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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open in the jungle where a group of apes are walking through. They all start to get tense sensing something is wrong. Suddenly, men with machetes charge out. They are hunters. The apes try to escape but several are caught in nets and boxed to be taken away.

Meanwhile at a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco, Gen Sys, a doctor Will Rodman (James Franco) is testing a drug on an ape to see if it can pass a test. The ape, Bright Eyes, is able to pass it with a score of 20 (a perfect score is 15) in apparently only a week after taking the drug. Will is ecstatic and runs to tell his boss.  He tells his boss Steven Jacobs (David Oyelowo) that the drug is working great, and that it could potentially cure Alzheimer's. Not only would this make them rich, but they would be heroes to the entire world. Jacobs says he will set a meeting up with the board, but Will has to be on point to convince them for more funding. Jacobs warns Will not to let his personal feelings get in the way.

The next day in the lab, a technician Robert Franklin (Tyler Labine), is trying to get Bright Eyes to come out of her cage but she is extremely hostile. She finally breaks out and causes massive havoc to the lab.

Meanwhile, in a board room, Will is giving his presentation about ALZ 112, saying it can not only potentially cure Alzheimer's, but a multitude of other diseases. Suddenly, Bright Eyes crashes through the board room. A security guard aims at her, and despite Will's pleas, opens fire and kills her. Everyone is shocked. Later that day, Jacobs talks to Franklin and tells him to put all the chimps down despite his protests.

Will talks to Jacobs telling him they should not scrap 5 years of work. Jacobs says he will need to start over as the board will not let them proceed after that incident happened and Will should be glad he wasn't fired.

Will goes back to the lab where he sees the bodies of the chimps Franklin had to put down. Looking into Bright Eyes' cell, they find a baby chimp. Will realizes she went crazy out of maternal instinct because she believed they were going to hurt her child. Franklin says Will needs to take him for a few days until he can find a sanctuary. Will says it is not his problem but Franklin tells him he put down 12 chimps and he can't do it anymore. He hands Will a syringe and says take care of it if he wants to do that. Will pauses.

Will goes home and we see what Jacobs meant about "personal feelings."Will's father, Charles (John Lithgow) has had Alzheimer's for quite some time, and needs a nurse during the day. Will talks to his dad who seems to believe he had a chemistry test that day. Will looks at him sadly, hoping the drug ALZ 112 can still be saved so it can help his father. Will shows Charles the baby ape, which he starts calling Caesar, and the name sticks.

The next morning, Will asks his dad to feed Caesar and the ape takes the bottle himself and drinks. Will is amazed and comes to conclude that Bright Eyes passed the affects of ALZ 112 to her son.


Caesar is much bigger now, and has learned much. He can sign and understand Will well, and has his own playground/room in the attic. Will has come to consider Caesar as part of the family now.  Will continues to work at home on the drug and study its effects on Caesar in the hopes of still getting a human clinical trial.

One day, Will comes home to find his father having a major episode and cutting his hand. His nurse says Charles needs to be in a home and quits. Charles mumbles about this not being a life. Will looks at his father and makes a decision. He steals some ALZ 112 from the lab and gives it to his father in his sleep. He wakes up to hear his dad playing the piano perfectly. Will is happy, though is cautiously optimistic; they need to watch him to make sure he will be fine. Charles realizes he is cured and can't believe he has his mind back.

Later, Caesar is watching the kids of his neighbors play and wants to as well. He goes outside without Will or Charles and winds up in the back yard of the neighbors. The daughter of his neighbor finds Caesar and screams. The father comes out and tries to attack Caesar, but Will stops him. Will says he just wanted to play and they take him back home.

Realizing he suffered a cut, Will takes him to a zoo doctor Caroline Aranha (Frieda Pinto) who treats Caesar's wound. Noticing he is signing, Caroline picks up on it and Will says he taught him a few things. Caesar signs some more, and Caroline asks what he said. Will says Caesar thought the two of them should go out to dinner.

Caroline is brought to Will's home and sees the place set up for Caesar. Caroline warns Will that Caesar will get bigger and become potentially dangerous. Though she loves apes, she is also cautious around them. Caroline suggest they give him some fresh air and Will says he knows just the place. They take him to the Redwoods past the Golden Gate Bridge. Will takes a leash off of Caesar so he wouldn't run off and gives him permission to run free and climb the trees. Caesar does, extremely happy.


We return to said forests but Caesar is fully grown now. Will and Caroline are hanging out there as well, now a couple for quite some time. They kiss and laugh, and Caesar notices, slightly sad he has no one to love himself. They leave and a family sees them and is shocked an ape is walking around. The family's dog barks at Caesar and he gets mad then eventually growls at it, making it yelp.

