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NOTE: This spoiler sent in by Hope. who says..."This movie is hilarious. I took my kids and they loved it. It is definitely a good sequel."

The movie starts off with Ms. Claus sitting in a classroom teaching children. The kids tell her that they don't want to learn what she is teaching them today. They want to learn something else. She asks them what, and they ask her how she came to the North Pole and did she ever want to leave. She states that she did want to leave but them something miraculous happened.

The next scene is of Santa Clause and a bunch of elves wheeling Mrs. Claus through the North Pole. She is very pregnant and about to deliver a baby. They keep having near misses bumping into to people and things, but they finally make it to the elf hospital. It is called the elfirmirary (Everything in the north pole is named after the elfs or some sort of derivative of the word) When they get there, you see that the hospital is a bit smaller than expected. (It is only meant for elves). Ms. Claus then informs everyone that it is a false alarm. Back at the Claus household, Mr and Mrs. Claus are discussing the baby, and both are very happy, but Mrs. Claus makes it very clear that she does not want to have to go through this period alone. Mrs. Clause wishes her parents could be with her but Curtis reminds him that no one on the outside can visit the North Pole. Curtis interrupts them and tells Santa that the Mystical council has called an emergency meeting. Santa says that he cannot attend the meeting now, because his wife is going to give birth any day now. Curtis tells him it is okay, they have all convened downstairs, and waiting for him.

Santa goes to the kitchen, and the tables are set up with name plates for everyone. Mother nature, Father Time, Cupid, The Tooth Fairy, Mr Sandman, Santa, and of course Jack Frost. Mother Nature begins to describe what the meeting is about. Apparently Jack Frost has been putting signs up all over the world wishing everyone a Merry Frostmas. Jack walks in and is very arrogant. He tells everyone that everyone has there own holiday except for him. (What holiday does Sandman have?) And he just wants to be equal. They take a vote and no one agrees with Jack. They want to suspend. Santa begins to talk to the others about his problems at home. His wife is unhappy and he doesn't like to see her like this when she is about to give birth. Jack tells him there is always the "Escape Claus" and Santa immediately refuses, saying it is only a few days before Christmas and he wants to make sure that everyone is happy. Jack then suggests the elaborate plan to have work under Santa instead of suspending him. Santa at first refuses but Jack convinces him of it. Santa finally agrees and tells Jack that he has to do everything he tells him and that he will also have to listen to Curtis and all of the elves.

Back at the Claus household (I think) Santa is trying to figure out a way to make Mrs. Claus happy again. They talk about how her parents think that he is a toymaker and they live in Canada. And they talk about Mrs. Claus's parents would never be able to really keep a secret. Santa comes up with the idea that if they think he is a toymaker than that is what he will be. He decides to transform the North Pole into Canada, and he is going to bring her parents to her. He tells Jack again to do whatever the Curtis and the elves tell him, and he sets off to go get Mrs. Claus parents.

The next few scenes is of the elves transforming the North Pole into Canada. There is a scene where Jack is seen hard at work trying to hang up a sign and when he is done he makes a big proclamation about how well he did. The sign then falls down. He then sits down to have a cup of hot cocoa, and Curtis pulls up in a snowmobile. He tells Jack to get to work. Jack begins to ask Curtis about the escape Claus. Curtis tells him it is a way for Santa to unbecome Santa if the pressure is too much. He will basically go back to his old life but it will still be the present time. Jack then tricks Curtis into telling him how to use the escape clause. Basically there is a big room with a bunch of snow globes in it. From the current and all the previous Santas. Santa has to take his snow globe and say something like "I wish I wasn't Santa Claus anymore" and poof he goes back to his old life. Curtis leaves without realizing that he has helped Jack out.

