Norm MacDonald stars as Willard Fillmore, working for Miss Crock, the employer from hell. She is a millionaire owner of a bakery company (think Betty Crocker). Norm’s father once worked as Miss Crock’s chauffeur and handyman and after he died, Norm took over the job.

He does everything from yard work, giving her dog a bath, shoveling snow and the laundry. She doesn’t appreciate anything he does and thinks he’s just lazy. On Christmas eve, she gives her top assistant, Sherman Hemsley, a gift of $50,000. She then gives Norm a gift of one of her pies and cufflinks. Norm is outraged and lets her know it. Miss Crock can’t believe her eyes and makes Norm spend the night in the doghouse. Later that night he peeks into the house and overhears Miss Crock and Sherman Hemsley discussing that they should fire Norm in the morning. Norm’s friend Rusty (Dave Chappelle) comes by and when Norm tells him that he’s about to be fired , they come up with a plan to kidnap her dog.

That night they take the dog but before they get out of the house, the dog puts up quite a fight and bites Norm’s hand, splattering blood everywhere throughout the house and knocking things over. As they’re driving away, the dog escapes and runs back to the house.

In the morning, Miss Crock finds her downstairs destroyed and Norm’s blood everywhere. She figures that he’s been kidnapped but she doesn’t care since he was going to be fired anyway.

Norm and Rusty decide to go with it and pretend that Norm has been kidnapped. They send a video email to the news and all of a sudden, the public is outraged and demand that Miss Crock pay the $5 million ransom. She still won’t pay.

People start demonstrating outside her factory and her stock starts to crumble. The people from Denmark that are interested in buying the company suddenly don’t want it because MISS CROCK is turning into a bad image. She decides to pay the ransom.

Norm and Rusty decide that when the ransom is paid, they should take the money and go to Bali. They figure that if they find a corpse that looks like Norm then everyone will think he’s dead and it will be over.

They go to Danny DeVito who works at the city morgue and offer him 100,000 to find a corpse, dress him as Norm and plant him somewhere so the police will find him.

They fax Miss Crock and tell her to leave the ransom at Three Rivers Stadium. She and Sherman Hemsly put the money together and on her way there, Norm calls her on her car phone and tells her to instead drop it off at a local park. Norm, in disguise, takes the money and runs off. On his way back to his car, he is mugged, beaten and stabbed by a couple kids and they take the money. Norm is found by the police. They think that since the ransom was paid, the kidnappers just left Norm in the park.

Miss Crock tells Norm that he’ll have to work off the 5 million, even if it takes the rest of his life.

Suddenly, Norm realizes that they have to stop Danny DeVito before he drops off the corpse somewhere. Too late. The police discover the body and figure that it must be the kidnapper since he’s wearing Norms clothes.

One of the muggers shows up at Norm’s door with his mother. She makes her son apologize and give Norm back his suitcase. Norm breaks it open only to find cabbage and rocks.

DeVito shows up for his 100,000 but since Crock won’t pay, he kidnaps her.

Sherman's “friend” Roger is caught spending a marked $100 bill and tells the police that Sherman gave it to him. It turns out that Sherman switched the suitcases since he too felt unappreciated thinking he actually ran the company. He is arrested while “hot tubbing” with the buyers from Denmark.

Norm and Rusty rescue Miss Crock. She is grateful and let's Norm retire with a pension.

The film ends with Norm, Rusty and Norm’s girlfriend living in Venice Beach, CA and Miss Crock living with DeVito.