Caesar asks about his family, so Will takes him to Gen Sys and tells his mother died there. Caesar is saddened and wants to go home.

Despite these happy times, Will discovers something horrifying. His father is regressing. His body is creating antibodies that is attacking ALZ 112 and not allowing to treat him. Charles is getting worse and at its progression he will die soon. Will is worried about what to do now.

One day at work, Charles completely forgets himself and goes outside. He sees his neighbors car unattended and thinks it is his own. He turns it on and tries to drive but can't remember how to, crashing it several times into other parked cars. His neighbor comes out and yanks him out of the car and starts screaming at Charles. Charles tries to explain but is frail in his state. His neighbor, who mentions he is a pilot (VERY important later) and needs his car, continues to scream and berate Charles, basically being an asshole. He pokes Charles in the chest and calls the police, something Caesar sees. He rushes to protect Charles and beats the man up and bites off one of his fingers. Caesar sees how the crowd of people look at him and hugs Charles, shocked at his violent outburst. Charles comforts Caesar, saying he knows he didn't mean it.

Caesar is taken by animal control and Will finds out and follows them their to the shelter. Will pleads to let him take Caesar in so he will be calm but the cops won't let him. However the leader of the sanctuary John Landon (Brian Cox) tells them it is OK. Will and Caroline take Caesar into the building and place him inside the play area. Caesar realizes something is up and pounds on the glass. Will says he will have to stay here for awhile and he promises he will get him out of there as soon as he can. Caesar soon realizes the true character of Dodge Landon (Tom Felton), John's son who works there. Dodge is vicious and cruel and considers the apes stupid.

Will goes to the court office and finds out he has to wait 3 months so he can appeal. Will is less than happy, but the court officer says he should be happy they didn't kill Caesar for what he did.

Will talks to Jacobs and tells him that he tested ALZ 112 on his father and it worked though it had started to be rejected by his body and he is creating a new strain. Jacobs is very pleased telling Will he will give him whatever he wants to make the new version of the drug work.

Caesar spends more time in the sanctuary where he is abused not only by Dodge but by the fellow apes who don't like him. Caesar is sad and thinks of home and starts to believe Will less and less about securing his freedom. However, Caesar does find an ally in a large circus ape that knows sign language. The ape tells Caesar to be careful as humans don't like a smart ape.

Will and Franklin begin tests on ALZ 113 with a new chimp, Koba. In the transfer process, a pipe starts to leak some of the gas, and Franklin inhales some before he can get his mask back on. He seems to be fine though.

Koba takes a few tests and passes them flawlessly. Will still wants more tests to be sure about human trials. Franklin sneezes on his clipboard and sees blood. He quickly excuses himself.

Caesar begins to study things about the compound and where he could potentially have an escape route. One night when Dodge and a pal come by with some girls, Caesar causes a scene and steals a knife. This allows him to pick the locks on the doors. He then begins to build trust with the other apes, particularly Buck, a large gorilla by letting him out of his cage and letting him roam a little. Caesar still has one problem; his ape brethren are still not smart enough to be lead. Caesar forms a plan.

Will is at home one night with his father, contemplating whether to give him ALZ 113 or not. His father shakes his head no.

The next morning, Will finds that his father passed away peacefully in his sleep. Caroline later tells him that some things can't be controlled.

Will comes into work and finds out Franklin has been out sick for two days. They are also doing more ape trials without his approval. It turns out Jacobs approved it, thinking it will work fine on humans. Will tells him they have to do more trials to be sure it is safe, but Jacobs is firm. Jacobs scolds him on using an experimental drug on his father and one call to the board and he can be fired. Will says he quits, and Jacob tells him they will proceed without him.

Will goes to John Landon and bribes him to release Caesar. Caesar is initially receptive but when he sees Will with a leash, he misconstrues that he is considered a pet, a slave by Will. Furthermore, he will not leave without his brothers. Caesar shuts the door and stays.

Late that night, Caesar breaks out of his cell and out of the building entirely, thanks to seeing Rodney, another technician, punch in a key code to the doors. He goes to Will's house and watches him and Caroline sleep. He stares at them with a mixture of sadness and finality. There is no going back.  He finds the fridge with canisters of ALZ 113. He takes them back to the habitat and releases them while the other chimps sleep. The next morning, Caesar knows they have all been affected. He begins his plan to lead a break out.

