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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by JackCoolDude.

The film starts off with Mr. Copperbottom (Stanley Tucci) running out of a restaurant and embracing people because he's happy that a delivery has come. He runs home to his wife, Mrs. Copperbottom (Dianne Wiest) and we discover that this "delivery" is a "Build A Baby" kit: it is obvious that they are going to make a baby - literally.

After 12 hours of labor, Mr. and Mrs. Copperbottom have brought their son into the world. They call him Rodney.

As Rodney grows up, he discovers that his hero is Big Weld (Mel Brooks), a glorious inventor who is adored by many robots around the world.

We then skip to some years later, where the adult Rodney (Ewan McGregor) is trying out his new invention, the Wonderbot, at the restaurant Mr. Copperbottom works (note: he is literally a dishwasher). However, the works of the Wonderbot catch the attention of Mr. Copperbottom's boss. The Wonderbot then somehow gets Mr. Copperbottom's boss into the garbage can.

We then cut to night time and we see Rodney at a train ticket booth. Rodney's parents find him there and learn that he's going to Robot City to meet Big Weld and become a successful inventor. Mrs. Copperbottom doesn't approve, but Mr. Copperbottom encourages him to go, and he does.

The next morning, Rodney arrives at Robot City. He starts to go into the city but is interrupted by a camera flash from a red and rusty robot called Fender (the great Robin Williams), who charges him $50 for the photo. Fender then reveals that there isn't really any film in the camera. He then offers Rodney a "Map To The Star's Homes" (with some very funny Shark Tale-like name puns like Britney Gears and Jeremy 'Irons') and turns around to see that Rodney has disappeared.

Rodney then asks a guy in a booth who we can hardly hear, how to get to the company building that Big Weld works in. The guy in the booth then tells Rodney to take the "Cross Town Express", which is a VERY cool rollercoaster-like ride. In a sphere-thingy, he meets up again with Fender. The ride then starts with the sphere-thingy they're in falling down into a catapult. Fender then tells Rodney to "put your hands between your legs" as the catapult lets go. What follows is a series of funny things from rolling on a curved chute to being hit with a giant hammer. Eventually, the sphere stops rolling and opens, just as Fender is hit by the giant hammer (which came out of nowhere) and flies over the city.

Rodney sees that he has stopped right outside Bigweld Industries (the place where Big Weld works). He immediately recognizes the guard (a cameo from Paul "Sideways" Giamatti) as the one from the TV show Rodney used to watch when he was young and which starred Big Weld. The guard tricks Rodney into going in and shutting the door just as he is about to enter (two times). He uses the Wonderbot (which can fly) to get into the building. He somehow gets in and finds that Big Weld has been replaced by a younger, hunkier piece of metal called Ratchet (Greg Kinnear), who wants to make the entire population of robots just like him: upgraded. He has a very ugly robot for a mother (Jim Broadbent). Ratchet throws Rodney out of the building. Once outside, Rodney somehow becomes a strong magnet to certain things. The inanimate objects chase Rodney into a dustbin, knocking him out.

He wakes up later to find Fender playing with his feet. He grabs his foot and tries to get the other one by sliding on marbles. He then meets up with Fender's other friends, including Crank (Drew Carey) and Fender's sister Piper (Amanda Bynes). Piper is instantly smitten with Rodney, while Fender kindly lets him stay with him, the "Rusties" and their inappropriately-named Aunt Fanny (Jennifer Collidge).

The old and rusty robots realize that they can't afford Ratchet's new upgrades, so Rodney starts a little business for fixing old robots (during the announcement, a dog shudders. This was so funny, I just had to include this). The line is endless and Rodney realizes that he'll never get to see Big Weld after all. Aunt Fanny mentions the Bigweld Ball, in which Big Weld must appear.

So that night, Rodney, Fender and the Wonderbot sneak into the ball. Ratchet goes on the stage to say that Big Weld will not be attending, making Rodney angry and coming out, saying he sneaked in just to see him and he was the one who started fixing the robots. Earlier, Ratchet had made an agreement with his mother that he would exterminate the person who was fixing the robots. So Ratchet starts calling security to arrest them. Meanwhile, Fender has found himself a girl (I don't think her name was ever mentioned, so I'll just call her Fender's Girl from now on). Another female robot called Cappy (Halle Berry) grabs Rodney's hand and helps him escape. They all (including Fender and Fender's Girl) escape just as the door closes. Cappy drives Rodney away, while Fender drops Fender's Girl home. He then breaks into song, singing a spoof version of "Singin In The Rain", calling it "Singing In The Oil". Just in the middle of the song, he gets swept up by a road Vacuum which vacuums up old robots and bringing them to the "Chop Shop" where Ratchet's mother works.

Meanwhile, Cappy drives herself and Rodney to Big Weld's house. They somehow get inside and accidentally knock over his Domino set, revealing a domino-done portrait of himself. A huge domino then falls on all of them and Rodney and Cappy are trapped in a sea of dominoes (very cool and clever). All hope is lost until Big Weld finally shows up. Rodney is thrilled to finally meet him and shows him the Wonderbot. He thinks that it'll do something, but it just faints when it sees Big Weld. Big Weld tells Rodney to go and Cappy drives Rodney to the train station, presumably to go home.

Back to Fender: he has just entered the "Chop Shop" and somehow survives. However he loses his legs and has to put on a fembot's pair of legs (he has to wear these for the rest of the film). He then overhears Ratchet's and his mother's plans to kill Rodney.

Switch back to Rodney: he is just about to get his train ticket when the "Rusties" along with Aunt Fanny and Fender show up to tell Rodney about Ratchet's (and his mother's) plans to kill him. Big Weld then shows up to tell Rodney that he's coming out of retirement.

The next day, Rodney, Cappy and Big Weld storm into Bigweld Industries, while the rest wait in the limo. Big Weld tells Ratchet that he's fired, but Ratchet just knocks him out and starts to take him to the "Chop Shop". Rodney then escapes with Big Weld. The "Rusties" decide to rescue them and leave Piper behind, because it's too dangerous. Rodney and Big Weld are about to fall off from a great height when Cappy arrives to save the day by magnifying them onto a very magnetic thing. But Ratchet comes along and magnifies Rodney to his magnetic thing. The "Rusties" show up to save Rodney, but soon enough they are magnified too. It's a forceful-battle between the two magnet-things, but Rodney unplugs the plug for Ratchet's magnetic thing. Big Weld is still captured. Rodney & The "Rusties" decide to go in and get back what's theirs.

Rodney & The "Rusties" show up with their own uniforms: Fender is wearing a VERY disturbing Viking costume, the huge green dude is wearing a black eye mask etc. They then realize that they are outnumbered by Ratchet's mother's troops, when they hear a door open. It is Piper, along with enough robots to slightly outnumber the bad troops. It is a very clever climax, with Fender (now with girl legs) dancing to a Britney Spears song and beating evil guys up. Soon enough, Ratchet's mother is killed by going into a stove and Ratchet is "hung" right next to his father. Also, Big Weld is rescued.

It is much later and back at Rodney's home town, Mr. and Mrs. Copperbottom are thrilled to see their son safe and sound and with Big Weld, the greatest robot there is. The ending sees everyone dancing to some music. It's much like any other ending of a kid's film I've ever seen, but it still works.

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