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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by William Gill. who says... "I found the plot a little hard to swallow and far-fetched. Especially the part about the President being involved in trying to kidnap his own daughter. Is it not surprising that this movie came out in an actual election year."

The movie starts off with Derek Luke's character "Curtis" and another soldier running through some remote woods chasing after another female officer. At first it seems like as if this female office is running for her life. However, Val Kilmer's Agent Scott shows up and it soon becomes clear that this is merely a training scenario. Trainee Curtis looks exhausted and he tells Agent Scott "I can't catch her".

Scott tells him he can't quit but of course he regains his strength and continues. When they are back at the training camp the woman is revealed to be Scott's assistant officer "Black".

Val's Agent Scott is apparently a military official charged with running a school to train elite military personnel and government agents which he is apparently able to do with ruthless efficiency.

After a few introductory scenes, trainee Curtis is accepted into the program. Soon Scott gets a urgent call that a national emergency has transpired and Scott decides to let Curtis tag along with him. Scott meets up with a group of government officials. Two of whom are Agent "Stoddard" (William H. Macy) and Agent "Burch" (Ed O'Neill). Its never made perfectly clear which organization these guys work for but it seems its the Secret Service. They inform Scott that President Newton's daughter "Laura Newton" has been kidnapped. At first no one is sure why exactly she was abducted but they assume its some political plot from a terror organization. The agents tell Scott that Laura changed her hair color which is normally red to blonde. This will become important later.

The agents go to an interrogation room where the Secret Service agent who was assigned to Newton when she was kidnapped is being kept. Agent Scott initially threatens him and assaults him and has to be thrown out of the room, but its merely obvious he is just playing a little bit of "Bad Cop" with him as an agent gives him a nod on his way out. Scott finds out Laura had a boyfriend she knew at college and goes to check him out. When Scott arrives he is disguised as a local policeman. He finds Laura's boyfriend breaking into her mailbox. The guy tries to explain that everything is OK. Scott discovers he was trying to retrieve an angry letter the boyfriend had written to Laura. When Scott asks him what the deal is the boyfriend concedes he thought Laura was cheating on him. Also on the letter is a strange "sign" which is essentially a weird looking "happy face". This symbol will become important later. By questioning him Scott finds out Laura had said she was thinking about going to some sleazy "Bordello-like" establishment where young women have sex with older men for money. Immediately Scott and Curtis make for the location.

The arrive and there are many other agents there. They begin questioning what is essentially the establishments "madame". Scott shows her a picture of Laura Newton with blond hair, but the madame insists she has never seen her before. One of the establishments prostitutes walks in and Curtis notices something funny with the pictures on the wall that show all of the girls who work there. He is able to see that one of the pictures was removed. Scott questions the prostitute and she confesses that there was a girl there matching Laura's appearance, but she was taken by some men. Scott then rushes back out to the Madame and begins threatening her to talk. She finally confesses there was a girl who was taken, but Scott makes an important discovery. The people at the Bordello were unaware the girl was actually the President's daughter Laura Newton because her hair was died blonde. Apparently the men who took Laura did so to make her be part of a group of "sex slaves" in the Middle East. Basically a group of white women (preferably blondes) are made to be like a harem for wealthy Arabs.

Scott goes back to talk with Ed O'Neill's Agent Burch. Burch informs him that once the media finds out what happens or the kidnappers realize who they've actually got the kidnappers will kill Laura. So its now a race against time to find her. Suddenly a gunshot is heard. It apparently has come from the interrogation room, where the Secret Service agent being questioned before shot himself. Immediately the agents all wonder how he managed to keep a gun hidden.

Using information he got from the Madame, Scott goes with Curtis to a house where the kidnappers are possibly holding Laura. Curtis acts as a sniper in the woods outside the house.. Looking through the scope of his rifle he can see the "Sign" Laura uses to sign her letters. Eventually Scott going into the house alerts the men inside and he and Curtis are forced to kill the two men. Scott searches the house, but does not find Laura.

Scott once again goes back to Burch. Burch informs him that the kidnappers who were at the house can be linked to a man named "Tariq Asani" who was involved in the selling of sex slaves in the Middle East. Tariq apparently is being transferred from one prison to another along with another inmate who is on death row. The movie then cuts to a scene of a policemen pulling up to a gas station and then hears gunshots. We see Agent Scott running out of the station. The owner chases after him, but Scott shoots the owner and then the officer. He then drives the car containing the two prisoners (who we now realize are the ones Agent Burch just spoke about) around back. Scott leaves the two men chained outside and goes into the station. As expected the whole thing was just a setup to make the prisoners gain his trust and the policemen and the station owner are actually fine and are really undercover agents. Scott then goes back outside and both prisoners are all happy and relieved until Scott shoots the death row inmate (FOR REAL THIS TIME). Scott then makes it look like he is going to kill Tariq as well, but he spares him naturally.

