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NOTE: This spoiler was written by William.

The film begins with a flyover of New York before focusing in on Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) walking along the streets of the city. She is quickly joined by Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Samantha (Kim Cattrall), each accompanied by a voice over by Carrie along with a flash back describing the first time Carrie met each of them.

Cut to sometime later as they all meet up to celebrate the wedding of their mutual friends: Stanford Blatch (Willie Garson) and Anthony Marentino (Mario Cantone). Carrie is Stanford’s best man and Liza Minnelli presides over the wedding. Carrie meets a couple who say that they are fans of her work, but the conversation gets awkward when they don’t seem to understand why Carrie and Mr. Big (Chris Noth) don’t want to have children. The other girls have their issues too: Miranda is revealed to be having a hard time at work as her boss doesn’t seem to respect her at all, often berating her via email/text messaging; Charlotte is stressed out over her second child Rose, who is 2 years old and cries constantly; and Samantha is doing her best to stave off her progressing age and menopause via a suitcase worth of meds, creams, and hormone treatments. The next day, the girls are having breakfast and discuss their lives. Charlotte’s nanny arrives to take her kids to play, and it’s clearly evident that the nanny is incredibly attractive, well endowed, and not prone to wearing a bra – revealed via slow motion jogging and a jaunty Irish tune. Samantha makes an off-hand comment about keeping an eye on the nanny if she was Charlotte, resulting in Charlotte getting very paranoid about the nanny seducing her husband.

They soon return back to their lives in New York. Carrie and Mr. Big have moved from their original penthouse suite to a lower, cozier apartment. It is quickly evident that Mr. Big is settling in nicely with the domestic life, happy to lounge on the couch, watching television, and ordering in for dinner; on the other hand, Carrie isn’t too keen on settling into a domestic routine that she sees as boring. A few nights later, it’s their anniversary and the couple exchange gifts: a vintage Rolex from Carrie, and to Carrie’s dismay, a big screen TV for the bedroom from Mr. Big. Carrie is a bit unset at this, not so much because of the TV, but because it seems that she and Mr. Big has a very different idea of what married life should be like. Carrie decides to take a few days off to write her next article and returns to her old apartment for the next few days.

Meanwhile, Charlotte is having trouble keeping up with her two children while worried about the nanny getting along a little too well with her husband. While making cupcakes for her eldest daughter’s school event and trying to get Rose to stop crying, she gets a large red icing stain on her beloved dress – apparently the last straw, which causes her to scold her daughter; realizing this, she breaks down and runs to a closet to cry. Just as she does so, the nanny runs in and takes care of the children, and despite her suspicions of the woman, Charlotte is relieved to have her around.

At about the same time, Miranda is at the law firm and her boss is once again ignoring her ideas and even cutting her off mid-sentence. She is tired of her boss, as well as being fed up with his increasing demands of her time, leaving her little time to spend with her family. Miranda decides that she’s had enough and quits on the spot to return to Brooklyn to watch her son win the science fair.

Over in Manhattan, Samantha is at her office, rubbing her various creams and ointments on herself when she gets a phone call from one of her old flames, Jerry Jerod (James Lewis). Jerry has is in Abu Dhabi on a photo shoot, apparently a big star in an upcoming action film. Jerry wants to thank Samantha for helping him become famous and invites her to the red carpet opening of the film. Samantha agrees and invites all her friends.

The night of the event, Carrie is all dressed up and waits for Mr. Big to get home so they can go together. However, upon returning, Mr. Big is too tired/lazy to move from the couch and intends to stay in for dinner. Carrie is adamant on having the same fun party-filled, glittery lifestyle that she had before marriage and is having trouble adapting to the idea of marriage Mr. Big wants. After some more convincing and a shot of whiskey, Mr. Big agrees to go, grudgingly.

At the after party, Samantha is introduced to a middle-eastern Sheik who offers her an all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi to possibly entice her into doing so PR work for the region. Samantha accepts the offer, on the condition that her friends can go too.

A few days later, Carrie is packing for the trip and Mr. Big tells her of his idea: to take a 2 day a week break from each other so that they can do what they like and take a break from the married life. Mr. Big thinks that this will help Carrie recapture a bit of her single life and make it easier for her to adjust to being married, but Carrie thinks that Mr. Big wants a break from her, which hurts her feelings but she hides it from him, appearing to be considering the idea.

The girls meet up and leave for Abu Dhabi, in first class on one of the huge Emirates airline planes. Miranda mistakenly drops a magazine in front of Charlotte, which mentions married men cheating on their wives with their nannies, which gets her even more paranoid.

Upon arriving, Samantha is horrified to learn that they do not allow the medications and hormones that she brought with her.

