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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Nick

The film opens with Dodge (Steve Carell) and his wife (Nancy Carell) in their car.  A radio broadcast is on which states that some mission failed to destroy the asteroid that is heading to Earth.  The asteroid will hit the Earth in 21 days and the world will end.  After this broadcast, Dodge’s wife gets out of the car and runs away. 

As the opening credits roll, we see how the world has changed.  People are committing suicide, sometimes hiring assassins to do it for them.  All the stores in the area have also closed.  Traffic has come to a standstill but Dodge is able to weave his way to work.  Dodge is one of the few to go to work that day.  He sells insurance and people are calling for an “apocalypse package.”  A meeting is held with his boss and the few coworkers who decided to show up.  The boss offers people the job of CFO (chief financial officer) if they want it.  As Dodge gets home, he walks by another apartment where he sees a girl, Penny (Keira Knightley), storm out of her apartment with what we can presume to be her boyfriend watching her go from their apartment door.  When Dodge enters his own apartment, he calls for his wife but only finds his housemaid, Elsa.  He tries to tell Elsa that she doesn’t have to work, but she doesn’t seem to understand and says she’ll be back next week. 

The next day Dodge goes to work again and when he parks his car, a person who was committing suicide lands on his windshield.  Dodge is shocked by this whole ordeal.  The next thing we see is Dodge visiting his friends Warren (Rob Corddry), and Warren’s wife, Diane (Connie Britton).  Dodge tells them that his wife left him, so Diane wants to set him up with somebody else so he won’t die alone.  Warren says he won’t die alone, he’ll die with everyone else.  Despite Warren’s complaints, Dodge decides to let Diane set him up with someone else.  He arrives at a party where he meets the girl who Diane set him up with.  The girl (Melanie Lynskey) is rather annoying and is wearing all the clothes she was never able to wear.  The party starts out rather normal.  Dodge meets his friend Roache (Patton Oswalt), who explains to him that he’s slept with a different girl every night ever since the announcement of the apocalypse.  Dodge doesn’t seem interested in sleeping with his date though.  After dinner the party gets a bit crazy.  Heroin gets passed around and Warren is giving children vodka to drink.  Dodge goes upstairs to avoid it all.  As he’s sitting, Diane comes in to talk to him, obviously drunk and high.  She suddenly kisses him, but Dodge stops her, stating that she’s Warren’s.  Diane states nobody is anybody’s anymore. 

Dodge leaves and when he gets back he takes out some old things and finds an old picture of him and an ex-girlfriend.  He also finds an old harmonica, which he starts to play until he sees Penny outside his window crying.  He goes over and opens the window to talk to her.  She hugs him and cries about how she shouldn’t have dated her boyfriend, who is living in her apartment.  Dodge invites her in to which she says, “If you don’t rape me, I won’t steal anything.”  She goes in and sits on his couch where she sees the picture of his ex-girlfriend.  Dodge explains that she was the first girl that got away and that her name is Olivia.  They begin to talk further and Penny explains that the thing she would like to do before she dies is see her parents again.  However, her parents are far away and plane flights are no longer occurring.  Penny pulls out some marijuana and begins to smoke it and explains that she has hypersomnia.  Dodge and Penny fall asleep and when Dodge wakes up he finds Penny still asleep.  He tries various things throughout the day, like vacuuming, to wake her up.  When she finally wakes up, he walks her to her apartment.  She is relieved that her boyfriend isn’t home and gives Dodge 3 years of mail that the mailman had delivered to the wrong person.  Penny asks whatever happened to Dodge’s roommate and his roommate’s boyfriend.  Dodge realizes that his ex-wife was cheating on him.  After that he and Penny part ways.

