (Jessica Alba) watch. A voice calls to Cortez and says their name is Danger D’Amo (Jeremy Piven). Cortez tells Danger D’Amo that everything in their mission is going well.

A man opens up a suit case with an octagon in it with various numbers on the sides of the octagon. The person Agent Cortez is watching spins on something on the octagon and takes out a very tiny CD disc. Cortez identifies him as TICK TOCK and sends the agents in to apprehend him. Tick Tock escapes, and Cortez warns them that he has time bombs. Tick Tock throws the bomb and exclaims, “Be careful what you wish for.” The bomb explodes and freezes every one around him. Cortez tells Danger what is going on, and he states that he will be sending in other agents, but Cortez tells him that there isn’t enough time, and she will get him.

She shoots a zip line, and Danger reminds her that she forgot she was pregnant. Cortez says that people say they can exercise until the last day of pregnancy, so this will be an exercise. However, Cortez starts to go into labor and doesn’t let it stop her. She starts to follow Tick Tock..

She tells herself to breathe as she chases down Tick Tock. Cortez calls her husband, Wilbur (Joel McHale). He goes on about how dedicated she is to her job as an interior decorator, to still be doing it 9 months pregnant. She tells him that she is going into labor now. Wilbur gets excited, and Cortez tells her that she is going to the hospital.

Tick Tok expels some spiked balls on the ground in front of her, and Cortez freaks out a little and Wilbur reminds her that she needs to breathe. Cortez pushes a button and the wheels of her car extend past the spiked balls. Wilbur reminds her that she needs to take it nice and slow and keep breathing while we see her chasing Tick Tock down very fast and jumping over hills though her car is equipped with technology to save her from bumps.

Cortez hangs up on Wilbur and shoots a hook from her car that hits Tick Tock’s tire, causing his car to launch off the ground and flip in the air. He is thrown from his car but lands on his feet and runs away. Agent Cortez starts to walk after him, and Danger D’Amo tells her to stop. She tells him that her contractions are only 3 minutes apart and has time.

Agent Cortez corners Tick Tock, but he sends his minions to take care of her. She quips that her water just broke and hopes that it’s her water. Tick Tock tells his minions to, “clean her clock.” He mocks her martial arts moves. Agent Cortez berates one of the female opponents about how she could hit a woman when she is having a contraction. The minion offers her congrats on the baby, and Agent Cortez kicks her.

Agent Cortez is then met with her other agents, and they arrest Tick Tock who looks forward to doing this again with her. Danger gets out of the car and congratulates her. He takes the recovered mini disc and puts it into his watch, and an image is projected out of it. Danger tells her about Project Armageddon and that it’s a powerful weapon that takes out an enemy and everyone else with it.

Tick Tock is being led into a prison truck and tells them, “No one notices time until it’s gone.” He laughs as the armored truck pulls away. Agent Cortez announces that she is retiring and that her family needs her. Danger D’Amo tells her that she should tell her family that she was a spy, and he wishes she wouldn’t leave.

At the hospital, brother and sister Cecil and Rebecca are playing thumb war and waiting with their father for their step-mother. Wilbur Wilson is a TV producer of some kind and is telling his kids about an idea for a TV show called, “Wilbur Wilson’s Spy Hunter” where he will hunt real spies on TV. Rebecca wins the thumb war and asks where he would even find a spy.

Enter Agent Cortez being wheeled in on a gurney. She is very cheery, and Wilbur runs to her. Rebecca tells her brother that she owes him a dollar because she bet him that they would be there before Marissa. Marissa hears this and tells her that technically she is early because the baby wasn’t due yet. Cecil tells his sister to ease up. Wilbur asks what took her so long to get there, and she just tells him that she got held up. Marissa is taken away, and Wilbur tells his kids that things will be different now because they will have a new baby sister. He counts down from 5 to the arrival of a new baby.


ONE YEAR LATER, we see Cecil & Rebecca watching a commercial for Wilbur’s spy show. We are told to scratch the number 1 on our Aroma card. They fight over the last piece of bacon when the baby throws something at the bacon, and they have to relinquish it. Marissa asks them if the baby is throwing food again and the baby throws food on her white shirt. Marissa looks very overwhelmed with motherhood and asks the kids to watch the baby as she goes to change, again. The baby farts and the kids fight about who will watch her. They decide to fight over it with a breath holding competition which Cecil wins.

