SILENT HILL: Revelation

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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open to Sharon/Heather (Adelaide Clemens) hiding in the middle of a twisted carnival. There are men looking for her, and she crouches behind a game counter. To her right is a bunny costume. Looking at it for a moment, it suddenly twists its head in her direction. Freaking her out, she runs, heading for the merry go round, crouching down, so the people chasing her don’t notice her.

The merry go round begins to move, and we see that is being turned by Pyramid Head. Faster and faster it goes, as the people chasing Sharon notice she is on it. They circle the ride, as Sharon looks for a way out. She turns to look at one of the horses, only to see they have been replaced with shackled, tortured souls. She stands up and screams only to be confronted with a mirror image of herself; brunette with torn clothing and an overtly pale complexion. The girl in question is Alessa, or at least what Alessa would look like as a teenager. Alessa sends a ring of fire upon the people surrounding the merry go round then sets Sharon on fire. She screams in pain, burning to death.

Sharon wakes up screaming. It was just a dream. Her father, Chris (Sean Bean) comes in to check on her, telling her that it is just a nightmare, and it will pass after they get settled in. “Once we get unpacked, and get a lick of paint on this place, everything will be fine,” Chris says. Sharon mentions Silent Hill and how the dreams are urging her to go there. “Promise me that you will never go to Silent Hill,” Chris says, “Promise me---," but before he can get in another word, Chris is stabbed by a creature, splashing blood on his daughter’s face. She screams and wakes up for real this time. She was suffering a dream within a dream.

Her father makes her breakfast, and Sharon mentions her bad dream. Chris tells her it will be okay once they get settled. Sharon says she doesn’t want to do this anymore (move from place to place), and Chris tells her he’s sorry about it. Sharon asks why her cover name is Heather Mason. Chris explains that Heather was the name of his grandmother, and she can change it if she doesn’t like. Sharon says no, since she has so many names by this point and he even goes by a new name; Harry Mason. “Names don’t really matter,” she says.

Chris says he got her an early birthday present for her 18th birthday. Sharon opens it, and it is a white vest that she had been looking at the mall. She looks at it oddly (as she had been wearing it in her dream) but quickly recovers and thanks her dad. As she is leaving for school, her dad begins to say the same line from her dream, but she stops him and tells him why, obviously not hoping it is part of some self fulfilling prophecy. Sharon leaves for school.

We are then presented with a flashback that explains how Sharon could even be back in the real world after the events of the previous film, where she and her mother were seemingly trapped in the Silent Hill grey world. Chris was at home when his wife, Rose (a cameo by Radha Mitchell) contacted him through a mirror in their house. She tells him that she found an opening in the Silent Hill world, though only one of them could go through. Rose made the ultimate sacrifice and chose Sharon, as the town’s cult members want to destroy her (as she is part of Alessa). That means Rose is still trapped there. Rose urges Chris to protect their daughter at all costs for the town, and its inhabitants will come looking for them. Chris promises to look after Sharon and begs Rose not to leave him. Rose has no choice, however, and disappears once more into Silent Hill. Chris turns around to find Sharon asleep on the couch. He rushes to her as she wakes up. Sharon asks what happened as she remembers nothing. Chris makes up a quick lie, saying she was in a car accident. “Where’s Mommy?” Sharon asks. Chris tells her she’s gone. Sharon sobs in her father’s arms, dropping a strange emblem that was in her hand.

Back in the present, Sharon is heading to the bus when she sees a homeless man. His face changes into a grotesque monster, startling her to the point where she nearly gets hit by a car. Walking back onto the sidewalk, she is accosted by a man, Douglas Cartland (Martin Donovan), who asks if she is okay. Sharon says she is fine. Cartland asks if he knows her and Sharon says no. Cartland persists, but Sharon leaves, saying she has to catch her bus, clearly freaked out by the man.