Next we see Santa at his son's house, with his ex wife Laura, her husband Neil, their daughter Lucy and Charlie. Lucy runs to him and he tells her she has the best hug ever, and how it could warm anyone's heart (important later). Lucy shows Santa a new snowglobe and the camera basically pans over her snow globe collection. Lucy begs Santa to take her to the North Pole. Santa says know, then her parents chime in and say that if he doesn't take her then Lucy will be scarred for life, because she will always think that Charlie is better than her. And that Lucy will never be able to go without her parents. (It was a lot funnier than that) So Santa decides he will take them to the North Pole. Apparently Charlie has too much going on at home because he didn't go.

Santa then shows up a Mrs. Claus's parent's house. Her father, Bud, id sanding something in the garage. You can tell he does not like Santa/Scott (He calls him Scott throughout the movie). He nags him about keeping his daughter away from him and points out that whatever he is sanding is smooth like a baby's butt, hint hint. His wife, Sylvia comes out and welcomes Scott with open arms. Oh, by the way the Sandman is with Santa. Obviously to put them to sleep so they don't see where they are going. They go inside and Scott asks them if they are ready. Bud says all he needs is a change of underwear. Sandman starts to fall asleep so Scott makes him put them to sleep right away, and all three of them pass out.

They are in the sleigh going to the North Pole, and Bud and Sylvia are asleep in the front while Lucy, Laura and Neil feel like they are on a rollercoaster in the back. They land and the elves pick up the parents and put them on a bench. Lucy, Laura and Neil all run around like they are in Disney world. The parents wake up and wonder how they got there. They both begin reciting very different memories of the plane ride there. Bud was in coach, while Sylvia was in first class sitting next to Neil Diamond. Mrs. Claus comes running out and is very happy to see them. Her father makes some comments about her not coming to see her, and they all start walking away. Back in the workshop Lucy, Laura and Neil are having the time of their lives. Neil is showing the elves how to do yoga. Santa asks Lucy if he wants to see his special snow globe collection. Of course she says yes. So the go through this door and he has to do these crazy thing to open a secret door. The door opens and in the room is a bunch of globes floating around and in the middle is Santa's snow globe. Lucy is in awe.

This is where the trouble begins. Jack begins to do things to mess up Santa's workshop. First he tells the elves that Santa is giving them a break and they can go get hot cocoa. He then breaks the machine that prints out all of the nice kids from around the world. The paper starts shooting out like crazy causing chaos. He then tells other workers the same thing and when they leave he freezes the gears in the toymaking machine, causing stuff to go haywire. Santa is back at home with his wife and in-laws and Curtis keeps calling him, telling him about the crazy things going on in the factory. Mrs. Claus is getting upset because he wants her to spend time with her and her family. They all go downstairs to the kitchen where he offers them cocoa. Jack is there too. They get cocoa and Jack turns on the ovens so the bread burns and he freezes the cocoa machine. He sits down with Sylvia and he has her sing "The Christmas song" He has her keep repeating "Jack Frost niping at your nose". This was also a pretty funny part. So the bread burns and the cocoa machine goes haywire and Bud saves the day with the fire extinguisher.

Then they take a walk to the elfirmary where Bud is pretty upset at how small the place is. There are carpenters working on the expansion, and he keeps insisting that he will be in charge. It was really funny when they meet the doctor, and he looks like a kid. The daughter tries to convince him everything is fine, but then the lights go out and he insists that he is helping. There is part and I think it was here where Lucy and her parents are going to the globe room and Jack follows. When they get inside the outside room, Jack freezes the parents and puts them in a closet. He tells Lucy that he will freeze her too or she can just be a good girl and go in the closet by herself. It is presumed at this point that Jack is getting Santa's globe.

We go back to the Claus's house where Santa is getting phone calls about everything that is going on downstairs. Mrs. Claus is upset because she wants him to put the topper on the tree. They have a toast and while everyone is turned away, Jack takes a leg of the tree stand. Santa gets on a ladder and puts the top on the tree and the tree falls smashing the topper. Mrs. Claus is very upset and her parents tell him that maybe he is too busy for their daughter and they should take her home. Santa begins to argue with them and Jack insists on taking Santa for a walk. By the way, Santa still has no idea that Jack is really the cause of all this. Jack and Santa take a walk and Jack gets him talking. He has a wrapped gift and he insists on giving it to Santa. At first Santa says no but then he takes it. Jack then asks Santa if he ever wishes he wasn't Santa. And Santa says there are sometime he feels that way. Jack then asks him how, and as Santa is opening the present (the snow globe) Santa say "I wish I wasn't Santa anymore".