The girls are given private vehicles, assigned a butler for each of them, and given a massive hotel room to spend the next few days (pretty much an entire floor of a palace-like luxury hotel).

During a trip to the market, Carrie runs into her ex-boyfriend Aiden (John Corbett), accidentally leaving her passport at a shoe shop in the process. Aiden is there on a business trip; they briefly exchange pleasantries and promise to have dinner together soon.

Later that day, they’re all lounging by the pool, watching the Australian soccer team swim in the pool. Samantha is distraught that her sex drive is starting to diminish due to her lack of hormone treatment and resorts to eating vast quantities of legumes and yams (thought to have high quantities of naturally occurring hormones); she even starts smearing it on her face at one point.

The next day, the girls are shipped off to the desert for a camel trek followed by lunch. As they enjoy themselves, a Danish architect, who is also living at the hotel, rides by in a Landrover and flirts with Samantha, who finally seems to be regaining her sex drive.

The next evening, Carrie finally decides to go see Aiden. She runs into Charlotte and Miranda and is warned to not go, as she might give into temptation and make a mistake. Carrie is a bit distraught and makes a comment about how Charlotte shouldn’t worry about her marriage just because she’s having problems with hers, making her cry. Miranda takes Charlotte to the bar for drinks and talk, mom-to-mom about their problems and Charlotte feels a lot better afterwards.

Carrie has her dinner with Aiden and all goes well, but upon walking home, Aiden kisses her and they both freak out. They part ways and Carrie runs back to her friends to talk. Samantha tells her to not tell Mr. Big but Miranda says that she should be honest; Charlotte is in no position to give advice as she’s still hammered from her drinking session with Miranda.

After some thought, Carrie decides to call Mr. Big and tells him that she kissed Aiden. Carrie tells him she kissed Aiden, Big says nothing so she says "say something" and he says "Carrie, I'm at work. I have to go." and hangs up the phone. The kiss with Aiden reminds her how much she really loved Mr. Big and she has been missing her old life, but realizes that it isn’t what she wants anymore and just wants to be with the man she loves, Mr. Big.

Meanwhile, Samantha is getting a bit friendly with the Danish Architect and is seen doing what is considered immoral in front of a middle-eastern couple. Samantha is thrown in jail and her friends arrive to help her out; Miranda acting as her attorney. Sometime later, the Sheik’s representative comes to get Samantha out of jail, but it seems that her indiscretions have caused the Sheik to withdraw his hospitality – they now have to pay for the hotel themselves if they choose to stay – $22,000 USD per day. They scramble to get out of there before they are billed for another day and Miranda is able to secure them the last available flight back to the US. Unfortunately, Carrie has lost her passport earlier and they all run back to the market to get it back before they miss their flight.

Back at the market, the shoe store owner has kept Carrie’s passport and returns to her, and all things seem well, but Charlotte gets drawn in my some shady merchants selling counterfeit goods (she promised her kids and husband some souvenirs). Carrie, Miranda and Samantha are able to find Charlotte and storm out, but the merchant thinks that Samantha had stolen one of their handbags and pursues them outside.

All four women are caught in the middle of a crowd of men heading for prayers when the merchant grabs hold of Samantha’s bag and tries to take it. The bag rips, tossing the contents of her bag everywhere, including a lot of condoms. Samantha had also lost her shawl during the struggle and is dressed in what would be considered scandalous in Abu Dhabi. The men start to yell at her; the stress, hot flashes, and hormonal imbalance finally overcomes Samantha and she starts yelling back at them, telling the men how she enjoys sex with a combination of pelvic thrusts and finger gestures. Before things can get worse, the ladies run for it but get lost. Thankfully, a few local women have been watching them and lead them into a secluded shop and out the back. Behind the store and out of sight of the mob, the local women reveal that they are impressed that Samantha has so offended the men. They also remove their shawls and head coverings to show that they are every bit as fashionable as any New Yorker, but are forced to hide it due to their culture. In order to help the ladies escape, the local women dress them in their clothing (full body coverings), and they sneak past the mob of angry men.

They succeed in escaping and get on their plane, returning to New York.

At home, Mr. Big returns to Carrie and tells her that she hurt him that she kissed Aiden, but was glad that she could be honest with him. He promises her that their marriage won’t get boring and they will work together to produce a marriage that works for both of them.

A voiceover by Carrie explains how the other women deal with their issues: Miranda is able to get a job where her ideas are valued; Charlotte finds out that she didn’t have anything to worry about since her nanny turns out to be a lesbian; Samantha meets with the architect in the US and celebrate July 4th the best way she knows how.


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