Wilbur comes out and calls the kids his little spy hunters and they ask him if he has time to have breakfast. He says he does and looks at his watch. He is confused now that he doesn’t because he swore he had an extra five minutes. The clocks in the house are acting funny. Cecil is disappointed and tells Rebecca, “I told you he wouldn’t have time” and asks for the dollar she owes him.

Wilbur reminds them of his 5 year plan that if his show does well, he’ll have all the time in the world for them. Rebecca snidely says, “Meanwhile, time is just slipping away.” Marissa comes out and says hello and Wilbur says goodbye. The baby throws more food on Marissa, so Wilbur fist-bumps her instead of a hug and kiss. Wilbur tells Rebecca to behave at school and Cecil to feed the dog. Cecil says the dog doesn’t really eat and just watches them. Cecil throws the dog, Argonaut, a piece of bacon, and it hits the dog in the face and falls to the ground. Argonaut just stares at the kids, and Cecil says it’s creepy.

Meanwhile at OSS Headquarters 2pm we are told that time is speeding up...3pm. Danger D’Amo asks his advisors if they are kidding and Danger’s secretary says goodbye. He tells her that she just got back from lunch, but she tells him it’s now 5pm. The advisors agree. Danger says that this because of the Armageddon devise is happening and that they are running out of time.

WILSON HOUSE 5pm.....6pm....7pm...8pm: Marissa is dealing with the mundanities of child life. Cecil was telling Marissa about a bully who put a peanut butter sandwich in his face and then stole his homework. Marissa is questioning this, and he tells her that technically it was his homework that Cecil did for him. Marissa asks Rebecca how her day was and then tells her that the principal called her about her “pranks.”

Wilbur comes home, and they want him to join them. He tells them that he has to write up a report and Rebecca hands Cecil another dollar. Cecil asks Wilbur if he can teach him to be a spy hunter. Wilbur tells him to say, “I’m Cecil Wilson, Spy Hunter, and I’ll catch you later!” Cecil repeats it, and Wilbur tells him to lift his eye brow when saying it. Cecil asks how many spies he caught, and Wilbur says none and Cecil is disappointed. Wilbur then pays attention to the baby which annoys Rebecca and she walks away. Marissa asks Wilbur why Rebecca can’t stand her after two years of marriage.

Rebecca doesn’t trust Marissa and blames her for the father’s attention being taken away. She claims she knows that Marissa is hiding something and that she doesn’t believe the interior decorating schtick. Cecil likes Marissa and tells Rebecca she doesn’t deserve another one of Rebecca’s pranks. Cecil also mentions he needs the hearing aid because he is hard of hearing and it increases his senses. Rebecca reminds him that Marissa never comes to her room.

Marissa enters the room and finds some items of the kids mother that they think she might want to have. Marissa reminds her that she can’t replace her mother but really wants to be her friend. Rebecca mentions that her mother loved her pranks and Marissa says she loves Rebecca’s pranks too. They go over the pranks that Rebecca pulled on her father: blueberry filling in his toothpaste, hooking up his nose clippers to a power saw, or the baby powder in the hair dryer trick. Rebecca admits it was meant for Marissa...and she apologizes. Marissa then gives her a jewel that her parents gave her. Marissa tells Rebecca that she is special and is looking forward to them being friends. Marissa leaves and is caught in Rebecca’s blue cheese bomb trap and is splashes. Rebecca apologizes and Marissa walks away. Cecil tells Rebecca she needs to make it up to her, and Rebecca goes into a tirade about everything she has ever done, and Cecil turns down his hearing aids, so he doesn’t have to hear her. Cecil tells her what he did, and she shuts up and says she’ll make it up to her.

Marissa stamps into her bedroom and Wilbur admits that he should actually catch a spy for his spy hunter show. We are instructed to scratch the number 2 on the aroma card. Wilbur smells Marissa and asks her if the baby spit up on her.