Dodge goes into his apartment extremely depressed about how his ex-wife was cheating on him.  He leaves and buys some window cleaner.  He goes to a park and drinks the window cleaner to kill himself.  However, Dodge wakes up the next day and finds a dog sitting next to him with a note attached to his chest which says “Sorry.”  Dodge decides to name the dog Sorry.  Dodge goes back to his apartment with Sorry and looks through the mail Penny gave him.  One piques his interest and he opens it and sees it’s from his former ex-girlfriend Olivia.  In the letter Olivia states that she recently went through a divorce and that Dodge was always the love of her life.  Dodge realizes he has to find this girl again.  Unfortunately, the world has deteriorated outside his apartment.  Riots are going on all across the world.  One of these riots is approaching his apartment.  He realizes he has to save Penny.  So he climbs in through her window with Sorry, where he meets her ex-boyfriend, Owen (Adam Brody).  Owen immediately starts to complain, wondering why Penny left him for some older guy.  Dodge explains it’s not like that and that they all have to leave.  Penny finally comes, grabs some records from her collection, and they all leave, but Owen is still whining.  They get into Penny’s car, but she needs help pulling out of her parking spot.  Unfortunately the riot is getting closer and when Owen gets out of the car to direct her, he’s very condescending.  Dodge explains that if Penny leaves now, he can get her to a person who owns a plane (so she can see her parents).  Penny abruptly hits both cars next to her, but pulls out of the parking spot.  She leaves Owen behind. 

The next thing we see is Dodge and Penny walking on the street.  Penny states that since her car was a hybrid, it wasn’t supposed to run out of gas.  Dodge states that it obviously still needs a little gas.  He then yells at her stating that she ruined his life.  He pulls out the piece of mail from Olivia, stating that if Penny had just given him the mail when she was supposed to, he wouldn’t have to die alone.  Penny then promises him that she’ll get him to Olivia.  Luckily a truck comes along and the two hitchhike with the trucker.  Penny seems very interested in talking to the trucker but Dodge is rather annoyed about having to listen to the trucker’s story.  Dodge is a bit put off when he sees several shovels in the back of the truck and begins to worry they are in a truck with a serial killer.  The trucker gets out to pee and Dodge expresses his concerns with Penny.  Penny dismisses his claims and states that the trucker is a nice guy.  The trucker gets back in the car and Penny takes Sorry out for a walk.  The trucker then begins to ask why Dodge won’t just kill him already.  Dodge eventually realizes this guy hired an assassin to kill him.  Dodge states that Dodge isn’t who the trucker is looking for.  The trucker sighs, relieved.  But, moments later, a bullet goes through the trucker’s neck, killing him.  Penny rushes back to the truck and asks Dodge if he’s okay, which he is.  The two bury the trucker and drive off in his truck. 

The two are driving when they see a restaurant they both would like to go in, called Friendsies.  Everyone in the restaurant is partying and having a great time.  Dodge and Penny get their seat and order.  Penny announces that it's Dodge’s birthday, even though it’s not.  After Penny and Dodge finish their food, everybody in the restaurant comes to their table yelling about Dodge’s last birthday ever.  Some of the waitresses make out with him and he and Penny quickly leave the restaurant when one waitress starts touching Dodge in awkward places.  Penny and Dodge leave laughing.  They get in the car, still laughing, when Penny starts to make out with Dodge.  The two then have sex.  The next day when they’re driving, Dodge apologizes profusely, disgusted at himself because of how much older he is.  Penny shrugs it off stating that sex was bound to happen eventually.  Penny asks Dodge about Olivia and he states that they dated on and off for ten years.  She wanted to get married, he didn’t, so they broke up.  Unfortunately, suddenly there are police sirens behind them.  Penny doesn’t want to pull over because it’s just ridiculous since it’s the apocalypse.  Dodge eventually convinces her to pull over though.  The cop comes up and lists what they did wrong and asks for their license and registration.  Penny states that they have no license and registration (since they’re in the trucker’s truck).  She then asks the cop if he will let she and Dodge find Dodge’s true love before they die.  The cop says no and arrests them.  At the jail, Dodge and Penny are placed in adjacent cells.  They can touch each other through the bars on their cell though, so when Penny cries, saying that she ruined everything and that she’ll never see her family again, Dodge awkwardly hugs her through the bars.  Penny then asks Dodge about his family.  Dodge explains that his mom died and that he hasn’t seen his dad in some 20 years because his dad ran off.  Later they fall asleep with their backs together. 

