"x-con Gary "Gal" Dove has served his time behind bars and is blissfully retired to a Spanish villa paradise with a wife he adores. The idyll is shattered by the arrival of his nemesis Don Logan, intent on persuading Gal to return to London for one last big job. Desperate not to sacrifice his enchanted existence, Dove is drawn into a shocking and explosive battle of wills with Logan, a battle that redefines his notions of love, honor and commitment. ."
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Gal (Ray Winstone) is a retired mobster living comfortably in his house in Spain with his wife, DeeDee. As he is sitting around his pool relaxing, a large boulder rolls down the hill and passes over him and lands in the pool. His wife comes home and Gal tells her what happened and that the boulder almost killed him. He then instructs his pool boy, Enrique to arrange to have the boulder removed from the bottom of his pool.

One night, Gal and his wife are sitting in a restaurant waiting for their friends, Aitch and his wife, Jackie. They eventually arrive with a glum look on their faces. They tell him that they had just received a phone call from Don Logan, Gal's former boss, who has requested Gal to perform a job. Gal and DeeDee looked obviously distressed at the mention of Don Logan's name. Gal then exclaims that he is retired and that he will thank Don and turn him down. However, everyone in the table knows that won't be easy....

We then see Don Logan (Ben Kingsley) arriving at the airport. He is picked up by Aitch and Jackie and they drive him to Gal's house. Gal, DeeDee, Aitch, and Jackie are all uncomfortable around Don Logan, mainly because of his ferocious temper and the way he verbally abuses everyone around him for no reason. Gal and Don eventually get a moment alone to discuss business and Don tells him what the job is:

Don had received a call from Teddy Bass (Ian MacShane), who is the mob boss and possibly more psychotic than Don. Teddy was at an orgy and met a man named Harry(James Fox), who manages a bank in London. Harry got Teddy a safe deposit box in his bank and Teddy got the idea of breaking into the safe depository to steal all the valuables in the boxes. 7 reliable men are needed to break into the bank, and Don asks Gal to be one of them. Gal politely tells Don that he is happily retired and that he would not be of any use. Don is at first shocked by this, but persists in trying to change Gal's mind. As they are drinking in a bar, Don confesses to Gal that he had an affair with Jackie years ago and tells him to keep it a secret.

The next morning, Don becomes frustrated with Gal's refusal to participate in the job and storms into Gal's and DeeDee's bedroom as they are sleeping and punches Gal in the head and berates him for turning him down. DeeDee angrilly orders Don to get out of their bedroom.

Gal comes out to the kitchen to talk to Don. Gal reiterates his position, that he is retired, but Don continues to verbally assault him and insults Gal for marrying DeeDee because she was a former porn movie actress. Gal then tells Don that he thinks the only reason Don is in Spain is not because he needs Gal for a job, but because of Jackie. Don is flabbergasted and demands Gal to call him a cab to take him to the airport. Gal is then relieved that he will not have to take the job.

On the airplane, Don gets himself kicked off because he is smoking and is insulting the crew and the passengers. After five hours in the interrogation room in the airport, Don cons his way out of being arrested and heads back to Gal's house.

Don marches back into Gal's house. Aitch, Jackie and DeeDee are all there. Don then drags Gal outside and beats him up for trying that psychology about Jackie with him and tells Gal that he is coming back to London with him to perform that job or else. Enrique shows up out of nowhere with a shotgun and points it at Don. Don walks up to the nervous boy and snatches the gun away and hits him. All of a sudden, DeeDee comes out of the house also carrying a shotgun and points it at Don................

The next scene takes place in London. Gal has apparently taken the job and awaits his instructions. He meets up with the other 6 men and they all receive the instructions from Teddy Bass. After the meeting, Teddy takes Gal aside and asks him if he has heard from Don Logan, who is apparently missing. Gal tells him that he last saw Don at the airport, but got a call from him later on saying he got back to London safely. We then learn through flashback what really happened......

Don is shot by DeeDee and he falls to the ground. Gal gets up and starts beating Don. However he is still alive and spews out more vulgarity at everyone. Flat on his back and dying, Don turns to face Jackie and tells her he loves her. Jackie then joins in and starts kicking Don. Don then looks over to Aitch and tells him he slept with Jackie. Aitch walks over to Don with a large box and crushes Don's head with it. Gal now had no choice but to take the job to cover up the fact that he helped to kill Don Logan.

Gal has a nightmare as he is sleeping in his hotel room involving a furry man-creature with bunny ears taunting him.

The bank robbery happens late in the evening. The men break into the bank by drilling a hole through the wall next door, which is a sauna and steam parlor. The men drill a hole underwater in the pool and break into the safe depository. Since the water has flooded the depository completely, the men have to wear scuba gear and proceed to empty out the safe deposit boxes underwater.

The gang celebrates the success of their job later on at a bar, and Gal already has his bags packed for home. Teddy Bass comes over and offers to drive Gal to the airport. Gal begins to get nervous....

As they are driving, Teddy announces that they have to stop off somewhere first. They stop off at a house and approach the front door. Teddy knocks and Harry comes out, surprised and perplexed by the late night visit. Teddy introduces Gal to Harry and everyone goes upstairs to the living room. Teddy asks Harry to make Gal a drink and he does. Teddy then points a gun to Harry's head and shoots him dead. Teddy looks over to Gal and tells him that he checked with the airport in Spain and that Don Logan never got on any flight and that he couldn't have possibly phoned Gal in London.

They go back out into the car and drive away. Teddy then tells Gal that he didn't really care that much about Don Logan, but he is still very obviously angry at Gal for lying and tells him to get the hell out of the car. Teddy drops Gal off at a street corner and drives away.

Gal goes back home with his wife in Spain and resumes his life of sitting by the pool and relaxing.

The final scene takes place below, way below the earth's surface (most likely Hell), with the furry man creature from Gal's dream kicking Don Logan's coffin. Don Logan is lying in the coffin smoking a cigarette and glances over to the creature and gives him a disdainful look.

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Gary "Gal" Dove (Ray Winstone) does the job in London, despite his retirement. The job goes according to plan, and afterwards whilst the gang are out celebrating, the boss Teddy Bass (Ian MacShane) offers Gal a lift to the airport. On their way, Teddy says he has to stop off at someone's house.

It turns out to be the house belonging to Harry (James Fox) who's vault they've just robbed. Harry invites Teddy and Gal in, gives Gal a drink and then Teddy shoots him. Tedy asks for the final time where Don (Ben Kingsley) is. Gal admits that he didn't want to do the job and that his wife Deedee (Amanda Redman) shot Don, after Don smashed a bottle over Gal's head and announced he was going to kill him. Teddy doesn't care that Don's dead, just that Gal had lied to him. Teddy gives Gal a measley £10 for his share of the job and drops him off at the airport. Gal however isn't too worried as he kept a pair of expensive earrings that he took for himself during the heist.

We see at the end of the film, that Don is buried under the Gal's pool, that was damaged by the boulder at the start of the film.

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