On the television behind Marissa, a newscaster announces breaking news. Time is going wrong, and it’s running out. A scientist says that time is accelerating, and that time will be running out, in no time. The newscaster announces that someone has claimed credit and has sent them a video.

A man appears with a hood and a clock covering his face and announces he finds the world guilty of wasting time. He mentions that he is fed up with people taking time for granted and will take it from them. “Project Armageddon has been activated” in the background of the video you can see Tick Tock. Danger D’Amo is interviewed, and he promises to find the culprits.

Marissa rewinds the tape and looks at Tick Tock and exclaims how serious this is. Wilbur thinks it’s awesome, and Marissa names the villain Time Keeper.

Meanwhile, Tick Tock and Time Keeper are in their lair and Time Keeper tells Tick Tock to find the Chronos Sapphire...Tick Tock says once they do no one will be able to stop them. We find out that the Chronos Sapphire is none other than the jewel around Rebecca’s neck that Marissa gave her, which glows red.

Marissa is putting the baby down when the jack in the box starts to ring. She opens it up and presses and button and gets an OSS transmission. The transmission tells Marissa what Time Keeper wants, and Marissa is upset she put Rebecca in danger.

Marissa is working on her apology and gives Marissa one month free of chores. Cecil instructs that she should free Marissa for three months of chores and no pranks for a month. Marissa comes back into the room and asks her for the Chronos Sapphire back and tells her it’s old and needs to be cleaned Rebecca is upset and thinks that Marissa doesn’t trust her.

Marissa tells her that she can’t explain anything but needs it back, and Rebecca is angry and gives it back. Marissa says she needs to go on an important mission and catches herself and Marissa asks if the kids need anything and Rebecca says, “her mom.” Marissa orders Argonaut to watch the kids, who gets up and stands on all fours staring at them. Marissa leaves, and puts the baby in the seat, and she activates the car to do spy like things. She drives out of the driveway.

Back in the house, Cecil is reading a book on quantum physics and finds out that Rebecca replaced the Chronos Sapphire with something much different.

Marissa gets to the OSS headquarters and tries to open the box that is supposed to have the Chronos Sapphire, but Danger D’Amo opens it and is surprised by one of Rebecca’s pranks. Marissa apologizes and tries to explain about the prank, but Danger tells her that she is back on the case since she is the only one who can get Tick Tock. Marissa asks about the Chronos Sapphire, and Danger tells her if they get Tick Tock, they’ll get Time Keeper and things will be fine.

A van speeds up to the Wilson estate and enemies are going after the Chronos Sapphire. Minions gets out of the van with big weapons and head for the door.

The house activates and warns the kids that the house is under attack, and they need to take shelter, which of course surprises them. Cecil thinks it’s a prank and Rebecca tells him that it’s not. A warning light tells them to go to the panic room, and Rebecca thinks Marissa is pulling a prank.

The minions blow apart the door and the computer scans the kids. It tells them to enter the panic room which door is located behind the fire place. Argonaut sits in the panic room, and the kids realize they should follow. The secret trap leads them into a ball pit downstairs in the panic room. Cecil quips that they are in the panic room because they are in a room and they are panicking. The minions look around for the children.

In the room, Marissa’s image comes on the computers and tells them that the room was installed when she married their father and if her work endangered the family. Marissa admits she is a spy, which surprises the kids. Rebecca doesn’t believe it, and Marissa goes on to explain that Argonaut is an advanced robotic guardian operative. The kids still think it’s a prank, but the dog speaks to them and tells them that it’s not a prank.

The minions find the door to the panic room while Argonaut explains to them what he is and then makes Cecil shake his paw and his arm comes off. They notice Argonaut has a sentry mode and an attack mode. They decide to keep him in sentry mode for the time being.

The minions attack the door to panic room and Marissa advises to leave now. Two chairs light up that will take them to OSS headquarters. Argonaut instructs them to sit because humans say that to dogs. The minions get in, and the chairs go down into the floor and then blast off as jets into the sky, knocking over the minions. Tick Tock tells them to get the Chronos Sapphire. The minions put down their guns, which become rideable surfboard like jets.

