"Viola Johnson (Amanda Bynes) had her own good reasons for disguising herself as her twin brother Sebastian (James Kirk) and enrolling in his place at his new boarding school, Illyria Prep. She was counting on Sebastian being AWOL from school as he tried to break into the music scene in London. What she didn't count on was falling in love with her hot roommate, Duke (Channing Tatum)."
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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Alexandra who says..."Amanda Bynes does a wonderful job as well as Channing Tatum. The whole movie is a great comedy."

The movie starts with Viola (Amanda Bynes) and a group of friends playing soccer at the beach. It is clear that Viola is a gifted soccer player even surpassing the boys. Justin, her boyfriend tell her that she is better than half his soccer team. The next day Viola and her school soccer team is getting ready for practice but then become informed due to school budgets the girls soccer team has been cut. The girls are outraged that they won't be able to play, meaning no college scouts well see them. At that same time a boys soccer team practice is being held so the girls decide to ask the coach if they can try out. Coach Pistonek laughs in their face saying girls can not be on a boys soccer team. The boys gather around the coach and he asks Justin (who is the boys captain) if the girls can try out Viola expects him to say yes, but to her surprise he laughs and agrees with the coach. She reminds him of what he had said the day before about “being better than half his team” and he denies it so she breaks up with him in front of everybody.

Walking home a red convertible stops in front of her house and Monique, Sebastian’s girlfriend (Alex Breckenridge) starts to yell at her thinking it is Viola's twin brother, Sebastian. But Viola has her headphones on and doesn't hear her. Monique clearly annoyed roughly spins Viola around and states how creepy she resembles her (Viola's) brother, Sebastian. Prissy Monique demands to know where Sebastian is, while Viola brushes her off and walks inside her house. Once inside Viola is greeted by her overly classy mother (Julie Hagerty) who is pushing her to become a debutant against Violas wishes. Viola informs her mother that her soccer team has been cut, her mother tell her she is sorry but is clearly happy because she wants Viola to become more of a lady. Viola goes upstairs and find her brother Sebastian (James Kirk) packing things they chat about his new school, Illyria. Sebastian then tells Viola he is leaving to London for two weeks because his band got accepted on a tour, he has told his mom he will be at their fathers house, he asks Viola if he can call school pretending to be their mother tell them he will be absent. As he leaves Viola she sees this as a perfect opportunity to show her school, Cornwall who is Illyrias long time rival that she is good enough for the boys team. She decides to disguise herself as her Sebastian, try out for the boys team and beat Cornwall. She knows it can work because no one at the school knows who Sebastian is or what he looks like because he is a new student entering that year.

She enlists her best friend, Paul (Jonathan Sadowski)who is a stylist to help her resemble her brother Sebastian as well as becoming a boy. After some practice, Viola goes to Illyria as her brother. She told her mother she would be staying at her father for two weeks. There she meets her roommate, Duke (Channing Tatum) who is amused that Viola plans on trying out for the soccer team since he (she) is much smaller than regular boys.

At the soccer try outs she meets her English coach (Vinnie Jones) who tells all the boys to have a “Skins vs. Shirts” game, Viola is part of the skins team meaning she has to take off her shirt. She rapidly searches for an answer as not to blow her cover as a boy so she says that she is allergic to the sun. Even though she does well at practice it is clear that she needs a little more practice to be at the expertise level of the Illyria boys. She makes second string which disappoints her but she is determined to make first. After practice in the locker room she sees all the boys getting ready to hit the showers and becomes increasingly nervous. Just then she is called out to see the zany principal (David Cross).

After the hilarious meeting with her principal she accidentally crashes into Olivia (Laura Ramsey) who happens to be the schools “hot” chick, it is clear that Olivia is instantly attracted to Viola/Sebastian.

