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Lola's boyfriend loses 100,000 marks (hey, it's a German film) when he accidentally leaves it in a shopping bag on the subway. A bum picks it up. If the boyfriend doesn't give it to his drug dealer buddy he's dead.

Lola tries to stop him just as he's robbing a grocery store. She is forced to help him but as they're running away, Lola gets shot in the chest by the police and dies.

Wait, we're only half way through the movie...

The film cuts back to about 15 minutes earlier and this time, everything happens a little differently. This time, Lola stops her boyfriend just before he robs the store. As he walks over to her, he gets run over by an ambulance.

Not over yet...

Cut back about 15 minutes and everything happens again a little different. This time however, Lola, on her way to the grocery store, stops at a casino along the way and wins 100,000 on a couple of quick roulette bets. Her boyfriend finds the bum and gets his money back. He then gives it back to the drug dealer so he's finally off the hook.

Lola meets her boyfriend back at the grocery store, with the extra 1000,000 Lola won, and walk away together to live happily ever after.