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The film opens at a fancy dinner party where a few couples and a priest (Andy Richter) are standing around a piano, singing dirty rap songs. The homeowner's daughter appears and begins to pee on the carpet. Not just dribble but buckets of pee. We next see her in her bedroom, possessed by the devil as James Woods is called in to exorcise her. He however is kind of attracted to the way she lashes her tongue at him so he proceeds to have sex with her.

Next thing you know, everyone is pucking on each other and it goes back and forth as to whose turn it is to vomit. The priest finally has enough and shoots the girl in the head.

This pretty much sets the stage for the kind of humor for the next hour.

It's now a year later and a group of kids from the earlier movie are asked by their professor (Tim Curry), to participate in a sleep depravation experiment.

The site is at the exorcism house from a year earlier. He actually wants to do experiments on paranormal activity at the house but doesn't tell them that.

Cindy (Anna Faris), Ray (Shawn Wayans), Shorty (Marlon Wayans), and Brenda (Regina Hall) along with a few others, arrive at the house for the weekend experiment. (Who cares if Ray, Shorty and Brenda all died in the first one)

The caretaker is Chris Elliot who has a horribly disfigured hand and uses it for everything from brushing hair out of peoples face to stirring a bowl of mashed potatoes.

The crude gags start coming every couple minutes from this point on and the story just sort of works it way in between spots.

The ghost of the rich former owner haunts the house. He's after Cindy because she looks a lot like his former wife. (Although it is pointed out a few times that Cindy's breasts aren't as nice as the wife's.)

Among the funny gags are Tori Spelling getting raped by the ghost, (she enjoys it so much she imagines what it would be like to be married to him which scares him away.)..

Ray getting even with the stuffed clown that was terrorizing him by well, er, um... doing something with him under his bed...

Brenda re-arranging a skeleton that was after her by putting its arms, legs and head in different places...

The girls doing a "Charlies Angels" type of kung fu on the head ghost...

Chris Elliot and Curry's wheelchair bound assistant, exchanging cripple, and gimpy hand put-downs...

There's also a now obligatory scene of Cindy getting flown across the room by semen.

Finally, Tori is killed off (to the parrot's response. "You're the weakest link, goodbye") The ghost of the rich man's mistress kills Curry and finally, the rich ghost is tricked into getting on some sort of energy producing disc and he is destroyed.

A year later Cindi and another guy she met at the house (the guy with all the semen) are at a street-side hot dog stand. When the vendor turns out to be Chris Elliot, she looks up, screams and Elliot and the vending stand get run over by a car.


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Tori Spelling,
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Anna Faris,
Marlon Wayans,
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