Franklin tries to contact Will to no avail. He goes to Will's house only to bump into Will's neighbor. Franklin sneezes blood on the neighbor and apologizes. The man tells Franklin to leave.

That day, Caesar stays behind in the playgrounds which Dodge sees. He goes inside and gets ready to attack Caesar with a stun gun. He gets in a few shots before being overpowered by Caesar. Dodge struggles and says "Get your stinkin' paws off me you damn dirty ape!" to which Caesar screams "NO!" This shocks Dodge, Rodney who was nearby, and all the other apes. Dodge is knocked out and locked into a cell and Caesar releases all the other apes. Rodney comes in and sees them all free and tries to run. A few apes catch him and proceed to start beating him to death. Caesar stops them and shows him mercy; the man was not going to harm them and they are not killers. Caesar locks Rodney in just as Dodge opens his cell. He reaches for the stun gun just as Caesar grabs a water hose. As Dodge sparks the stun gun, Caesar shoots him with water, electrocuting him. The apes, now ready, break out of the sanctuary and head for Gen Sys, where several of their brethren had been taken.

At an apartment complex, a woman knocks on Franklin's door. Seeing blood and that the door is open, she goes inside, only to see him on the bed dead.

Will tries to call the sanctuary where Caesar is but to no avail. Driving there with Caroline, they find out Caesar and the apes escaped and Dodge was killed. Rodney tells Will that Caesar talked. John arrives and finds out his son is dead. Will and Caroline drive off to Gen Sys as Will says that is where Caesar will go next.

Caesar and the apes make it to Gen Sys and trash the place as the people flee. They get into the lab and break out the apes there, including Koba.

Jacobs comes into work and gets a call from a co-worker telling him Franklin was infected with ALZ 113 and died. The drug affects humans in a way it doesn't with apes. Will WAS right; the drug wasn't ready for human use. Jacobs sees the building in ruins then looks up to see countless apes. They jump down and he runs out of the building scared.

Caesar and the apes tear through the streets causing massive damage to anyone who tries to stop them. They head for the Golden Gate Bridge.

Will and Caroline make it to the building and see the end result. Jacobs talks to the police and gets in a helicopter with them. Jacobs tells them they have to kill Caesar because he is the leader. Will and Caroline head for the bridge, as Will realizes Caesar is heading for the Red Woods, the only place he felt truly free.

A large traffic jam is on the bridge so the people are more or less boxed in when the apes start running through. The people run in a panic.

The police are evacuating the bridge as Will and Caroline arrive. Will is going to find Caesar. Caroline kisses him and tells him to be careful. She causes a distraction allowing Will to slip through the blockade. The police charge on horses and batons and the apes knock them off. However, Caesar still orders no heavy violence and outside a case or two of direct necessity allows the men to leave bruised but alive and allows the police to pull back.

Jacobs and the police chopper head to the bridge and start to fire on the apes. Caesar directs his troops to go underneath the bridge where they cannot be seen. Meanwhile the other half of his apes break up the rest of the police blockade, and they flee. Will catches up to Caesar and calls out to him. Caesar acknowledges him, just as Jacob's helicopter comes up with a M60 and starts slaughtering the apes and nearly killing Will in the process.

Buck, the large gorilla, jumps off the bridge in direct fire, in order to hit the helicopter and cause it to crash. It does, killing the police officers. Buck is mortally wounded and is held by Caesar as he dies. Caesar looks enraged as he surveys the chopper wreckage and sees Jacobs survived and is clinging on for dear life. Jacobs pleads for help and Caesar turns away from him. Koba pushes on the chopper wreckage, causing it to fall. Jacobs screams as the chopper plunges into the ocean, presumably killing him. The apes continue on to their destination, the Redwoods.

Will steals an abandoned cop car and heads there. He calls for Caesar only to be attacked by Koba. Caesar stops Koba however from hurting Will, for he is his friend. Will tells him he has to stop; this was not the way to do this and he can protect Caesar. He just has to come home. Caesar looks at him sadly and pulls him into a hug. "Caesar is HOME." Caesar says. The shocked Will nods, understanding he has to let him go. Will tells him that it is OK, and the apes take the trees finally free.

The End...

Not quite. After a moment a final scene occurs. Will's neighbor, the pilot, gets picked up in the taxi. At the airport on the way to pilot a flight, he sneezes. The floor shows drops of blood. He is concerned, but ultimately shakes it off. The pilot has been infected with ALZ 113 by Franklin and given he interacts with countless people at any given time, the implication is that the man will infect untold numbers of people, who will infect others. This shall cause the drastic decline of the human population via this global epidemic, and thus begin the true rise of the apes. 


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