Scott and Tariq Asani drive off with Curtis and other agents following them. Asani tells Scott that he is lucky to have spared him because Asani can take him back to Dubai where his people run a sex slave operation. Obviously Scott now realizes this is where Laura Newton might very well have been taken. However, when they make a stop Scott goes into a convenience store and leaves Asani in the car. Curtis comes in to talk to Scott along with another agent. In the store Asani notices from the car that Curtis has a badge, but he has not seen him talking with Scott. Asani notices a vehicle near him with a shotgun. When Curtis walks out of the store Asani shoots him with this shotgun. Scott runs out and Asani yells "HE'S A COP!". Scott immediately shoots and kills Asani. Curtis is apparently OK, but now their only major lead to the Dubai ring is dead. Shortly thereafter Curtis and Scott are preparing to go to Dubai along with several agents. However, a discovery is made on a ship off the U.S.. A body has been discovered with DNA matching Laura Newton's. It appears she is dead.

There are news reports seen announcing Luara's death. Scott is preparing to go back home when Curtis confronts him. Curtis now tells Scott that he saw the "sign" Laura uses at that house from earlier where the two kidnappers were killed. Apparently the agents never believed Laura was ever there, but Curtis says he can prove it. Why Curtis never mentioned this to Scott before is still a mystery to me. Anyway Curtis says he found something at that house. An earring which clearly belonged to Laura Newton.

Scott and Curtis go back to the house. They start making their way up and walk by a human-like scarecrow sitting on a chair. This will become important in a moment. As they approach suddenly Curtis is shot in the head from seemingly nowhere and dies instantly. Scott realizes this is a sniper and ducks behind the building with the scarecrow in the chair. Scott realizes the fire is coming from a ship which is in the water at the back of the house. He can't seem to get away without exposing himself. The film then goes to the snipers perspective and the sniper sees a figure dressed in Scott's clothes jump out from behind the shed Scott was taking cover behind. He shoots it and then figuring Scott is now dead the ship takes off. Of course the figure in Scott's clothes was actually the scarecrow. Scott discovers the "sign" and realizes Curtis was right.

Scott goes to meet the First Lady, but is stopped by a female Secret Service agent. He explains to the female agent that he believes the President's daughter is still alive, but apparently she already knows this. When Scott asks her what is going on she tells him that because of all the trouble the President's daughter was in the President's advisors decided when the President's daughter was kidnapped that it would be best to make her look dead and the announcement of the discovery of DNA matching Laura's was bogus. The reason for this is because all the scandal the President's daughter was involved in and the scandal of the First Family as a whole would have destroyed the President in what is now a re-election year. The female agent shows Scott a set of pictures of her with a young Laura Newton and explains that she has been like a surrogate mother to the girl. Scott takes the pictures and decides to accept the female agents repeated requests to help the girl.

Scott hooks up with Officer Black (the female officer from the training camp at the start of the film played by Tia Texada). He explains to her what the situation is and she offers to help.

Scott decides to make his way to Dubai where Asani said the sex slave operation was run in hoping he can find Laura there. Once in Dubai Scott meets up with a British mercenary working in the region. With the help of the British merc he is able to locate the residence where the sex slave operation is run from. He devises a plan of how to rescue Laura, but suddenly he notices a blonde haired girl being taken to a car. He realizes he must attack now as it may be his only chance. Scott and the Merc assault the car and they kill the men taking Laura. Scott grabs the girl. However, suddenly a guy on the roof of the building shoots the Merc guy killing him. Val and the girl escape on foot.

The girl wakes up at a safe house with Scott.

It is now clear this really is Laura Newton the President's daughter with her hair dyed blonde. Scott tells her she is going home, but she doesn't seem to want to. She tells Scott that it was her own father, The President, who removed her Secret Service protection after she threatened to go public with her scandals. She also claims she was kidnapped by government officials and not Arab Slave traders. Scott is somewhat skeptical, but realizes after all that has happened she might very well be right.

Scott and Laura now make their way to an airport where they hope to flee back to the U.S.. However, once they arrive Agent Stoddard (William H. Macy) is there with other agents and he demands Scott hand over the girl. He tries to tell Laura that Scott is actually a rogue agent and is not trustworthy but its clearly obvious he is lying. Stoddard eventually shoots Scott wounding him. He then grabs Laura and turns her over to what he thinks is one of his agents. Stoddard then goes into a "Bad guy tirade" where he basically says a whole bunch of crap giving away the bad guys whole plan (you know what I'm talking about you see this in movies all the time). He explains to Scott that Laura needed to disappear because the scandals she would've leaked to the press would've killed the President's re-election chances and he is too important to be removed in these "troubled times" and now Laura must be killed because Scott interfered. Anyway, it soon becomes clear that the agent Stoddard actually handed Laura off to is actually Scott's female friend Officer Black. Black tried to get Laura onto a plane of Swedish journalists, but as she does this Stoddard realizes his mistake. Stoddard fires several shots at the plane hitting Black. He then aims for Laura, but Scott leaps at him and slashes his throat with a blade. Scott rushes towards the plane as it takes off without him. He comes to the wounded Officer Black. He tried to help her but she is mortally wounded and dies. '

The movie then moves to its final scene. A close up of a TV is shown as new footage announcing the homecoming of Laura Newton is being broadcast. The TV reporters are saying what a joy it is to know she is really alive as Laura is seen in the footage being taken off of a plane.

The reporters also say it is also good that her kidnapping didn't interfere with President Newton's re-election campaign. As the camera zooms out from the TV we see Agent Scott and another British man (presumably British intelligence). The British man says "So now you can go home", Scott nods and replies and then walks off down the street which we can clearly see is London. 



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