Him and Jack fall back through time to the first movie where Santa fell from the house. A fight ensues between Santa and Jack and Jack ends up putting on the Santa coat. Jack is now Santa Clause.... Back to the present time. Scott is in the bathroom and not Santa anymore. He walks out of the bathroom, into what is now his office. His assistant is telling him everything that needs to be done, and Scott interrupts him and asks him what today is. His assistant says it is Xmas eve. Scott tells his assistant he should go home and wants to know where his family is. His asst. says that he doesn't know after all, he never sees them anyway. Scott leaves and drives his porsche to Laura's house. He knocks on the door and Laura answers in a waitress outfit. He asks her where Charlie is. Charlie comes to the door and asks him what he wants. It is obvious he can't stand his father. Charlie then leaves, ignoring his mother's pleas to stay with her on Xmas eve. Scott then asks where Carol (Mrs. Claus) is. Laura tells him the principal got sick of torturing kids and went to another school district. He asks where Neil is, and she tells him they got a divorce and Neil has Laura for a few day. Come to find out they are at the North Pole, where they go everywhere for Xmas. She hands him a flyer, obviously she is very confused. He on the other hand has remembered everything.

He is on a plane to the North Pole, and when he arrives, it is a mess. The North Pole has been turned into a merchandising place. You pay for gifts, and to see Santa. I won't go into details, just think about going to an amusement park at the North Pole. All of the elves look very unhappy. He goes into the workshop and parents and kids are going crazy. He sees Lucy and Neil and they both act very awkward toward shim. He asks Neil why him and Laura broke up and Neil says it is because he couldn't be a father to Charlie, it was Scott's job, and Charlie is out of control. There is sayings overheard like "If you parents love you, they will get you whatever you want". Scott sees Santa and confronts him. Curtis gives him a complimentary recordable pen. Scott and Jack argue and at one point Jack says "I will never say I wish I wasn't Santa anymore" It is obvious that Scott recorded it. Santa ha security take Scott to a bench and watch him. Meanwhile Santa performs. He sees Lucy sitting down and ducks away to talk to Lucy. He tells Lucy about the snow globe collection and where she can find it. He convinces her because he knew she loved snow globes. He tells her he need Santa's snow globe and he promises her life will be so much better. He creates a distraction while Lucy goes to the room. Him and Jack argue on stage and they fight. The kids get a kick out of it. Finally Lucy comes back with the snow globe and Scott tells her to throw it. Jack catches it and says he will never say the magic words, and Jack pulls out the pen and it repeats what Jack said earlier. They go back into time again. This time the scene plays out how it did in the first movie, and they go back to the present with Scott being Santa again. Jack runs away.

Mrs. Claus comes and apologizes to him about everything and how she just wants things to be okay. You know lovey dovey stuff. Her parents are still skeptical. Santa says he is tired of keeping secrets and wants to show them something. He takes the in laws into the workshop and tells them everything. He is Santa and everyone else are the elves. The elves bring in Jack and the mysticals show up and decide to strip Jack of all his privileges. Lucy and her parents are in the workshop also... her parents are still frozen. Jack says he is the only one who can unfreeze them and he refuses to do so. Santa says know and tells Lucy she has a job to do. She asks him if he really thinks that it will work. Santa says of course, so Lucy goes to Jack and gives him a big hug. Jack unfreezes and so do her parents. Jack is a good guy now.

Basically Xmas is saved, Mrs. Claus finally has the baby and when she is done telling the story, Santa Claus is in the room with her classroom showing the kids the "Bud Claus"


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