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Child's Play
The Chucky Collection


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by BigBen5.

The movie begins from Glen's point of view as a little girl named Claudia unwraps her birthday gift only to find a hideous looking doll in it that she doesn't like. Her parent's agree, and decide to throw it down in the cellar for the night. Late at night, Glen comes out of the cellar, grabs the knife out of the birthday cake and slowly sneaks up the stairs. Claudia's father sees him standing next to the bathroom and thinks she has left her toys out again. Claudia claims innocence but as her father continues to lecture Glen stabs him, making him fall over the railing to his death. He then goes inside the bathroom where her mother is. She is stabbed by Glen, causing her fall out of the bathtub and split her head open on the floor. Next, he goes into Claudia's room and pulls back the covers on the bed only to see a doll sleeping there. He stabs it in anger, as Claudia comes out accusing him of killing her parents. She then tells him, he's pissing his pants to where he wakes up with his feet soaked in urine to find out it was all a dream. He is locked in a cage in a circus somewhere in England and his mean owner then takes him out to perform his ventriloquist act, with Glen being called Shiftace. In a voiceover, Glen tells the audience that he doesn't know who he is or why he had these nightmares but that he really wants to know where his parents are.

The scene shifts to a graveyard, where a man dressed as Santa is talking on a cell phone to his girlfriend. His girlfriend breaks up with him causing him to go into a fit of rage. To make matters worse all the items in his bag have fallen out due to a mysterious large hole that has been cut in it. He then notices Chucky sitting against a grave stone. As he gets down to get a better look, Tiffany sneaks up from behind to wrap a slinky around him and Chucky takes out a knife slashing his throat, killing him. Chucky then continues to mercilessly stab the dead Santa and a voice overhead tells them that Chucky is broken again. It turns out that they are only on a movie set, where a movie is being made about the Chucky and Tiffany murders, called Chucky Goes Psycho. There we see Jennifer Tilly (played by herself) hiding behind a movie fixture pigging out on snacks. She then meets up with her assistant Joan (Hannah Spearrit) and complains how her career is in shambles and wants out of this stupid horror flick into something better. Joan then tells her that filmmaker Redman is looking someone to play the Virgin Mary in his upcoming film. Jennifer thinks this is a great idea and tells her to set up an appointment with him. Meanwhile, the scene shifts back to the circus where Glen is watching the live newscast on TV. While his owner is distracted he decides to bail, hopping onto a garbage truck while his owner makes an unsuccessful attempt to chase after him.

Back in LA, Jennifer meets up with Redman to do some script reading for the part of Mary. Redman, meanwhile is constantly starring down her shirt not paying attention to anything she says. He finally tells her that she's no good, but Jennifer tells him that maybe he'll change his mind after a little sex. They then agree to meet at Jennifer's place later that night. At the studio Glen breaks out of a delivery box and finds himself in the special effects room. He finds Chucky and Tiffany lying in the corner of the room and uses the amulet to wake them up, causing every bulb in the room to burst. Chucky wonders who the hell Glen is, making fun of his appearance, saying he feels sorry for his parents. When Glen tells them they are his parents, Chucky faints. A technician then enters the room to try and fix the broken dolls. He grabs Tiffany and unscrews the back plate, only to be shocked to find living tissue instead of wires. Chucky then throws a metal wire around his head and Tiffany grabs the other end. They both pull, causing the man's head to pop off. Glen is frightened at the sight and wets his pants. They then both wonder if Glen is a boy or girl, they pull down his pants to reveal that he is neither. Suddenly Jennifer Tilly sneaks into the room, where she retrieves a candy bar she hid in Chucky's pocket earlier. As she eats it, she begins to play around with the dead man's head thinking it to be fake, but screams when she finds it to be real.

Jennifer then dodges the news reporters as she leaves the studio and gets onboard her limousine, the dolls follow her taking a seat in the back. It is then revealed that Tiffany adores Jennifer and decides to possess her, while Chucky decides to possess Redman. As for Glen, Tiffany decides that they will use Jennifer as their surrogate mother so that Glen will have a gender. Jennifer then calls her assistant Joan and tells her bring a bottle of champagne to her house as tonight they will be having company. Her driver meanwhile tries to tell her he loves her but all his hopes are dashed after the phone call is made.