Wilbur is on the phone with somebody when the kid's jets come racing by his window, and they call out to him but he hardly notices. They go by again, and he thinks that the jets are an air show.

Rebecca asks what is going on, but Argonaut sees they are under attack. Marissa comes on the screen and tells them that they are under attack and they have to take evasive maneuvers, and to brace themselves. Their jets take off on a wild ride through the streets, and Cecil explains how to fly the jets as Rebecca freaks out. The minions are catching up, and Rebecca asks Cecil to do something, but he’s throwing up. They open the windows to the jet and Cecil loses his bag of puke, and it knocks one of the three minions out of the sky. Cecil has two more bags and Rebecca tells him to make those count. The first bag misses but the second ones gets them.

Argonaut tells Marissa about what is going on and tells Argonaut to get them to OSS Headquarters. Marissa says she only wants one person to greet the kids. They are greeted by Carmen Cortez, Marissa’s niece. She is also a spy for the OSS.

Wilbur is watching his show and is upset about his show. Wilbur wants to go after Time Keeper, and his job is threatened to get results fast.

Carmen tells the kids that Marissa was retired so that’s why she didn’t tell them about how she was a spy. Carmen tells them about the Spy Kids division of the OSS, and how it was shut down years ago, thanks to budget cuts. Carmen would love to bring back the Spy Kids division, and Cecil is excited when he gets special hardware that lets him crush things. Rebecca is excited to find a kit for booby traps and pranks. Carmen tells them that they can have the stuff but won’t activate it because the best kid spies are the ones who make due with what they have on hand. The kids look at a television which plays scenes from previous Spy Kids movies and they ask about Juni Cortez. Carmen tells them that they will not speak about him, and they leave the room. Rebecca asks if they can be the new Spy Kids and Carmen tells them maybe and then about the Time Keeper. We are instructed to scratch the number 3 card, 4 card and 5 card as Cecil finds candy.

Marissa brings the baby with her to Tick Tock’s location and suits up to get the Armageddon device. She says her back up is the baby. She sneaks into the place and finds Tick Tock. Marissa gives the baby a bottle, but she almost drops it on the ground. Marissa catches it with her foot. We are then instructed to scratch the number 6 on the Aroma card. The baby goes to the bathroom, and Tick Tock smells it too.

Tick Tock goes on and on about the smell, and Marissa moves in, only to discover that it’s a trap, and they knew she was there. Tick Tock is happy that Marissa has the baby as she is useless. However, Marissa uses baby power and a dirty diaper to fight the minions. Tick Tock gets on a bike and gets away.

Rebecca and Cecil are eating snacks and Rebecca is mad Marissa didn’t tell them about being a spy. Rebecca announces she will be a better spy than Marissa. Rebecca wants to catch the Time Keeper, and they make a bet. They then try to use the various gadgets and can’t figure them out. The kids sneak out and are confronted by OSS Agents. They run away from the agents and escape OSS Headquarters. They are getting close to being caught when they pull on Argonaut’s color, and he pees out oil and causes the guards to fall. They run again and then pull his tail and poops tiny bombs that don’t kill people but stun them. Argonaut asks them to pull his finger, and they do and farts. We are asked to scratch the number 7.

Argonaut helps them get info about where the Time Keeper is but Cecil realizes what the code is and they figure out Time Keeper is in the watch shop. They are then teleported by a machine to the Time Keeper’s place. They feel sick after the teleportation and Argonaut has fallen apart but then pulls himself together.

Marissa calls Carmen who tells them that they got away. Marissa tells Carmen that Rebecca is a lot like her and that scares Carmen.

They enter the Big Time Watch Shop, and it’s full of clocks. They find the secret opening to the elevator into the main part of the lair. They are in a trap and evaluate the trap and bet a dollar to get across the trap. They make their way around the clock trap, and it gets faster thanks to time speeding up. Argonaut and Rebecca jump to safety but Cecil is caught by the spinning hand trap of the clock. He is saved when he is thrown off and is hurt.

Wilbur uses a machine called the SPY HUNTER to try to track a spy. Wilbur is excited that this could mean big success for him, and that in 5 years he will be able to spend time with the kids. His coworker tells him that the plan is stupid, and they are kids now, and should spend the time with them now, or they will grow up. All he will find time for later is regret. Then the coworker breaks down crying.

