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NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by JlilRose who says... "I didn't mention all of the scenes with The Criminologist. Most of them are very brief and usually highlight what's going on in the scenes that are described."

The opening credits roll over the Rocky Horror signature pair of red lips singing the song "Science Fiction/Double Feature". It then fades into the next scene which opens in front of a church where a bride and groom are taking pictures with their families. The groom and our main hero, Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick), are discussing the wedding when the bride throws the bouquet which is caught by Brad's girlfriend, Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon). The groom remarks to Brad that he'll probably be the next to get married now, to which Brad says, "I guess..." The bride and groom pull away in their car, and Janet gushes about the wedding to Brad as they other guests disperse. Brad tries to tell Janet something, but he can't get the words out. He says he liked the way she caught the bouquet, and Janet blushes. Not being able to hold it in any longer, Brad breaks into the song "Dammit, Janet" and tells her how much he loves her. He pulls out an engagement ring and she accepts it happily. They dance into the church and kiss.

The next scene introduces us to the narrator of the story, The Criminologist (Charles Gray), who is in his office (he always talks to the camera). He says he wants to take us on a strange journey, and pulls out a book called "The Denton Affair". The books contains pictures of Brad and Janet, as well as police statements made by them. He explains that Brad and Janet were going to visit their ex-tutor/friend Dr. Everett Von Scott (Jonathan Adams) on that November evening after the wedding, but they were about to experience a night that they would remember for a very long time.

We flashback to Janet and Brad driving through a rainstorm. A motorcyclist rides by them in the opposite direction. Brad notices they've hit a dead end, and Janet wonders where the motorcyclist came from if that's the case. As the car is backing up, one of the tires blows out. Brad says that he should have gotten his spare tired fixed, but notes that they passed a huge castle a ways back down the road where they may be able to use a phone. He tells Janet to stay in the car, but she insists on going with him saying, "The owner of that phone might be a beautiful woman, and you may never come back again," and they both laugh. They walk in the rain and reach the front gate where a sign hangs that says, "Enter At Your Own Risk". Cue the song "Over At The Frankenstein Place". While Brad and Janet make their way to the entrance, a group of people on motorcycles ride past them. We get a few shots of the very large gothic-looking castle as one of the inhabitants sings through one of the windows.

The Criminologist says that fortune had seemed to smile on Brad and Janet, and they may had found the assistance they needed. Or had they?

Janet isn't too keen on the place, but Brad rings the doorbell anyway. Riff Raff (Richard O'Brien), a humpbacked man with stringy blonde hair, answers the door. Janet is taken aback by his appearance. Brad asks if they can use their phone because their car broke down, and the man simply says, "You're wet..." Janet replies, "Yes. It's raining," and she looks up at Brad strangely. Riff Raff invites them both into the house.

They are led into the entrance where there is a large staircase with statues and a lot of cobwebs. Janet wonders what kind of place this is, and Brad remarks that it's probably a hunting lodge for rich weirdos. Riff Raff starts to lead them into the next room where there is alot a chatter and music going on. Janet asks if they're having a party, and Riff Raff replies that they've arrived on a special night of one of the master's affairs. Magenta (Patricia Quinn), the red-haired maid of the house, suddenly appears and slides down the banister which startles Brad and Janet. Clock chimes start to ring out, and Riff Raff walks over to an upright casket and opens it to reveal a web-covered skeleton. Cue the song "The Time Warp". Brad and Janet hold each other close and realize they are in a very strange household. They all end up in a large room with around 20 or so strangely dressed people dancing and singing. Janet faints a bunch of times throughout the song. We're also introduced to Columbia (Little Nell), a tap-dancing groupie. There is a large banner hanging in the background saying "Annual Transylvanian Convention"

The song ends and everyone falls on the ground from exhaustion. Amid the silence, Brad says, "Anyone here know how to Madison?" to which everyone sits up and looks at him strangely. Janet suggests they leave because it seems like an unhealthy place. Brad tells her to get a grip and they they're probably a bunch of foreigners doing folk dances. As they walk backwards through the main hallway, an elevator comes down behind them. Janet is screaming that she's scared when she sees a tall man in the elevator wearing a black cloak appear. She screams and faints (again). The elevator door opens and we're introduced to scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter, played by the sensational Tim Curry. Cue the song "Sweet Transvestite". Frank throws off his cloak revealing a rather outlandish getup of fishnet stockings, platform heels, and a tight glittery vest. He struts around the room, shaking hands with the other guests, as Brad explains their situation to him. Frank suggests they stay for the night and check out an invention he's made in his lab. He walks back into the elevator and takes back up.

Magenta and Riff Raff take Janet and Brad's wet clothes and give them to Columbia, who scatters them on the floor. Wearing nothing but their undergarments, Brad and Janet are taken into the elevator. Janet asks Columbia if she is Frank's wife, and she laughs. Riff Raff says that they are merely Frank's servants.

