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NOTE: This spoiler sent in by Brad

The movie starts with Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Sean William Scott) going to various high schools and colleges. Wheeler is dressed up in a minotaur suit and Danny tells all of the students to skip drugs, and instead have some of the energy drink Minotaur. Danny actually thinks Minotaur is made of acid, because it is the most disgusting thing he has ever tasted. Later, at one of the schools, a kid scrutinizes Wheeler for wearing the minotaur suit and asks him if he got it at the gay shop. Danny says, “No I got it out of your mom’s closet,” and Wheeler follows up by saying, “She let me keep it after I @#$@$# her.” 

They both go back to the Minotaur headquarters and there’s a party. The women distract Wheeler, and Danny is being a loser because he isn’t having any fun. He refuses to sing karaoke when people ask him to. 

The next day, we move on to Danny at a coffee shop with his girlfriend Beth (Elizabeth Banks). They’re waiting in line and Danny gets snotty with the guy in front of him about what a Venti sized coffee is. There is lots of yelling and Beth is tired of it. She is sick of his constant attitude so she decides to break up with him. The next day, Danny barges into Beth’s office—she is a lawyer—and proposes to her and tells he that they should get married. She tells Danny that she meant what she said at the coffee shop and she doesn’t want to see him anymore unless he needs a lawyer. Meanwhile, behind Beth, a client of her who’s a thief tries to leave her office without getting notice. It doesn’t work and then she asks for Danny to leave. Danny is very upset but still has to continue his work with Danny at another high school.

They arrive at the school as usual, but Danny doesn’t warn the kids about drugs. Instead he asks the students why they do drugs. Silence followed. He then starts saying how drugs feel good and how life doesn’t get better and life sucks. The faculty of the school is appalled, and Danny and Wheeler leave promptly. Once they arrive outside they see that the Minotaur truck is about to be towed. Danny tries to reason with the guy saying that his girlfriend broke up with him, but the tow worker doesn’t sympathize. Ticked off, Danny gets in the car and floors it. The tow truck starts to flip over and the chains break, the Minotaur truck is free. But, Danny was going so fast that he ran into the schools statue in the front courtyard. The bell rings and all the students see the truck on the statue.

We jump to Beth’s office because they need her as a lawyer. She says they’re screwed but she worked her magic on the judge and they have to do 150 hours of community service, but they have no choice what to do. The judge specifically supports a certain organization called Sturdy Wings. We flash to a video. In the video there are lots of happy children and all the sudden this older woman says that she used to do drugs, drink and was a troubled person. But she puts all that away cause she realized that children are her passion. They all start dancing in the video and then we zoom out of the video and see the woman—Gayle (Jane Lynch) dancing. There is a classroom with Danny and Wheeler and a couple of other people. She welcomes all the new “Big’” One of them is Martin (A.D. Martin) who has been there for a few years and some people presume he’s gay. Gayle continues with her welcome, but Wheeler is paying attention to a hot girl next to him. He starts hitting on her, but she shows him her ring, saying she’s engaged. Gayle asks everyone to go to the “little’ room. Before Danny and Wheeler start to leave, Gayle tells them she’s not here to B.S, so if they don’t take this seriously they will go to jail for 30 days.

All of the Big’ go to the little’ room and meet them. Wheeler gets assigned to Ronnie (Bobb’e J. Thompson) who has not had a big stay with him for more than a day. Danny’s little, on the other hand, is on the roof. They go up and they see Augie  (Christopher Mintz-Plesse) who is swinging a fake sword around a pretending to make out with a girl. Gayle leaves them to meet and Danny is confused what Augie is doing. Augie explains that it is a medieval role playing game. Back downstairs, Wheeler and Ronnie are coloring pictures. Ronnie shows Wheeler that he drew Beyonce with large breasts. Wheeler doesn’t even say a word when Ronnie says, “I don’t want to take my pants off.” Wheeler is shocked and gets back together with Danny and they go home.

The next day, Wheeler and Danny pick up Ronnie and Augie. Augie and Danny go to the medieval role-playing park and Danny is surprised how many people are dressed up. Danny is being a snob and decides not to participate or even support Augie. Instead, he sits there and watches Augie do stuff. Augie then goes to his knees, and Danny has no idea what’s going on. The king is coming out of the Burger Hole—a restaurant across the street from the park. Augie keeps on telling Danny to bow, but Danny thinks that he is being ridiculous. The king walks by Danny and makes a sarcastic joke. Augie continues to play and Esplen (Alexandra Stamler) says hello, and Augie blushes. Obviously Danny notices that Augie has a crush on her.

Meanwhile, Wheeler and Ronnie go to the store for some food. Ronnie is left in the car and Wheeler goes inside. He sees Gayle and tells her that everything has been going great even though it hasn’t. Then she does this sick joke when she takes the hot dog in the bun and pushes the meat up and asks, “What does it look like?” From the start we knew Gayle was still a little messed up. Wheeler leaves the station disgusted. He gets to the car and sees Ronnie locked it as a joke. Wheeler tells him to open up but Ronnie notices the keys in the ignition. He starts up the car and starts frantically driving in circles. Wheeler is afraid Gayle will see so he chases Ronnie in the car. Finally he gets in just in time for Gayle to come out of the store. They pick up Augie and Danny and go to their homes. Wheeler meets Ronnie’s mom and she commends him on having so much fun with Ronnie. She signs his hours and they go to drop of Augie. Danny asks Augie’s mom to sign his hours and she starts telling him that they want Augie to stop role-playing because it’s lame and he needs to see normal life. They also ask Danny to dinner. Danny disregards it and they go home.

