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The film starts with Eris, the goddess of discord, waking up her little monster pets and telling them that they have work to do.

On her globe, she spots two ships. One belongs to Proteus, the Prince of Syracuse, who is taking the Book of Peace, a book that protects the Twelve Cities from chaos and evil, to his father’s kingdom. The other ship is Sinbad’s. Sinbad is a heartless, greedy pirate who wants to steal the book for ransom so he and his crew can retire to Fiji. Eris sends Seatus, an octopus type monster to kill them all so she can steal the book and unleash horrible chaos all over the world.

As Sinbad and his crew are kicking the other guys’ butts, he sees Proteus. Apparently, he and Proteus were once childhood friends who have not seen each other in ten years because Sinbad ran off for some reason. (We find out why later)

As Sinbad goes to steal the book, Proteus stops him and the two have a little sword fight. But before anything else happens, both their ships get under attack by Seatus. At first, Sinbad tries to run away, but the monster knocks his ship out of reach so he decides to help Proteus. After the monster eats one of Proteus’ soldiers, Sinbad ignites a cannon and launches it in the air. The monster eats it, the cannon blows up, and it throws up the guy, who immediately gets up and charges, screaming, at the monster again. (“Give that guy a raise” Sinbad says, getting a big laugh from the audience.)

Then he and Proteus climb up on the masts, cut a few ropes, and impale the monster, killing it. (Well, not really, since he returns to Eris later) Seatus grabs hold of Sinbad and drags him underwater. Eris appears before him, traps him in a big bubble, and gives him a proposition. If he steals the book for her, she’ll let him live and rule the world. Sinbad agrees. As his crew drag him out of the water, he tells them to set sail for Syracuse to steal the book.

At Syracuse, the king is throwing a big party to celebrate the Book of Peace, when Sinbad and his crew show up. The guards draw their swords, but Proteus stops them, saying that Sinbad saved his life. He then brings Sinbad to Marina, the Ambassador of Thrace and Proteus’ girlfriend. Sinbad is in awe of her beauty. He then leaves the party embarrassed and tells his crew they aren’t going to steal the book. Eris sees this and decides to steal the book herself.

Back at the party, Proteus asks Marina to marry him. But before she can answer, the king says he needs her to translate some foreign people.

Meanwhile, Eris disguises herself as Sinbad, knocks the guard out, takes the book, and closes it. Big boo boo. When the book is closed, all havoc breaks loose. Soon Sinbad is imprisoned. He tells Proteus he didn’t do it, and Proteus says, “Look at me in the eye and tell the truth. Did you steal the book?” Sinbad looks at him in the eye, and says no. Proteus believes him.

Sinbad is found guilty and sentenced to death, but Proteus demands to take his place, and Sinbad can go get the book. If he does not return in ten days with the book, Proteus will be executed.

Sinbad doesn’t want to take that chance, so he tells his crew that they are going to Fiji as planned. As he goes to his bunk, he finds Marina. At first, he incredibly freaked out that she’s there, but puts on a chauvinistic attitude and confronts her. She is there to make sure that Sinbad gets the Book of Peace, and bribes him with guilt and a bag full of jewels to do it. He agrees, but he locks her in a cupboard with his dog, Spike.

Marina soon escapes, and just in time too, because they are sailing right through the Sirens lair. Sinbad and his crew are entranced by the Sirens’ song and start to fall overboard. But Marina ties the crew up (with Spike’s help) and knocks Sinbad senseless so they are able to get out of there. The crew thanks Marina for saving their lives,

but Sinbad is still too arrogant and makes fun of her. The crew gives him dirty looks, so he practically screams “THANK YOU!” to Marina and leaves.

Back in Syracuse, Proteus’ father tries to persuade him to leave the island and live, but Proteus trusts his friend and stays.

Sinbad and his crew land on a strange island to collect wood and tree sap to repair the ship, and Sinbad insults Marina even more. She and Sinbad get into a name calling, mudslinging fight. As she breaks off a big piece of rock to hurl at him, the whole island moves and the trees disappear. It turns out that the island is actually a huge fish. They run back to the ship just in time, and Marina points out that the ship is heading towards the North Star (Which is the way to Tarturas, Eris’ lair.) Sinbad grabs a hook and it snags on the fish and it drags them a pretty long way. Soon they cut the line because everyone is seasick from the fast bumping off the water.

Marina then asks how he and Sinbad met. Sinbad had been running for his life from guards, and Proteus came and rescued him. They had been friends ever since. But when Marina asks him why he ran off, he doesn’t answer. Romance is blossoming.

Everything is peaceful then, and it really bores Eris. So she just freezes the water and the ship is trapped in ice. As the crew tried to break the ice up, a huge falcon made of snow attacks them. It grabs Marina and takes her to the top of the mountains. Sinbad crawls up the wall with daggers and gets Marina. The snowbird sees them and flies after them. Sinbad then uses his shield to snow board down the mountain and into an ice cave. He causes an avalanche and the bird is crushed by rocks and dies. The avalanche also breaks up the ice, so they continue their journey.

Later that night, Sinbad finally fesses up why he left. Ten years ago, a ship ported at Syracuse and the most beautiful thing he had ever seen walked off it. It was Marina. Knowing that she was to marry Proteus and he could never have her, he left Syracuse heartbroken. Marina is touched.

They then see a bright light among the horizon. It is the Gates to Tarturus. But there’s a little problem. It’s beyond the edge of the world. (Yeah, the world is flat.) Sinbad then orders to rig up the masts in a weird way, so when the boat goes over the edge, it seems to float on the air towards the gates. Sinbad realizes that the ship is too wide to go through, so he decides to go alone. But Marina joins him.

Inside is this huge desert. There are these monsters (which look like constellations. I recognized Scorpio and Leo) advancing them, but Eris makes them leave. She then reveals her plan. She had made sure that Proteus would take Sinbad’s place on death row, so then Syracuse would have no heir and that Syracuse would crumble under her control. But what surprises her is that Sinbad actually went to get the book when she planned for him to run away. She makes Sinbad extremely guilty by saying that he is just a black hearted, lying, girlfriend-stealing thief.

But then, she offers him a deal. She must ask one question, and if Sinbad answers truthfully, she’ll give him the book, on her word. But if he lies, the book will stay and Proteus dies. Sinbad agrees and Eris asked the question.

“If you don’t get the book, will you run away, or return to Syracuse to die?”

Sinbad thinks for a moment, and says he would return. It turns out that he was lying and he and Marina are thrown back to Earth.

Sinbad feels horrible that he lied, but that doesn’t matter to Marina. She proclaims her love for him.

Back in Syracuse, Proteus is about to be executed. But then Sinbad and his crew show up and save him. He declares he didn’t get the book, and prepares to be beheaded. But before the ax comes down, Eris appears, PISSED OFF!!! Sinbad then realizes that since he DID return to die, he wasn’t lying. Regrettably, Eris gives him the Book of Peace and vanishes. Sinbad opens the book and peace returns. He gives the book back to the king, says goodbye to Proteus and leaves.

Marina is sad that Sinbad is leaving and Proteus notices it. So he lets Marina go with Sinbad.

Sinbad is on the sea again, more heartbroken than ever. Suddenly, a pile of rope drops on his head and he yells at one of his crewman, but he and the rest of them are on deck. He looks up and sees Marina in the Crows nest. He goes up to her and they kiss. Spike then launches himself in the air and collides with the two lovers, giving them slobbery kisses.

They sail off to have more adventures and they live happily ever after.


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