The elevator lets them out into a large pink room where Frank is waiting wearing a green scrubs. Brad and Janet look around the room as the Transylvanians, all standing on the upper level of the lab, look down at them. Frank orders Columbia and Magenta to assist Riff Raff with something while he chats with Brad and Janet. Brad introduces himself, yet again, and Frank kisses Janet's hand. Frank gives them white shirts to wear and comments that they hardly ever get visitors at the castle, must less give them hospitality. Brad is angered by this and says that they've ignored his request to use a phone. Frank seems turned on by how forceful Brad is.

Riff Raff says that everything is ready. Frank walks over to a large micorphone and passionate talks about his latest creation. Magenta and Columbia lift up a large orange sheet to reveal a water tank with a bandaged man inside. Frank orders Riff Raff to activate a bunch of machines. The lights go out and Brad and Janet hold each other close, obviously freaked out. A contraption with different colored liquids lowered won from the ceiling. Frank practically has orgasms as he watches it come down. He madly turns a bunch of knobs to spill the liquids into the water tank, which turns rainbow colors. The man rises from the tank as everyone claps and cheers. Riff Raff takes the bandages off his head revealed the handsome blonde-haired man whom Frank names "Rocky" (Peter Hinwood). Cue the song "The Sword Of Damocles". Magenta and Columbia remove the rest of the bandages leaving him wearing nothing but gold boots and underwear. He runs around the room singing while Frank tries to catch him.

Frank scolds Rocky for running around on his first day out, but says he'll forgive him since he's such an exceptional beauty. Riff Raff and Magenta compliment Frank on his creation of Rocky, while Columbia simply says, "He's okay." This upsets Frank who asks Janet for her opinion, and she says she doesn't like men with too many muscles. He scoffs at Janet that he didn't make him for her to begin with.

Frank leads Rocky to a gift which he reveals is a bunch of lifting weights. Cue the song "I Can Make You A Man". Frank struts his stuff around the lab while Rocky does various exercises. Suddenly, something starts beeping and a steel door is lowered revealing a wall of ice which startles Frank and Rocky. Columbia screams, "Eddie!" and a man on a motorcycle busts through the ice. Cue the song "Hot Patootie". Eddie (Meat Loaf), who had a large cut on his forehead, jumps off his motorcycle and dances with Nell, who is thrilled to see him. Everyone is dancing and having a good time, except for Frank who looks rather pissed-off. He suddenly shoves a confused Rocky into the elevator.

Eddie blows Nell and kiss and jumps back on his motorcycle, riding it around the room nearly running over the Transylvanians. Frank walks into the frozen room that Eddie came out of and grabs something, but we don't see what it is. He walks out with it behind his back with a smirk on his face. Eddie rides up the Nell and puts her on his motorcycle. Frank starts chasing after Eddie with what is revealed to be a pick ax. Eddie runs away in horror while everyone in the room is screaming, but Frank corners him in the frozen room and kills him. The room quiets down and Frank emerges from the vault and says, "One from the vaults,". Rocky starts banging on the elevator madly and Frank rushes to him in concern. He asks him not to be angry with him, and that Eddie had a naive charm but no muscle. Rocky flexes his arm and Frank gasps with excitment. Cue a reprise of "I Can Make You A Man". Rocky and Frank link arms and they walk into a hidden bed chamber behind a curtain while the Transylvanians throw confetti at them. Frank jumps into Rocky's arms and the curtain closes. (It is implied that they have sex, but according to the DVD commentary that's not the case....could have fooled me though!)

The Criminologist explains that it seems Brad and Janet are safe, but as the other party guest leave they are starting to feel uneasy.

Brad and Janet are both thrown into separate rooms for the night. Magenta and Riff Raff watch them on hidden cameras. Brad goes into Janet's room while she's sleeping and they fool around. Janet pulls a wig off his head to reveal it's actually Frank. He seduces her but she says she was saving herself. She consents to having sex with him as long as he promises not to tell Brad, which he does, and they laugh and fall back onto the bed.

Riff Raff and Magenta are cleaning up the lab. Riff Raff looks at a chained-up Rocky who is sleeping in bed. Him and Magents exchange sneaky looks as Riff Raff walks over to the bed. He picks up some lit candles and pours the hot wax on Rocky which startles him awake. Riff Raff continues to tease a very frightened Rocky with the candles, but Rocky manages to break free and climb down the elevator shaft. Riff Raff and Magenta watch him run away in delight, and they do their special thing where they touch their hands and elbows together (they also did quickly during the Time Warp scene), and Riff Raff then passionately kisses her neck (which is strange because they're suppose to be brother and sister O_o).