Both Augie and Danny go to role-playing the next couple of weeks. Ronnie and Wheeler on the other hand, talk about sex and how to check out women.

A camping trip is established with all of the people at Sturdy Wings. They are all around the campfire and Danny starts to talk about sex trafficking, which scares the kids. Wheeler is wandering in the woods, when the engaged woman he hit on a few days ago, reaches down in his pants. She told him that she wanted to have sex and Wheeler says to wait a few minutes. He runs to the campfire and asks Danny for his Ambien because they want to fight off the sleepiness it brings and get a sensation while they have sex. We flash to the woman and Wheeler in a sleeping bag, but the woman is falling asleep so Wheeler gives up on having sex. He leaves the tent and walks naked to go to the bathroom. In the woods he runs into Martin who looks shocked, but oddly Martin looks happy too.

We flash to the morning. Wheeler is butt naked in the middle of the campsite, presumably he passed out. Ronnie opens up the tent and sees the woman naked and sleeping.

Gayle is furious. She tells them that they can’t B.S. a B.S’er and some other complicated things. She then goes on to tell them that she used to have drugs for breakfast and lunch and Danny thinks dinner too. But, she decides to give them a second chance.

Ronnie really starts liking Wheeler and they form a genuine friendship. On a walk, Wheeler is invited to a party, but he doesn’t think it is a good idea because of Ronnie. But, Ronnie wants to go too and be his wingman.

Meanwhile, Augie is role-playing and Danny is there too, but that day was a battle. All of the worlds fought to take the crown. Augie sees that the king is left defenseless and goes after him behind a rock. We don’t see the battle but we hear this whining. All the battlers go to the rock and Augie keeps on telling people that he killed the king. But, nobody believes him, but instead they believe the king. Danny takes Augie’s side and says that the king is lying and they get in a fight. The king rules that Augie be banned from role-playing and he is ticked off.

At the party, Ronnie and Wheeler are playing videogames and there are a lot of people there. Wheeler has to go to the bathroom, and at the line sees this really hot girl. He hits on her and she says that she is a teacher. We go back to Ronnie playing video games, but then he wonders where Wheeler is. He starts wandering around. In a bedroom, the girl tells Wheeler that he has been a bad boy and that he has to be punished. Wheeler knows that she is implying sex, but he doesn’t think he should leave Ronnie. The woman takes her top off and then he says it’s fine. Wheeler exits the room and starts to look for Ronnie. He sees he has messages on his phone and they are from Ronnie’s mom Karen (Nicole Randall Johnson). She asks where they are cause its late and Ronnie should be home. She leaves 3 messages and the last one says that Ronnie walked all the way home and that Wheeler shouldn’t see him again. 

Back at Sturdy Wings, Danny and Wheeler are with Gayle, who says that she won’t be supporting them in court and that they’re going to jail.

At the playroom downstairs Ronnie got Martin as a new buddy. They are painting plates. Martins say he loves food and Ronnie paints a picture of Martin having sex with a guy. Danny and Wheeler are in an elevator and they begin to harass each other—there is a mother and son behind them. They begin to fight and they leave mad.

Danny goes to apologize to Augie, and his parents invite him for dinner without Augie’s consent. During dinner, the parents continue to make fun of Augie, but Danny defends him and says that they are horrible parents. They kick Danny out of the house. Wheeler tries to go apologize to Ronnie, and the mom answers the door. She says that she will hurt Wheeler if anything happens to her son again. Ronnie accepts Wheelers apology and they’re good friends again.

The next day Danny does to the Burger Hole to see the king of role-play. He pleads for him to let Augie back in, the king accepts but Augie must fight. Danny immediately goes to Augie’s and flashes a light in his window. Augie sneaks out and Danny invites him to fight. Eagerly, Augie goes to Danny’s, and they both suit up. Suddenly a call from the king comes in saying that they no longer can come because they have been kicked out of their nation. Danny says they should start a new one, but they need four people. Danny calls up Wheeler and asks if he and Ronnie can help, and they do. They make some new clothes and go to the park. They all dressed up as members of the band KISS, which was referenced earlier in the movie. All of the other nations are surprised, but are happy that they are there. Two of Augie’s role-playing friends decide to join their nation. The battle begins.

Ronnie is the first to be fake killed, then the two friends soon after. Wheeler also is killed. The king has his defenses up, but Danny thinks of a plan. Danny challenges the king and he comes out of his fake castle. The king kills Danny but behind him, Augie has killed all of the guards. It is down to Augie and the king. They have a showdown and the king is killed, and everyone rejoices. But, suddenly Esplen hits Augie. The role-playing battle played through the court holding, but coincidently Gayle, Beth, Ronnie’s mom, and Augie’s parents are there. A celebration is held after in which Augie’s parents actually think that role-playing is cool and they accept him. Ronnie’s mom is so proud and Gayle is proud of Wheeler and Danny for getting so involved. She will be giving them a good reference during the trial. Augie congratulates Esplen for winning and she kisses him. Danny then jumps on the trunk of a truck and starts to sing about Beth. She looks very happy and jumps up too. They both sing and the camera pans out. We presume they will get back together.


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