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Not much of a story here so I'll just run down the killings for you.

First of all, Doofy, the retarded policeman is the killer...

High schooler, Carmen Electra gets stabbbed in the opening then gets hit by her dad's car. "The killer" then slashes Carmen's throat.

Shannon Elizabeth's boyfriend's throat is slit while she is performing at a beauty contest.

Anna Faris' Grandmother is run down by a piano while Anna is running from the killer.

Shannon Elizabeth confronts the killer in a locker room and thinks it's a big joke, even when her head is chopped off.

A teacher from the school jumps off the roof while Anna is out front of the school shouting "What are you waiting for" just like the scene from I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER.

The annoying Heather is stabbed in her car in the woods while being interviewed by Cheri Oteri.

Shawn Wayans (Ray) is stabbed in the ear by an erect penis (doesn't die).

Regina Hall talks too much in a theater and is stabbed by the entire audience.

An overweight girl tries to escape from the killer through a pet door on a garage door and it is raised but her weight causes it to fall, killing her

A group of pot smokers get the masked killer high and he starts rapping and dancing and accidentally slashes them all.

Marlon Wayans (Shorty) is shot by Anna's boyfriend Bobby.

Bobby is actually gay and wants to break up with Anna. He and his boyfriend Ray decide to kill her and make it look like "the killer" did it. To avoid looking like the killer, Ray gives Bobby a couple cuts but goes overboard and kills him.

The masked killer then kills Ray with a hook

Anna Faris realizes that the retarded policeman's helper Doofy, is the killer. As she runs outside to find him, we see Doofy, (just like Kevin Spacey in Usual Suspects) get out of the Doofy character and hop in a car with Cheri Oteri.

Anna finds Doofy's backpack and pulls out a scream mask.

As she is screaming in the middle of the street because she has just confirmed that Doofy is the killer, she gets hit by a car

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Carmen Electra
She gets her throat slashed before the opening credits
Regina Hall, Shannon Elizabeth and Anna Faris
Dead, Dead and Dead
Anna Faris:
Discovers that Doofy is the killer but gets run over by a car