They are both woken up by another cop who apologizes to them stating that the other cop isn’t supposed to arrest people anymore.  Unfortunately, the truck Penny and Dodge were in was impounded.  So, the cop offers to take them somewhere.  Penny asks if he can take them to her old boyfriend’s house.  When they enter the house they meet Penny’s ex, Speck (Derek Luke).  Speck lets them in his house and takes them downstairs where he and some friends have set up some sort of apocalypse shelter.  They have tons of potato chips, soda, and guns.  They also have a satellite phone, so Penny is able to call home (phones have been dead ever since the apocalypse announcement).  Penny calls her mom and dad and begins to cry as she begins to talk to them.  Speck meanwhile is talking to Dodge and tells Dodge that he plans to keep Penny at the shelter they have set up.  But when Penny comes back, she tells Dodge that they can go.  Speck asks why she won’t stay with him, to which she replies that she has a promise to keep to Dodge.  Speck tells her that he should have married her and gives her a car, so she and Dodge can go. 

Dodge and Penny finally reach the house where Dodge hopes Olivia is.  Dodge knocks on the door nervously, but nobody is home.  Penny walks up, breaks a window, and opens the door.  Once inside, Dodge notices it is the same as it was when he was younger.  Dodge finds a record collection for Penny and Penny plays one of her records on it.  Penny cooks dinner for the two of them and Penny tells Dodge about her family and how her dad got her into record collecting.  She explains how records work and how some records are better than others.  Dodge pleasantly listens to her.  After she finishes talking, the two stare at each other for a while and it becomes obvious they have feelings for one another.  Penny quickly leaves to the kitchen where she finds a letter with Olivia’s name on it and a return address, so they can now find Olivia. 

The next day they find the house where Olivia is and Penny begins to tear up as she thinks Dodge is going to leave.  Dodge leaves for the house but comes back and drives the car away from the house.  Penny asks if there was anyone home to which Dodge replies that he thought there was, but he just left a letter for Olivia.  Penny asks why and Dodge is about to explain and probably explain his feelings for Penny, when suddenly Penny screams as they almost hit several people in the road.  The two get out of the car and look to see what’s going on.  It turns out that couples are going to the beach to a priest to get married before they die.  Dodge and Penny watch these events and Dodge begins to hold Penny’s hand.  Penny smiles and the two kiss.  The two have fun on the beach with all of the other couples. 

Dodge and Penny leave smiling.  Dodge drives them to a house and Penny asks where they are.  Dodge leads her up to the door and knocks.  Dodge then says hi to an older man named Frank.  It turns out Frank is Dodge’s father.  Penny is very excited to meet Frank.  When Penny goes upstairs, Frank and Dodge talk.  Frank asks if Penny is Dodge’s girlfriend to which Dodge replies that he doesn’t know.  Frank begins to apologize for abandoning him and apologizes for screwing up.  Dodge tells his dad that it’s not too late for his father to be there for him.  That night they all have fun over dinner and play the harmonica together.  When Penny falls asleep, Dodge carries her out to a plane.  It turns out that Frank is the guy who owns the plane and Frank is going to take her home.  Dodge places Penny in the plane and before she and Frank leave, he tells her that she is the love of his life.  Penny remains asleep as the plane takes off. 

Dodge returns back to his apartment and finds…Elsa, still cleaning his house.  Dodge tells Elsa that she really shouldn’t come back, but Elsa still convinces him that she’s going to come back next week.  Dodge agrees because the world is going to end in 7 days anyways.  Later Dodge is watching TV when he sees that the asteroid is going to hit sooner than expected and there’s only 16 hours left until the world ends, rather than 7 days.  Dodge goes down with Sorry to Penny’s apartment and listens to some of her records.  The power goes out a little later though.  As Dodge is lighting some candles Sorry begins to bark.  Dodge looks up and sees none other than Penny.  Penny asks Dodge how he could let her go.  Dodge replies he doesn’t know.  The two embrace and Penny tells him that she told Frank to turn around when she woke up.  The next thing we see is the two laying down together in bed, just looking at each other.  Dodge is stroking Penny’s hair and the two tell each other how much they love each other.  A loud bang is heard in the distance and Penny begins to cry and admits she’s afraid.  She says she wishes they had met earlier.  Dodge states that this was the way it was supposed to be and that she is his favorite person.  Penny smiles at this and the apartment suddenly becomes whiter.

The screen fades to white with Penny still smiling. 


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