Rebecca and Cecil find a computer and a lot of files about the boy trapped in time. In the 1930s, a kid was in a time travel experiment but got trapped. The Chronos Sapphire was discovered to be the only element to stop the Armageddon device. Rebecca realizes they are after the necklace. They run but are stopped in time in their tracks by Tick Tock.

Tick Tock leads them down a path as the kids are trapped in time, but then he frees them. They are greeted by Time Keeper. As all hope is almost lost, Marissa, Carmen and the baby show up. Marissa tells Carmen to activate the gadgets, and she does. Cecil’s hammer gloves help take out a bunch of the minions with a punch to the ground, and he hits more with his gloves. Rebecca activates a light whip and uses it against the minions.

Outside, Wilbur and his coworker get directions to get into the lair, and they fall down.

Rebecca is using her whip, and accidently wraps up Carmen who tells her to spin her around, and she knocks down a lot of enemies. More minions come, and Carmen says, “Oh Shiitake Mushrooms.” Wilbur gets into the lair and starts to show the people fighting below, not realizing it’s his family.

The kids ask Argonaut to help, but he says he can’t. They then realize he’s not in Attack mode. Argonaut attacks the minions and then Tick Tock shows up and releases bugs at them that grab the Chronos Sapphire. Carmen, Marissa and the kids escape. Time Keeper tells Tick Tock to let them go.

Rebecca apologizes for their mistake and Marissa apologizes for not telling them but wanted to keep them safe. Marissa and Rebecca bond, Marissa orders Carmen to take the kids back to OSS. Marissa goes to the car and listens to a message from Wilbur who tells her about his footage that he got from the watch shop.

Wilbur is watching the footage with his boss who is happy. Wilbur is astonished when he realizes Marissa is a spy. His boss tells him that they should use the angle that spies are unfit moms and the kids should be taken away. Wilbur destroys the footage and claims it’s by accident. His coworkers say he has the original footage which Wilbur then destroys. Wilbur is fired and ordered to leave.

Marissa confronts Wilbur, and he is mad at her. She explains that she retired when the baby was born and that she is sorry. Wilbur feels silly and can’t understand why she married him. He is upset that he couldn’t protect his family and needs time to be away from them all. Marissa is upset that she caused Wilbur pain.

Time is moving much faster, days are going by in seconds. People around the world are scared. The newscaster states that the Mayans were right with their prediction to the end of time itself.

Danger D’Amo talks about Armageddon and the device. It was originally an OSS device and is locked away. Danger has called back Carmen’s brother Juni Cortez. Juni enters much to everyone shock, including his sister. Carmen is the only one not pleased to see him. We learn that Carmen hasn’t seen Juni in 7 years. They fight as Brother and Sister do. Another agent gives Juni a badge and Carmen takes it and throws it away (important) Danger tells the OSS to save the world.

Rebecca and Cecil are grounded and watching the baby. Danger D’Amo visits the kids and tells them that they should love her. Rebecca sees a watch that he has, and the way he talks, as if he was stuck in time. Cecil tells Danger his name is an anagram for Armageddon. They realize that Danger is apart of the evil side. Cecil uses his hearing aids to figure out that Danger is wearing three watches and that he is The Time Keeper. He traps them in the building and the kids plan to escape.

They call Marissa and tell her about Danger who thinks it’s another prank. Juni, Carmen and Marissa, realize they were trapped. Time Keeper enters and reveals his plan. His watch is activated and freezes all agents of the OSS. However, after Time Keeper leaves. Juni isn’t trapped and realizes that the only other person who can help are Rebecca and Cecil.

Juni activates Rebecca and Cecil and tells them that they are the only hope to help the world. Juni tells Rebecca and Cecil that adults over think things and that kids don’t and that’s how they can defeat the Time Keeper. He tells them to stop competing against each other, and they activate Argonaut's attack mode. They take the baby with them and name her Spy Baby. The kids then set themselves up, and Argonaut tells them their mission to save the world. Argonaut will watch the baby.

