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The movie begins with a few images of ropes and knots through an icy storm (the whole book has a knot theme to it). Then, after the titles, we cut to a boy pushed off by his father. It is followed by Quoyle (Kevin Spacey) narrating his life to present-day as an inksetter for the newspaper. He is timid.

One day, Spacey is at a gas station, and sees a girl fighting with another person. She hops into Spacey's car. It was Petal (Cate Blanchett). They eat at a diner and Petal asks Spacey if he wants to marry her. Spacey says yes and doesn't think it's a joke. They later have sex.

About six years later, Spacey is even more timid and has a baby daughter Bunny. Petal cheats on Spacey, but he doesn't mind. Spacey's parents had commited double suicide and their ashes are on top of Spacey's TV.

Spacey loses his job one day and Petal leaves with Bunny and Petal's new "friend". They drive off. Aunt Agnis (Judi Dench) comes to visit. She steals her brother's ashes as Spacey calls the police on the phone. We find out that Petal's car crashed and that she is dead, chest smashed on impact "mercifully". Bunny was sold to the black market for thousands of dollars, but was recovered. Using the money that was left to Spacey, Judi Dench sends all three of them to New Foundland, where they stay at a rundown house attached with cables to keep it from blowing away. Spacey has a dark history that is unknown so far, except that his grandfather drowned when he was twelve.

Spacey catches many glimpses of Wavey (Julliane Moore). He gets a job at the Gammy Bird newspaper, where he meets Jack Buggits (Scott Glenn), Tert X. Card (Pete Postlethwaithe) Billy Pretty (Gordon Pinsent) and Nutbeem (Rhys Ifans). He is assigned to do car crashes and the shipping news.

He develops his relationships and starts to settle into New Foundland, and slowly begins to have dreams, dramatizations and flashbacks. His daughter sees an old man and his wolf. He also does a story on Hitler's boat, and the couple who own it (more important later).

He falls in love withJulliane Moore as he continues to meet her.

Julliane Moore doesn't have a clue, but flirts with him. For a while, many different things happen, so I'll just list them here:

1) Spacey's family were a savage group of people, who once cut off a man's nose and nailed him onto a tree. The house was moved to Quoyle's point because the villagers had driven them out. The Quoyles also transplanted lighthouses to attack ships.

2) Spacey is given a new computer to do a story on a boat every week. He does one on a battle ship but Tert changes the words around.

3) Spacey gets a boat and sails in deep waters, but is startled by a headless body. The boat capsizes and Spacey can't even doggy paddle, but finds a cooler. He is stranded until he is picked up. Inside the cooler is the head of the man who owns the Hitler boat. His wife murdered him.

4)Spacey's father raped his little sister.

5)Nutbeem's sailboat to head to Brazil is ruined and he decides to take a plane. Spacey stays over at a friend's house. Bunny dreams that the house's ropes break and a storm takes it. She tells Spacey.

Then, through all this, Scott Glenn dies. They have a wake. When Bunny comes over to see the dead Scott Glenn, he coughs out water and is alive. Bunny demands Spacey to explain why Petal didn't have a wake. Through much hesitation, he says that Petal is dead but he was afraid to tell her. Bunny asks that if he believes her about the house.

They end with a shot of the house being gone and Spacey, Judi Dench, and Bunny looking at it, and Spacey finally finds his place.


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