Back in Brad's room, Janet rushes in and climbs into bed with him. Brad holds her, but winds up pulling a wig off her head to reveal that it's actually Frank. Frank, oddly enough, manages to seduce Brad the same way he did Janet. He starts kissing Brad between his legs when we Riff Raff interupts through a speaker system. He says that Rocky is loose on the castle grounds and Magenta has released the dogs. Frank says, "Coming!", then he laughs at this and continues to er...pleasure Brad.

There's a short scene here of Janet crying and feeling bad about what just happened. She wonders where Brad is.

Rocky is running around outside in the rain while the dogs chase him.

Flash back to Janet, still in her bra and slip, who takes the elevator up to the lab. She walks around wishing they never came to this place. Wanting to know where Brad is, she activates a TV screen which shows Brad smoking a cigarette while sitting on the edge of his bed while Frank is laying down next to him (implying that they just had a sexual encounter of sorts). She starts to cry, but hears moaning in the room. She walks over to the empty water tank and finds Rocky cut up and bruised. Janet feels badly and says that she'll dress his wounds. Rocky gently touches her hand which seems to turn her on. Magenta and Columbia watch them in delight on a TV monitor in another room. Cue the song "Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me". Janet jumps in the tank with Rocky and they have sex.

Frank, Riff Raff, and Brad (who is now wearing a blue robe) ride the elevator up to the lab. Frank whips Riff Raff and scolds him for letting Rocky get away. Riff Raff uses the TV monitor to find Rocky but spots a visitor at the entrance instead, wheelchair-bound Dr. Everett Scott. Brad happily exclaims, "Hey, Scotty!" Riff Raff asks, "You know this earthling..err....person?" Frank doesn't look too happy at this. Brad explains that he is a friend of his, but Frank doesn't believe him and starts accusing him of purposely coming to the castle for Dr. Scott's purposes. Brad has no idea what he's talking about. Frank angrily explains that Dr. Scott isn't just an ordinary high school science teacher, but he also works for the government in tracking UFOs. Dr. Scott manages to get inside the house. Frank pulls on a lever and Dr. Scott's wheelchair is suddenly moving up the stairs and around the house, finally breaking through the wall of the lab. Brad and Scott shake hands, and Scott asks what he's doing here. Frank accuses Scott of sending Brad and Janet to his house to check things out, but Scott assures him that he had no idea they would be there. Scott has actually come to find Eddie, whom he reveals is his nephew. Everyone in the room gasps at this, including Janet who has been hiding with Rocky in the water tank this entire time. This blows her cover, and Frank angrily reveals them to everyone. One by one everyone says everyone elses names to each other in shock (classic scene here). Suddenly, Magenta bangs a gong and announces that dinner is ready. Franks says that under the circumstances, formal dress is optional.

Brad, Janet, Frank, Rocky, Columbia, and Scott are all sitting at the dining table. Magenta and Riff Raff bring the main course in and plop it in front of Frank for carving (it's an piece of meat that sort of looks like turkey). Frank begins carving it with an electric knife while Magenta and Riff Raff pour the wine. Rocky goes to drink some, but Frank points the knife at him with an angry look on his face. He proposes a toast to absent friends and to Rocky. They sing a rather glum rendition of "Happy Birthday" and start to eat. Scott mentions that he's here to discuss Eddie, which surprises Columbia, who gets the electric knife pointed at her as well. Frank replies with, "That's a very tender subject. Another slice, anyone?" Everyone except Rocky stops eating at this comment, and Columbia abruptly leaves the table and screams at the top of her lungs in the other room. Scott then says to the camera, "I knew he was in with a bad crowd..." and then goes on to call Frank and his attendants aliens. Brad and Janet are shocked by this. Frank then calls Scott "Dr. Von Scott", revealing the fact that he's German (I have no idea why this is suppose to be significant). Brad demands to know what he's implying by that, but Scott just asks him to calm down and that's it's okay. Cue the song "Eddie".

Scott talks about how Eddie was a troubled kid. He then takes out a note that Eddie wrote to him saying how he needs him to help stop Frank and the others from carrying out their evil deeds, and that he might be killed. At the end of the song, Frank stands up and pulls the tablecloth revealing Eddie's gory remains underneath (if you didn't get the joke before, the meat they were eating was actually pieces of Eddie). Janet screams and runs into Rocky's arms (who couldn't look more happy). Frank is pissed as he pulls Rocky off of Janet and gives her a slap in the face. Janet runs off with Frank chasing her. Brad grabs Dr. Scott's wheelchair and goes after them (which I find funny because it's obviously going to slow him down), leaving Magenta and Riff Raff laughing hysterically at it all.