Juni unfreezes Marissa and Carmen. We are instructed to scratch number 8, and Juni tells Marissa he activated the kids. They walk through a door and fall into a huge hour glass. Marissa asks what happened to Juni and Carmen, and Juni says he tried to strike it out on his own but regrets it. They sink into the hour glass sand.

Cecil beats up some guards and is confronted by a door he can’t punch through. He uses his hearing aid to unlock the combo and then is confronted by chomping steel jaws. Rebecca is confronted by a minion who she uses a prank on and blasts him away.

Tick Tock is almost hit by the flying guard and traps the kids together. He takes all of their weapons, even Cecil’s hearing aids.

Wilbur is at home, and finds out from Argonaut that the kids are in trouble, and he needs their help and he rushes to help them.

By OSS headquarters, a big sphere with clock gears comes out. Time Keeper is there, and Rebecca and Cecil use sign language to talk. Rebecca hands Cecil a device to control a bug that pulls a watch out of Time Keepe’s pocket. He thinks something is wrong but is then joined by Tick Tock. Time Keeper doesn’t realize what Sign Language is, and Rebecca tells him that Tick Tock took Cecil’s hearing aids. Time Keeper orders Tick Tock to give them back. Rebecca asks Time Keeper why he is trying to end the world.

Time Keeper tells the kids the Armageddon device is used to transport him back in time to his father in the 1930s. Time Keeper is the child who was frozen in time when the time machine went haywire and froze him. His father spent his entire life trying to set him free, and he had to watch his father grow old and die. The chronos sapphire was then discovered and used to stop the machine, and unfroze Time Keeper, who was now a man in a boy's body. Everything was gone, and Time Keeper wants more time with his father because he regrets everything.

Cecil tells him that he can’t travel back in time and change it. In fact, all Time Keeper’s minions and Tick Tock himself are different versions of himself trying to go back in time, and that he will only cause Armageddon. Rebecca tells Time Keeper about how she felt when she lost her mother, but nothing can bring her back and you just have to move on. It’s not about how much time you have, but what you choose to do with it.

Juni, Carmen and Marissa arrive, and Marissa orders every one away from her step kids. Rebecca tells Marissa to call them her kids and Cecil says, “Make that spy kids.”

The Time vortex opens, and all time freezes and Time Keeper is excited that everyone but him and Tick Tock are frozen. Rebecca and Cecil reveal they are not frozen thanks to the stolen watch they got from Time Keeper. Rebecca also has the Chronos Sapphire, but they have to keep theirs hands on the watch or they’ll freeze.

Time Keeper starts to go into the Time Vortex. Cecil catches a loose clock gear and throws it at Tick Tock but seemingly misses until it comes back around and hits him like a boomerang. Cecil lets go of the watch in excitement and freezes. The Armageddon machine appears in front of Rebecca who almost gets to put the sapphire on it. Tick Tock stops her and the sapphire goes into the time vortex. Rebecca puts the watch back into Cecil’s hand, and he unfreezes and asks Time Keeper to not go into the vortex.

He goes in any way and sees his father. They shake hands and Rebecca asks Cecil that she thought he said nothing would change. He tells her to wait for it. The Vortex disappears, and a very old Time Keeper is there. Time Keeper tells them that they were right, and that you can’t go back. His father still died, and he couldn’t stop that. Time Keeper tells him that his father told him that he has to live life living forwards not back, and this time he will listen. Time Keeper takes the Chronos Sapphire and puts it on the Armageddon machine and everyone unfreezes.

Marissa apologizes to the kids for bringing them into this. Rebecca tells her that she is the worst step mom ever but the best Spy Mom! Rebecca says she should be herself.

Tick Tock laughs and has the Chronos Sapphire and says they will do this until he gets what he wants and time is on his side. Wilbur slides from a rope and puts cuffs on him and says, “Yeah, hard time!” Tick Tock is taken away, and he promises to make time for his family. Marissa tells him that’s heroic. Wilbur loves the real Marissa and her spy like ways. He’s happy he got his first spy and is never going to let go.

Juni and Carmen decided to become the new leads of the Spy Kids division. They need new recruits and ask the kids to take the spots.

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