At the house, the three hide up in the attic. Glen asks them why they kill, to which Tiffany admits they have a problem and need to set a good example for their new son/ daughter. Chucky disagrees wanting Glen/ Glenda to be a killer just like him but promises to change after constant nagging from his wife, of course he does so with his fingers crossed. Downstairs Jennifer and Joan get into an argument about using sex to advance her career. Joan tells her she is going to hell, so Jennifer fires her. Upstairs Tiffany needs Chucky to empty his sperm into a container so they can use it to inseminate Jennifer. Chucky browses through a bunch of porn magazines until he finds the right one, then gets to work. Redman soon arrives and the two begin to chit chat on the sofa, while Tiffany secretly empties a bottle of pills into the champagne bottle. When the two start making out without taking a drink, Tiffany decides to knock Redman out with a trophy. Jennifer is frightened at the sight of the living Tiffany doll and runs only to slip on the kitchen floor. Tiffany offers Jennifer to opportunity to go quietly, but when she doesn't throws the trophy at her head, knocking her out cold. A nosy paparazzi reporter (John Waters) meanwhile, is taking pictures of all of this, including a picture of Chucky masturbating. After Jennifer and Redman are tied up, Chucky then notices the reporter leave. He wakes Glen up and gets him to go on a boys night out, while Tiffany is busy doing the insemination.

They follow the car in a truck, killing Britney Spears along the way. At the photo lab, the reporter is developing his film when he hears a laugh behind him. He turns to see Chucky but thinks its just a doll. He then analyzes the dark picture he took earlier of Chucky masturbating and makes the connection. Chucky is hanging upside down from above with knife in his mouth about to pounce him, when Glen pops out to warn him. The reporter is freaked, loses his balance and crashes into a shelf full of sulphuric acid, killing him. Chucky is proud of him and takes a picture.

Jennifer and Redman, wake up the next morning remembering nothing from last nights events. She later invites him over for dinner that night, explaining to him that she is pregnant. He tells her it couldn't have been him as he already had a vasectomy. Seeing as how she is pregnant he also tells her she can no longer be accepted for the role of Mary. Tiffany feels that Redman is being a bastard, so she slashes his abdomen open while he is eating causing his intestines to fall out. Meanwhile, Jennifer gets a phone call and decides to leave. Glen them enters the room shocked at his mother's killing, to which she then becomes ashamed of.

The next morning, Jennifer wakes up to see that her stomach has grown enormously. Tiffany explains to Chucky that she used a voodoo curse to accelerate the rate of the pregnancy. In tears, Jennifer calls Joan for help, apologizing to her for not taking her advice. Tiffany then gets on the other line and begins mocking Jennifer. In a scene of hilarity, Chucky then junks Jennifer causing her to scream wildly, while Tiffany pretends to be Jennifer trying to ensure Joan that nothing is wrong. Chucky then successfully ties her to the bed post as Tiffany and Glen enter the room. She finds the picture of Glen killing the reporter, while Chucky finds Redman's dead body. The two then accuse each other of being bad parents. Needing a body for Chucky, Tiffany calls Jennifer' driver lures him up into the house where he gets captured. As they get ready to transfer their bodies, Joan arrives to check up on Jennifer. She enters the front door, forgetting to disengage the security system. She then enters the bedroom to see Jennifer tied up, unaware that Chucky is right behind her. Suddenly, we see Tiffany spraying a bottle of hair spray next to a candle, causing Joan to catch on fire. She falls over the railing to her death.

Chucky then walks over to congratulate Tiffany, only to find its Glen dressed in his mother's clothing. He calls himself Glenda and is proud to be a killer. Tiffany enters the room and slaps some sense into him, causing him to wonder what happened. Jennifer then gives birth to a boy and a girl and Glen is forced to make a choice. The cops then arrive and Glen and Tiffany are rushing Chucky to do the spell to transfer their bodies. The argument drives Chucky crazy and he says that he'd rather stay a doll due to his legacy as a killer. Tiffany thinks Chucky's gone mad, and decides that she would rather be human and leave him. Enraged Chucky hurls a knife towards Jennifer but her driver then breaks free and takes the blow for her, killing him. Tiffany then hurls the knife back at Chucky, striking him in the chest. She then grabs the amulet just as the policeman enter the room, to find they have disappeared.

At the hospital, Tiffany and Glen are hiding beneath Jennifer's bed. She injects a chemical into the drip tube causing Jennifer to pass out. Just then, an axe begins to cut through the door. It's Chucky, determined to kill all of them. Tiffany begins the soul transfer process but just as she is about to finish, Chucky's axe strikes her in the head killing her. Glen is mad, and avenges her mother by beating Chucky senseless with an array of Kung-fu moves. Suddenly Jennifer passes Glen the axe and he decapitates Chucky limb from limb. Glen then begins to cry from what he's done but Jennifer comforts him.

Five years later the twins are having a birthday party. Jennifer's new assistant tells her she wants to quit because Glenda is freaking her out. It turns out Glen transferred his soul into both babies. His gentle side into the boy and his evil side into the girl. Jennifer says she will miss her, and then beats her to death with the Tiffany doll she kept from the hospital. It turns out the soul transfer worked. In another voice over, Glen explains how he is now a happy child now that he has a loving family. He is then given a birthday present from an unknown person. He opens the package and Chucky's arm bursts out and grabs his throat. The scene goes black and is filled with Chucky's laughter.


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