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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Julian. who says... "This film was great, even though it's only 15 minutes long. It's a great precursor to The Ring Two and really leaves you hanging."

We open to someone saying these words:

"This is the very first message from the very first ring. By the time you hear this, there will be more of us."

We hear voices overlapping all talking about rings (groups of people that watch the cursed video).

Now we're in a hotel room with Jake Pierce (Ryan Merriman) calling his friend Eddie about his current situation (Jake's on day 7 and hasn't copied the tape and showed it to someone yet.)

7 days earlier, we see Jake at a college party with different people. He's watching the tape and when he finishes, a teenage girl named Vanessa kisses him and thanks him for saving her life. He complains about the tape not having "a scary part" and a phone rings. Eddie hands him the phone and says that this is the scary part. Jake's time is 11:00 PM. Now the teenagers are sitting in a ring explaining the whole deal to Jake...about how you must copy the tape and show it to someone else in seven days or else you'll die. The someone you give the tape to is your tail. Jake's tail is Timmy, one of the teens in the ring. Eddie adds one last rule: document everything you see for the rest of the "rings".

The next day, Jake is at school with his friend Emily when he sees the ladder from the cursed video in the middle of the school hallway. He pulls out a video camera and walks around the ladder in a circle, filming it. Emily, however, cannot see the ladder.

Later that evening (or maybe some days later), Jake has met with Vanessa and are pulling flies off the video camera screen (a video-induced hallucination) and are theorizing on the nature of the video (a portal into a secret dimension, etc.) Vanessa tells Jake to "follow it all the way". Even later that evening, Jake visits a website called "Rings", a wierd forum where Ring members post their experiences in video, audio, or text format (BTW, you can visit and post on the Rings forum at Jake watches the video with glee. The videos he sees are pretty...wierd, for lack of a better term.

Now it's day 3 and Jake has met with other Rings members in the city. Later he is drawing THE ring while staring at the sun, which oddly has a ring around it. Jake is with Vanessa again, theorizing about the nature of the tape.

"It's like a doorway. Heaven, hell, whatever it is, but only if you can see it."

"How am I supposed to go back after so much has changed? Why would anyone want to stop?"

"So don't."

Jake is watching a video submitted by a Ring member who died the day after the video was recorded. The video is in a night-time scenery, set in a forest-thing. The guy is walking around talking to the darkness. He is apparantly talking to a little girl. The voice merely replies "Rachel..." and quiets. The guy finds the little girl, who is none other than SAMARA. Samara rushes toward the video camera as the guy screams. Jake looks down at his keyboard and maggots are rising from it. He reels back and we cut to black. Jake wakes up on a water-soaked floor. He examines his surroundings and walks into a hallway. At the end of the hallway, Jake comes upon a strange sight: water flowing from nowhere in the middle of the air onto a puddle on the wall. Jake walks up to the puddle and dips his hands in the water. It flows from his hands with ease back in the puddle. Suddenly, the water stops. A hand, seemingly built from the water, bursts from the puddle and grips onto Jake's arm. As soon as it happens, it stops.

Two days later at Jake's school (Day 5, in case you're lost), Jake is looking at the burn mark on his hand (refer to the ring spoiler for more info) and covers it up when Emily comes up to him. He just dismisses her and returns to a pensive look.

Jake is now in a car with his fellow Ring members, screaming about how the stuff is coming after him. Eddie says this is all part of the trip, and an argument ensues. Jake looks out and sees a static-y Samara. It appears only Jake sees this. As Jake, Vanessa, and Timmy stare out the window, hoping for another sighting, Eddie scares them by honking the car horn.

That night, Jake has a disturbing vision in which he coughs up a giant version of the centipede from the video. It shocks him several times before leaving his mouth.

The next day, Jake runs to Timmy's house with a copy of the tape. Timmy adamantly refuses the copy and shuts the door to Jake as he sees another Samara-vision. He pounds and screams on the door without any response. Inside, Vanessa is sitting in a chair in front of Timmy. She tells him that they'll finally see a day 7.


That night Jake goes to an Electronics Store with his copy of the tape. To him all the TVs are showing static or images of Samara (static-vision as always). Jake finds the VCR all the TVs are hooked up to and puts in his copy of the tape. Before the tape is halfway done, a security guard stops him. As Jake fights back, we see there's a tattoo in the shape of the ring on the guard's wrist. Jake realizes it: the guard's seen the tape before. Jake is kicked out of the store.

The next day, Jake is going through a list of names, trying to see if anyone will watch his copy. So far he is unsuccessful. He then remembers none other than EMILY. He calls her and asks her out. The line hangs up.

Jake wakes up from his sleep and looks at the clock. It's 10:57 PM. He has 3 minutes left. It reaches 11:00 in no time. All the lights go out in Jake's house.

Jake runs to the fuse box with his camera and flicks the switch. Nothing happens. Something passes by his range of vision towards the living room. He goes into the hall and as he passes the living room, the TV switches on, blaring static. He goes in the living room and kneels in front of the TV. He tries to unplug it, but it still blares static. The TV is now leaking water. Suddenly, the well appears. Jake grabs a nearby lamp and bashes it into the TV. The screen fractures into multiple wells. He hits the TV again and it blackens. Satisfied, he gets up and turns around. But it isn't over. The TV comes back on, still showing mutiple wells.

Jake grabs his video camera and switches it on. He turns around to see Samara right in front of him. He falls to the floor and aims his camera up at Samara. She raises her hand and her hand comes out of the video camera screen and towards Jake's face.

Jake wakes up screaming, the phone ringing. He looks at the clock, which reads 10:17 PM. He has 43 minutes left. He answers the phone. It's Emily. He pleads for her to come over. She doesn't say anything.

At Emily's house, Emily, holding a cell phone, sits next to Vanessa. The camera zooms in on Emily as she utters "I'm on my way."


To be Continued in The Ring Two!

NOTE: EdgeCrusher writes in with this additional information...

Images from the cursed video from RING TWO

1. A faucet dripping
2. A fog low on the ground in the woods
3. A wooden pole set with the background of dark moving clouds
4. Shots of the ocean and lighthouse from a bird's eye view
5. Clouds
6. Straightjacket on a chair
7. Close up of someone struggling with the straightjacket
8. Fly on the faucet
9. Doors opening
10. Deer head on the wall
11. Samara's hand scratching the wall
12. Scissors cutting a newspaper
13. Merry go round
14. Someone looking out a window
15. What appears to be a young girl struggling with some nuns. (very brief shot)
16. More scissors cutting.
17. Water leaking from under a hand and then being absorbed right back
18. Spider on the wall.
19. Bodybag moving
20. Samara scratching her hand against a wall
21. A book page turning (appears to be the Virgin Mary)
22. Figurine of the Virgin Mary falling down.
23. A fountain in which a girls suddenly appears
24. Heart beating
25. Maggots
26. Quick shots of needles piercing something (could be flesh, tissue, or whatever).
27. Huge splash of water falling down on a bathroom floor.
28. Shot of what appears to be a baby landing in water
29. More of the woods and fog
30. Close up of Rachel's son. His eyes become creepy looking
31. Samara starting to come out of the well

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