At school, Sharon (as Heather) is introduced to her class. When one of her classmates makes a snarky comment about her clothes, Sharon hits back with her “about me” speech. She says she travels a lot, and this has been her fifth school in seven years. She tells them not to bother getting to know her because she doesn’t want them to; she will most likely be gone in not a lot of time. She also snaps at them, saying there is probably not too many “bright thinkers” in the classroom. The teacher then proceeds to ask the other new kid, Vincent (Kit Harrington) about himself and he balks. “I can’t follow that!” he bemoans.

Changing classes, Sharon sees her reality shift again. She hears children in one room chant, “Burn the Witch!” as they throw Alessa around. She sees another classroom of kids. They stare at her ominously. The lights start to flicker on and off. Sharon sees a man with no arms, just a pulsing mass with legs, shamble towards her. She stumbles back…

Into Vincent, who asks her what’s wrong. She asks why he is out of class. Vincent said he got lost. Sharon tries to head out, but Vincent follows her asking her out for coffee. She asks why, and Vincent says they are both new, and it would be nice to get to know someone who is in the same boat. Sharon shakes off his request, saying her earlier speech was for everyone; she just wants to be left alone.

At the end of the day, she walks out the doors, only to see Cartland waiting for her across the street. She runs back in. Vincent sees Cartland and wonders what is going on.

Sharon calls her father, telling him that she thinks she is being followed. Chris tells her to meet him at the mall and to be careful. He sees someone trying to break in the front door, so he heads for the back. When he opens the door, he is shocked by what he sees and is taken by it.

At the mall, Sharon waits for her father, and leaves him a message when he doesn’t pick up his phone. She sees a nearby birthday party for a girl, whose name happens to be Heather. Sharon notices some balloons made up for the girl, and notices even more when they shift to say “Happy Birthday ALESSA.” Sharon’s worldview alters again. Now the birthday clown is evil, the kids are chomping on human flesh, and everyone is a monster. Sharon sees Cartland and freaks out. She goes to get a policeman’s help, but he’s a monster too, causing her to travel down an employee’s only walkway. She proceeds to see men hanging from ropes being carved into by demented cooks who cook up the flesh for sale.

Sharon is being chased by Cartland who finally corners her in the basement. Sharon asks who he is. Cartland reveals that he is a Private Investigator hired to find her and her father. Several years before, her father killed an intruder in her home. Sharon says that was self defense and Cartland doesn’t dispute that. Cartland reveals why he has been trying to talk to her. Cartland has found out that the people who hired him are connected to the Order of Valtiel, a cult. They are looking for her, and what they want is not good. He has been trying to warn her because, “They know where you are. I told them,” Cartland says with a touch of remorse in his voice.

Sharon backs into an elevator as Cartland continues to try and reason with her. Suddenly, a monster with saw blades embedded in its head and large knifes for hands gets up behind Cartland, surprising him. The monster chops off his fingers on one hand. Sharon pulls him into the elevator, and it goes down. Sharon tries to pull more information out of Cartland, but before she can, the monster returns and pulls the screaming Cartland out of the elevator, leaving Sharon alone.

Getting out, Sharon hides in a janitorial closet and dumps her coat, which was coated in Cartland’s blood. A janitor comes in and spooks her, so she runs off. She gets out the mall, and is pulled away by police as a body has been found. It is Cartland, dead from the attack. The police has found Sharon’s jacket and intend to run tests on it. Vincent is in the crowd and sees Sharon. They head off together.

On the bus, Vincent tries to make small talk, but Sharon asks him if he thinks if there is a difference between dreams and reality. Vincent tells her that his grandfather thought that, “There are no dreams, only many realities.”