Cue the song "Planet, Schmanet, Janet". Frank chases Janet all the way to the lab. Brad and Scott take the elevator up and they all meet. Frank uses his sonic transducer to imobilize all of them. Magenta and Riff Raff enter the lab as well. Scott remarks to Frank that people from Earth are not as easy to trap as he thinks. He then describes that the sonic transducer is able to break down matter than send it traveling through space and even time (whatever that means). Magenta activates a mechanism called Medusa which turns Brad, Scott, and Janet into naked stone statues. Columbia rushes in and angrily protests against everything Frank has done. Annoyed at this, Frank signals Magenta to turn her into a statue as well. He then sees Rocky posing in the upper level, who is also turned into a statue.

Frank frets about everyone turning on him. He says that Rocky is acting the way Eddie did, and maybe it was a mistake to put half of Eddie's brain into Rocky. Magenta suddenly has an outburst saying she's sick of Earth and wants to return to Transylvania. Frank says that Magenta and Riff Raff are very loyal to him, but basically brushes off her request. He says that it's time for the floor show and exits by elevator. Magenta, not looking too happy, and Riff Raff walk over to the statues and do their hand-elbow thing again before leaving the lab.

The Criminologist comments that Brad and Janet's meeting with Dr. Scott happened after all, and that they had both tasted "forbidden fruit". What lies in store for them next?

The next scene is in a large theater where Frank has dressed up the statues of Brad, Janet, Columbia, and Rocky in fishnets, feather boas, heels, and tight corsets. Cue the song "Rose Tint My World". Frank brings each person back to life during the song, but now they all seem to be sort of entranced by the whole kinky vibe. After they all do their little song and dance, a curtain is lifted upstage to reveal Frank, in full makeup and drag, standing in front of a radio tower. Cue the song "Don't Dream It, Be It". Frank walks downstage where a pool is revealed, and he jumps in. He sings while he floats in a raft labeled S.S. Titanic.

Brad, Columbia, Rocky, and Janet jump into the pool with Frank and engage in an orgy of sorts (nothing graphic, just a lot of kissing and heavy petting). Dr. Scott is then brought back to life, but unlike everyone else, still has his wits about him. He says they need to get out of there ASAP, however he too starts to lose it a bit when he discover he's also wearing fishnets and heels. Cue the song "Wild And Untamed Thing". Everyone gets out the pool and dances. Dr. Scott rolls around in his wheelchair kick his legs.

Magenta and Riff Raff, now in their true forms (Magenta's got hair like the Bride of Frankenstein), break up the song and say that Frank is now their prisioner and they will return to Transylvania. He's holding 3-pronged weather in his hand and tells Magenta to prepare the transit beam. Frank tells them to wait. Columbia points a spotlight at Frank, and Rocky flips a few switches which makes the back curtain come down. Brad, Janet, Scott, and Rocky stand together on the side of the stage. Cue the song "I'm Going Home". While Frank is singing, Magenta yawns (this made me laugh, heh). We quickly see a bunch of well-dressed older people appear in the audience seats which Frank is imagining. When the song is done, he imagines everyone clapping for him.

Magenta interupts his little fantasy saying sarcastically, "How sentimental," Riff Raff explains that when he said "we" were returning to Transylvania, he only meant Magenta and himself. Frank shall remain on Earth, in spirit, and points the 3-pronged laser weapon at him. Brad asks why they're going to kill him, and Scott says that he killed Eddie and that society must be protected. Riff Raff agrees with Dr. Scott and tells Frank to prepare for oblivion. Columbia screams from the back of the theater, and Riff Raff turns around and kills her. Frank tries to get away by climbing up the curtain, but to no avail. Riff Raff shoots him with the laser, and Frank falls dead to the ground. Janet screams. Rocky, horrified, runs to Franks body and groans while he holds it close to him. He picks Frank up and carries him all the way to the top of the radio tower. Riff Raff shoots him with the laser several times before killing him, and both their bodies fall into the pool.

Magenta wonders why he killed them saying that they liked him. Riff Raff, with a tear, yells "They didn't like me! They never liked me!" (this part lost me a bit) Dr. Scott applauds his actions, and Riff Raff points the laser at him. He apologizes about Eddie being killed, and Dr. Scott says it was probably for the best. Riff Raff tells him, Brad, and Janet to leave while it is still possible because the entire castle is going to beam back to the planet of Transsexual soon. They leave, and Magenta and Riff Raff rejoice by doing their signature hand-elbow thing again and talk about doing the Time Warp.

Brad and Janet, supporting Dr. Scott between them, exit the house just in time before it blasts into space. Cue the song "Superheroes" (this song is was edited out of the final cut of the film). The 3 of them crawl on the ground towards each other, disoriented, as smoke flows around them.

The last scene is The Criminologist putting his hand on a spinning globe while holding The Dention Affair in his hand. He says, "And crawling on the planet's face, some insects called the human race. Lost in time, lost in space, and meaning." The room goes dark and he leaves the office. The ending credits roll..

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