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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by valentinedeer214.

The movie opens up at a bar where a guy named Dewey Finn (Jack Black) and his rock band are playing. They are pretty good and so is Dewey, except he is too overzealous and doing clichÈd rock moves, like freaking out while playing, ripping off his shirt and jumping into the crowd for them to carry him around the room, except they don't and he crashes to the ground and embarrasses the band.

The next day, Dewey is woken up by his roommates, a substitute teacher named Ned Schneebly (Mike White, who used to be a hard core rock fan like Dewey) and Ned's bitchy controlling girlfriend Patty (Sarah Silverman). Apparently Dewey hasn't paid his rent in 2 months and Patty (who reeeeeeally hates him) says if he doesn't pay soon they will kick him out, and Ned agrees with her because he's afraid of her and is scared if he stands up for Dewey she'll leave him.

Dewey then goes to practice with his band, only to find out they are kicking him out and replacing him because Battle of the Bands is coming soon and they want a "serious" guitar player.

Dewey tries to sell some of his music equipment to get some money by calling people when the phone rings. It's Principal Rosalie Mullins (Joan Cusack) the principal of a snobby prep school calling for Ned to substitute because a teacher broke her leg. When Dewey hears how much money she's offering ($650 a week) he says he's Ned and takes the job.

Dewey goes to the class and meets the students.

Since he doesn't give a flip about teaching, he just lets the kids have recess the whole day, much to the kids dismay. Then, one day, he hears music and finds his students in music class. They are all really good and he gets an idea. He'll form his own rock band with the kids and win the Battle of the Bands concert.

To see how good they are, he picks some kids to play some rock instruments and they are all really good. When Summer, the class genius, asks why they are doing this, Dewey says its a school contest and all other schools will be competing as well. Soon, he assigns all the kids their places in the band. Zach (a shy kid) is lead guitarist, Kevin (the wise guy) is the drummer, Lawrence (The Muslim loser) is keyboard player, a girl named Katie plays bass, Summer, Eleni and Michelle are groupies, a feministic boy named Billy is band stylist, and the other kids are given jobs such as security, tech work, special effects crew and movers, and Dewey will be lead vocalist.

The next day, Dewey is confronted by Summer. She says she learned that groupies are sluts that sleep with the band and threatens to tell her parents (the band is supposed to be secret). In order to keep her quiet he promotes her to band manager, which she happily accepts.

Dewey learns that NONE of the class knows anything about rock and roll, so he teaches them rock history and bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Who, ACDC, etc. and their homework includes of listening to rock CDs and watching tapes of live concerts.

A girl named Tomika (a chubby black girl) says that she doesn't want to be a mover but a singer. She sings for him and she is incredible, so Dewey makes her a back up singer.

Dewey also tries to keep the band a secret from Principal Mullins, who is very strict and whom kids are afraid of. He asks her if, in the future, he can take the class on a little field trip (Battle of the Bands) but she refuses. One of the teachers tells Dewey that everyone hates her and is a real bitch, but one time at a party Mullins got drunk and did a great impression of Stevie Nicks. Dewey gets an idea that we will see later.

Meanwhile, Dewey and the kids sneak out of school to try out for Battle of the Bands, while the security and tech kids trick Mullins in to believing that Dewey is teaching them history with a recording.

At the audition, Dewey faces a lot of delays. Tomika is afraid that she'll get laughed at because she is fat, but Dewey says that even though he's a little chunky doesn't mean that he doesn't kick ass, and that cheers Tomika up. Also Kevin leaves the group and Dewey finds him playing poker with another band outside. When they finally do go to audition, the guy in charge says they're already full. Dewey is crushed, but Summer says she has a plan.

Dewey goes to the boss and says that the kids are really let down because they are sick with a rare disease (stickittotheman neosis) and their dying wish was to play for Battle of the Bands. The boss feels guilty and gives them a spot in the contest.

Dewey then tries to get Mullins to let them go on the field trip, but she still says no. So he invites her to go on a "date" where he buys her beer and puts on a Stevie Nicks song. Mullins, a little drunk and caught up in the music, finally agrees to the field trip idea.

As Dewey gets dressed to go to Parent/Teacher night, Ned finds out that a check has been sent to him from the school were Dewey teaches. Dewey tells Ned the whole story and begs Ned not to tell Patty, but he does and she calls the police.

At school, the kids' parents are angry with Dewey for giving their children homework like CDs and such, and the police come into the room. Dewey tells everyone the truth about him and runs away.

The kids are mad at first that Dewey lied to them, but they realize that Dewey brought out the best in them and gave them the time of their lives. So they skip school and find Dewey and convince him that they need him to go do Battle of the Bands. Ned and Patty see Dewey leaving with the kids, and Ned starts to go with them. Patty tells Ned that he is a loser who never sticks up for himself, but Ned just slams the door in her face, tired of her controlling him.

The parents find out that their kids are missing and they and Mullins go to Battle of the Bands to stop them. When they get there, they are already performing as the band The School of Rock, and they kick ass. The crowd goes wild and so do the parents. But in the end the winner of the contest is Dewey's old band that dumped him. The crowd gets angry and starts chanting "School of Rock! School of Rock!" and Dewey and the kids come back onstage for an encore.

The movie ends with Summer talking on a cell phone (to people who want The School of Rock to play for them) and enters Dewey and Ned's apartment, which has a sign that says "School of Rock. An After School Program for Kids." or something like that, where kids learn to play rock and roll music.

As the credits roll, Dewey and the kids jam.

NOTE: Curt from chimes in to say... the Director of this film, Mr. Linklater, "teases" us with a "Touch of Evil" style tracking shot during the film's opening, and viewers who feel cheated that it is cut short should absolutely, positively, stay through through the entire end credits. At the end, he gives us a shot (with seven adolescent actors, even) that makes Mr. Wells (and even Mr. Hitchcock, a la 'Rope') look like amateurs. So there!!!!!


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