Vincent drops Sharon off, saying he will call her. Sharon notes that she didn’t give him her number. Inside the house, the place is ransacked, with a message on the wall. “COME TO SILENT HILL.” It says apparently written in blood. Sharon calls for her father and gets no answer. Vincent returns because of her screaming and is freaked out too. Sharon explains a little about her past as she goes into her father’s room for a box that held all they know about the town and her drawings she made via her nightmares. Sharon takes out a gun to Vincent’s shock. They hear the police at the door, and Sharon asks if Vincent will drive for her as she needs to figure this out. Vincent agrees just as the police break in. They analyzed her jacket and consider her the main suspect in Cartland’s murder. They see the message on the wall and call in the crime teams.

Vincent is driving Sharon into West Virginia, closer to Silent Hill. In the box that she recovered, was a journal that explained everything her father knew about Silent Hill. In the journal was a picture of Pyramid Head, who Alessa created to be her guardian and executioner. There was also a note from her father. It was written in the event something happened to him. Her father writes that he was sorry that he couldn’t protect her and that the man he killed years ago was not a regular intruder by a member of the Valtiel Order sent to bring her back to Silent Hill, so they could kill her in the hopes of destroying Alessa. Chris begs her to not go back there and that all he ever wanted was to keep her safe. Sharon cries reading the letter.

Vincent stops off at a hotel, saying he needs to rest.

Sharon tries to sleep but dreams of the child version of Alessa causing mayhem in Silent Hill bring an ash cloud super storm behind her, killing everyone in her wake.

Sharon wakes up to see Vincent who was unable to sleep. Vincent tells her he thinks she shouldn’t go, but Sharon wants to save her father. His hand forced, Vincent reveals his true origin. He is a child of the Order. He is the son of Claudia Wolf (Carrie Anne Moss) and the grandson of Leonard Wolf (Malcolm Macdowell). Vincent was chosen to leave the Silent Hill reality to bring Heather back. He was marked on his chest, quite painfully, with the cult symbol. Vincent had spent his whole life being told that Alessa was evil, and she needed to be destroyed. But after seeing Sharon and after spending time with her, he couldn’t bring himself to take her back. He knows that Sharon is whatever good left of Alessa’s soul, and should not be harmed. Sharon is horrified she has been betrayed by him but has no time to be angry. The room and world is melting away into the Silent Hill reality. Sharon asks for Vincent to stop this, but he cannot. He isn’t doing it. SHE IS. Since she is linked to Alessa and so close to the town, she is altering the reality. Vincent is grabbed by a creature, and Sharon is knocked out.

Sharon comes to as the world rights itself somewhat. She is now in the grey ash version of Silent Hill. She begins to walk into town.

On the way, she sees Dahlia (Deborah Kara Unger). Sharon recognizes her as Alessa’s mother and knows what she did. Sharon can’t believe she would let her church burn her daughter, and they deserve the damnation they brought upon themselves. Dahlia denies this, saying she didn’t realize what they were going to do and that she loved her daughter. Sharon asks about her father and how she can find him. Dahlia tells her he is doomed and so is she. Sharon asks about the emblem she holds and where she can find the other half. Dahlia mentions Leonard Wolf and the Asylum. A siren blares as the town melds into the dark version of its reality. Dahlia tells Sharon to run, as it is “safer inside.”

Sharon runs into a building and finds herself in a warehouse with mannequin parts. One piece starts to breathe from inside freaking her out. Sharon sees a naked woman on a table calling for help. Before her very eyes, Sharon watches as the woman is suddenly turned into a mannequin, powerless to stop it. Sharon sees another woman tied up in spider webs and claws at it to free her. The woman tells her to run, and Sharon sees why. There is a mannequin spider monster who uses the heads of other mannequins to see. Sharon is able to free the girl just as the monster wakes up. They run as the monster breaks the head off the girl that was just turned, effectively killing her and making her a new pair of its “eyes.”

Sharon and the girl hide as they head for the exit. The exit door is stuck though, so they try to open a vent as the monster finds them, with only a large shelf between them. The monster snaps at them with its teeth. Sharon gets the vent open, and she and the girl go through. However, the monster gets through and drags the other girl away to her death. Sharon is horrified, but there is nothing she can do for the girl. Sharon continues onward.

