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American Pie
Say It Isn't So


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Starts out with Jonathan Cross (Chris Klein) racing down the streets of San Francisco on some kind of rollerboard against another guy. He almost gets hit by a car, twice, and kicks the other guy, knocking him into and through a restaurant window.

When the cops try top catch him, Ridley (LL Cool J) drives by and saves him. They talk and Ridley talks about Rollerball. He tells Jonathan that if he's interested, the plane leaves at 9. Jonathan goes back home and finds cops there, so he decides to leave for Rollerball.

It cuts into the future and we see people in line for Rollerball and all of the team players suiting up. There's the red team, Jonathan's team, and the yellow team, who are important later in the movie. We see announcers from different countries talking and then we see the American announcer. It then cuts to a man talking to someone who we find out seconds later is Jonathan. The crowd is screaming his name.

He goes out and they prepare for the game. Ridley rides the motorcycle along with Aurora, a.k.a. The Black Widow (Rebecca Romijn Stamos).

They race and the scenes cut back and forth to a monitor that shows how many people around the world are watching Rollerball right now. We see Alexi Petrovich (Jean Reno) the creator sitting in his box. The game is played and the red team is winning, but when Jonathan leaves for a time-out, one of the red team players gets his helmet knocked off. Jonathan tries to save him, but the player gets hit in the face with a rollerball. The cameramen keep running the footage as the rating charts keep going up.

Jonathan gets upset and he goes out and starts throwing all the yellow team players around. The red team wins and Ridley and Jonathan leave after the game and get into their cars. They speed to a club where they find out that the red team player whose helmet was knocked off was knocked off on purpose. The helmet strap had been cut. Jonathan talks to Alexi and asks him to find out who did it.

Later that night, Jonathan goes back to the Red Team locker room and finds Aurora, the non talkative red team member. We then find out that Jonathan and Aurora are having a secret relationship. After, she shows him that the red team players accident had been planned. It showed one camera pointing at Jonathan when he went in and it showed four camera shots on the guy who got hit 5 seconds before he got hit. He tells her to take him to where the cameraman lives.

Jonathan and Aurora leave. They pull up behind a row of cars in a large alleyway and Jonathan asks Aurora what all the fuss is about ahead. Aurora pulls ahead through the space between the cars on her motorcycle. She speeds back and tells Jonathan to get out of his car. He does and they hide in a small alleyway as a bunch of angry people demolish and burn his car. They then go to the cameraman's apartment. When Jonathan goes in, a man tries to kill him but Jonathan beats him up. The cameraman is gone.

Later the next day, Jonathan goes aboard the red team's airplane and looks at Aurora and another man who is important later in the movie, but is never named. They fly to another country and play Rollerball against another team. They play and they win, but before they win, Aurora is knocked off her motorcycle and one of the guys on the green team they are facing rips the gas cord on the motorcycle. She rides away and then the guy lights a match and ignites the gas. Ridley saves her but then goes over the boundary glass protecting the crowd. We think he gets hurt but he is ok.

He goes to the hospital and Jonathan goes with him. They stay there and Alexi meets them with a bunch of news cameras following him. They talk about a bunch of stuff, money, etc. Then Alexi leaves. The camera then cuts to a car driving toward the hospital. Out comes Aurora and some of the other red team players dressed in Arabian outfits. The have a bag of flowers and they bring it to Ridley's room. The bag is full of supplies and money. They give it to Jonathan and Ridley.

Aurora then leaves the hospital and sees the guy that Jonathan looked at on the airplane walking upstairs. It then cuts to Night Vision where we see Ridley and Jonathan driving away. A bunch of cars are following them. Ridley then does a 180 in the car and him and Jonathan ride out the back on a motorcycle. The car stops the other cars from coming. They ride away and Jonathan looks back. More lights are coming, but they're gaining fast. It turns out to be an airplane holding a truck that Alexi and his men are in. Alexi shoots off a bunch of flares. One hits the motorcycle sending it falling about 30 feet away from the border. Jonathan tells Ridley to go.

Ridley leaves and the bridge rises to let a boat pass. Alexi waits to see if Ridley will make it. He does. Then the guy we saw on the airplane takes out a sniper rifle and shoots him.

They take Jonathan and put him in the airplane. He gets strapped to a net and is met by Alexi's partner. He tells him that if he doesn't screw up on the next match against the yellow team he fought earlier, Aurora will live. When the plane lands, Alexi asks Jonathan what he wants as they stand atop a cliff looking at a bunch of coal miners. Jonathan says he wants part of the company and he wants Aurora to be traded to another team, I don't know why.

The next day, Jonathan prepares for the next game. All of the team look at him in mystery. They want to know where Ridley is, who supposedly has malaria. He doesn't tell them. Then we see Aurora on the yellow team preparing. She peeks around the corner and sees a weapon being held by the same girl who had killed the red team player in the beginning. It's meant to kill Jonathan.

The game starts and the yellow team takes the lead. Aurora goes out and pins Jonathan down, telling him that they're going to kill him. He knows but he keeps playing. The big guy on the team keeps hitting him and beating him up as all of the other team members are being eliminated. One of the Red Team players jumps over the boundary glass and tells everybody that Alexi wants to kill Jonathan for higher ratings. A security guard shoots him. Then his father stands up and tells the security guard that they won't follow orders anymore. The crowd starts cheering for Jonathan. He keeps fighting the big guy until only 3 people are left. Then Jonathan knocks the big guy down when he lands after jumping off a ramp. Jonathan takes the rollerball but instead of putting it in the goal, he throws it at Alexi. After this, everyone goes crazy.

The Yellow and the Red Team start killing all of the officials and the security guards. Jonathan is beating up all of the guys. Alexi goes downstairs to get a gun. Jonathan works his way down and finds Alexi. Jonathan has a metal table in which he uses to block Alexi's bullet and beats Alexi to death with. Alexi's assistant comes downstairs and tells Jonathan that it's against the rules to kill a tyrant without asking his successor first. He raises a gun, but not before Jonathan shoots him. Then we see more killing from the teams. The screen fades, then Jonathan is woken up by Aurora. She takes him out of the stadium and onto the back of a truck.

That Rob Zombie song comes on and then it ends.


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