Throughout the week it is clear that the boys don't respect Viola, so Viola and her best friend Paul along with some help from her teammates devise a plan to make Viola/Sebastian look like a “ladies man”. In the process Monique shows up demanding answers Viola tries to run away and keep her distance so Monique wont realize its Viola, while Violas hiding and blocking her she breaks up with Monique as if she were Sebastian. Duke and the boys soccer team see this and instantly respect Viola/Sebastian. The next day Duke confesses to Viola/Sebastian that he likes Olivia so they form a deal. The deal is that Duke will work with Viola/Sebastian on her soccer skills to make first string and Viola/Sebastian will set up him and Olivia.

Through the week Duke and Viola/Sebastian become close and Viola realizes that Duke is not the typical jock and has more too him, she is falling for him.

Later that week Violas mother leaves a message on her answering machine for Sebastian to remember to go to the Debutants carnival, Viola realizes that her mother is expecting both Viola and Sebastian to be there. At the carnival Viola goes crazy switching back and forth between being her brother and herself. She goes to work the kissing booth as herself when she seeks Duke in line waiting to kiss Olivia who is currently working the booth, just as it is Dukes turn Olivia’s shift ends and Violas begins. Duke is clearly disappointed but they kiss anyways and it lasts longer then usual , just then Violas ex boyfriend, Justin shows up and hits Duke for kissing Viola.

As the week goes on it is clear the Olivia likes Viola/Sebastian and not Duke even though Viola tries to get Olivia to think about Duke, she still doesn’t like him. Duke and Viola/Sebastian are training hard and she is getting much better .Viola/Sebastian tells Duke to call “ his sister” Viola so they can go on a date but just then Olivia decides to make Viola/Sebastian jealous by going on a date with Duke. This is annoying Viola because she really likes Duke.

Meanwhile the real Sebastian is calling Viola to tell her that he is coming back early from London, he also leaves a Monique the same message.

The coach moves up Viola to first string so she can play Cornwall. The night before the big game the real Sebastian pulls up to Illyria in a taxi and Olivia jumps and kisses him and reveals she likes him and runs away leaving the real Sebastian speechless, although Duke was watching it from afar the whole time. When Duke gets back to the dorm he yells at Viola/Sebastian for being a bad friend and a liar while Viola/Sebastian has no idea what he is talking about, then Duke throws her out of the room. Viola/Sebastian takes shelter in nerdy schoolgirls room.

It’s the day of the big game and the real Sebastian is walking around when he is pushed into the locker room and forced to change into his soccer uniform and he goes along with it. Meanwhile Viola/Sebastian is sleeping as the nerdy girl doesn’t wake him up.

The game has already started and everybody is there including Violas parents and Monique who is ready to expose Viola about her lies. The game starts and the real Sebastian is horrible and is benched. Monique tells the principal about everything so they stop the game to check if he really is a boy. Sebastian drops his pants, making Monique a liar.

The game continues and at half time Viola ambushes the real Sebastian and tells him everything. They switch clothes now but again they are stopped by Monique and the principal. Viola then admits to Duke that she loves him and lifts her shirt revealing that she is really Viola.

The coach lets Duke make the final decision as to if Viola can play the rest of the game or not, Duke say yes. They play and Viola makes the game winning shot beating Cornwall and her ex boyfriend. She then introduces Olivia to the real Sebastian and it seems as though her parents are getting back together but Duke still won't speak to her.

Weeks later it is the debutants coming out party and Viola is helping Olivia with her make-up, it is clear that Duke and her have not spoken. Viola goes to the lake to think when Duke shows up and they make up. Viola and Duke become a couple. The last scene of the movie is Viola playing with boys Illyria team and kissing Duke.

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The Setup:
Viola's (Amanda Bynes) high school is dropping girls soccer and won't let her play on the boy's team. Her twin brother Sebastian is skipping his first two weeks at a new prep school so he can play with his band in London. Viola pretends to be Sebastian so she can try out for the men's soccer team.
The Hook:
Viola falls in love with her roommate, he's in love with another girl, the other girl is in love with Sebastian (Viola)
The Big Finish:
At the climatic soccer game, all is revealed, Viola makes the winning goal.
Viola ends up with her roommate
Her brother, Sebastian, ends up with "the other girl"

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