Meanwhile, Vincent is brought in front of his mother, and is denounced as a traitor. Chris is there too, shackled up to a statue. Vincent tries to reason with his mother, saying Sharon is not evil, and they have brought this hell upon themselves. Claudia will hear none of it, and the other members of the Order want to burn him as a traitor. Claudia shushes them, saying they will not kill her son. After all, despite him turning against their cause, he still succeeded in his mission; to bring Sharon to Silent Hill, so they can finally destroy Alessa. Claudia says his mind is just broken, and they can mend that. Claudia orders her men to take Vincent to the asylum to “cure him.”

Sharon kicks out the vent door at the end of the tunnel. She drops down and finds herself conveniently not too far from the Asylum. She enters and searches the main office for information on Leonard Wolf. She finds his file and his room number. She takes the key and tries to find the door. However, she attacked on the way by a creature and has to struggle to get away from it. Eventually, she is pushed to the ground. Sharon reaches for her gun and shoves it in the monster’s mouth, pulling the trigger.

Sharon keeps going only to find herself down a corridor where mental patients grab at her. Sharon struggles to break free and screams for help. Sharon is able to break free and hide as Pyramid Head shows up and restores order by cutting off the arms of several patients (as Sharon is part of Alessa, Pyramid Head is compelled to protect her). He leaves and Sharon continues her search.

She finds Leonard’s room, and he comes out to greet her though he cannot see her due to his blindness. He gleefully speaks of his grandson’s screams which they hear, as he considers Vincent to be a traitor. Sharon notes his own daughter locked him up. Leonard seethes with rage, saying Claudia did it because she thought he was infected with the darkness. What she doesn’t understand is that she has been infected too, and she is actually worse than him. Sharon asks about the other half of the amulet, but Leonard requests to see the first part. Sharon reluctantly gives it to him, holding a gun to his head. He then takes it and rams it inside his body. His body contained the second half. Leonard is transformed into a hulking monster. Sharon tries to shoot him, but Leonard just crashes her through the door. She is picked up by him and carried off. However, she comes to and notices the gaping hole where the complete amulet now lies. She reaches into his chest cavity and grabs it. Leonard is reverted to his old self and explodes into ash, killing him. Sharon now holds the complete amulet.

Sharon continues to look around when she has to hide. Vincent, locked to a gurney is being pushed by two of Claudia’s men into a room, filled with the undead nurses. The Nurses are docile until they hear any loud noises, by which they then attack anyone in their path. One of the men tries to use a stun rod to keep them at bay, but gets surrounded and stabbed in the eye. His buddy tries to help but gets overpowered too, and the nurses proceed to stab them both to death while Vincent watches. He tries to unlock his chains, but they rattle, causing the nurses to move. Sharon gets up next to him and asks about her father. Vincent says he is alive and he can show her the way, but she has to get him out of here. Sharon complies and tries her best to unlock the chains without startling the nurses. Eventually, they have to attempt just getting them off as quickly as possible. With one strap left, they flip the gurney to give them some protection. Sharon goes for a knife and cuts the last strap. They drag the gurney for some noise misdirection and flee the nurses.

Vincent takes her to the Carnival. Her father is underneath the ground, with Claudia and the others. Vincent tries to reason with her saying her father never wanted her to come here and sacrificed himself, so she wouldn’t. Sharon says if you love someone you do everything you can to help them. She moves on.

They see a group of guards searching the place for them and duck down behind a carnival game. Vincent explains that they are called “The Brethren”; a group comprised of Claudia’s most devout followers. They wear suits with gas masks, so they don’t allow a drop of the darkness infect them. Sharon asks how he could live in this world, and Vincent says it is all he has ever known. “My reality,” he says. Vincent at this point makes a choice. He tells Sharon he hopes she saves her father and that she will be free and happy. “That is more than I have ever known,” he says. He kisses her then lets himself be spotted by the guards, in the hopes of distracting them, so Sharon can proceed on.

Sharon sees the bunny suit from her dream, but it doesn’t move. Looking to move onward, she is confronted by a Brethren guard. She struggles with him, ripping off his mask, and infecting him with the darkness and killing him. She runs for the merry go round as the other followers of The Order surround it. They are immediately set on fire as Sharon is confronted with the childlike Alessa who morphs into a teenage version. “So…Daughter, sister, twin,” Alessa says as the merry go round twirls.

Sharon speaks to Alessa saying this world is of her own creation. Alessa says she took what good was left of her soul and put it into Sharon, so she could live the life she never got to have. Sharon looks around at all the death and destruction. “Don’t you feel anything?” Sharon asks. “NOTHING BUT HATE,” Alessa replies.

“Go to Hell!” Sharon screams.

“Haven’t you figured it out?” Alessa asks. “We’re already here. Now it’s time to take back what I gave to you.”

Alessa grasps on to Sharon and they fight each other for dominance. Meanwhile, Pyramid Head who has been turning the merry go round continues to turn it, bringing it to an underground level. Alessa seemingly wins, melding herself with Sharon, the two halves put back together.

Sharon finds Claudia, her followers, Vincent, and her father Chris all in one room. Sharon wants to know what is going on. Claudia explains Sharon was brought back to not only to destroy Alessa but to also give birth to their God who will cleanse the world of sin. Her father’s blood will be use to raise the God and Sharon will be the “incubator” to bring it into the world. Sharon says Claudia is insane. Claudia demands the completed amulet since she knows Sharon has it.

Sharon has it in her hand and gives Claudia an ominous glare. “Go ahead,” Sharon says, “Take it. I want to see what you really are.”

Meanwhile, back at the merry go round, Pyramid Head breaks from his chains, sensing Alessa/Sharon is in trouble.

As Claudia touches it, the spirit of Alessa channels out of Sharon and into Claudia, transforming her into a grotesque monster, with saw blades in her head, and large blades for arms (much like the monster that killed Cartland). She tries to kill Sharon, but Pyramid Head intervenes and proceeds to fight the transformed Claudia. Sharon frees Vincent and her father as they watch the battle commence. Pyramid Head tries to strike Claudia, but she deflects most of his strikes and proceeds to stab him multiple times. Finally, Pyramid Head gets his opening and swings his blade for a full arc, chopping off Claudia’s head. Pyramid Head retreats back into the darkness. Sharon, Chris, and Vincent leave.

They walk back into the middle of town. Vincent notices the grey ash has stopped falling. “You did that,” Vincent says to Sharon. Sharon says things will change in Silent Hill now that Claudia and The Order are destroyed, and Alessa got her justice. However, Chris notes that, “This place will still be a town of lost souls.”

Chris then reveals he will not be leaving Silent Hill. He needs to find Rose, his wife and her mother. Sharon wants to help him, but Chris says, no. She has been through so much that he wants her to be happy and free of Silent Hill. “This is MY test,” Chris says. Sharon cries and Chris hugs her. “You are everything I could have hoped for,” Chris tells his daughter. Chris tells Vincent to watch over Sharon, but Vincent says she doesn’t really need his protection. They watch as Chris walks into the fog then disappears fully into Silent Hill, desperate to save Rose.

Sharon and Vincent walk out of Silent Hill back into the real world. They see an 18 wheeler truck and flag him down for a ride. The driver introduces himself as Travis Grady (A fan reference: Grady is the protagonist of Silent Hill: Origins). Vincent and Sharon introduce themselves and ask to be driven as far away from the town as possible. As they drive off, several cop cars and a prison transport travel into Silent Hill (another fan reference, this time to Silent Hill Downpour which deals with prison convict who becomes the town’s latest visitor). As they prison convoy drives in, the sky goes grey ash, proving the town’s power is far from extinguished.

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