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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Spectre.

We open in Tokyo, Japan at one of its many crosswalk intersections. In the pouring rain a lone girl, stands there oblivious to all around her. Spotting one man, she strikes, biting the man while others around her flee. The camera pans up to a world view showing the infrastructure being shut down as the infection goes global. A voice over of Alice (Milla Jovovich) explains that Umbrella corporation caused the accident and she had a part in it. She notes that a good majority of Umbrella has gone underground thinking they were safe. Alice says they are wrong.

Cut to two Umbrella snipers playing Snipe the Zombie when they are both mysteriously taken out. The tech team notes this and contacts Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts). When Wesker speaks to a sentry he is killed on camera.  Wesker order scores of soldiers to the elevator where the intruder is supposed to be getting off.  Alice sneaks in behind them and slaughters them all before being killed by another squad. However, it is just a diversion; it was not the real Alice but one of her many clones.

The clones cut a swath through the facility, killing anyone in their way.  Wesker is able to escape though and uses a self-destruct sequence to blow up the lab, the clones, and anyone still alive.  Just when he thinks he is safe, the real Alice stowed away in the plane, holds a gun to his head.  He responds by injecting her with a substance that reverts her powers and makes her human again. Just as Wesker is about to kill her, Alice makes him realize he has not paid attention to flying the plane. It crashes in the mountains but Alice survives.

Alice goes to Alaska for the "Arcadia" refuge but finds nothing but deserted planes. She is attacked by someone who she knocks out. Alice is shocked to find it is Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) who has been controlled with a leech like mech (Mechanical bug).  Due to this, Claire cannot remember anything that has happened before.

Alice and Claire decide to head along the coast, finally stopping in Los Angles.  To their surprise they find a roof with survivors, in which they land the plane on. 

The survivors are:

  • Luther West - A former basketball player.
  • Angel Ortiz - Implied ex-soldier, now the survivor's mechanic.
  • Crystal - A struggling actress who was forced to be a waitress when her dream didn't pan out.
  • Bennett - Formerly a powerful movie producer.
  • Kim Yong - Bennett's assistant.

The survivors believe Alice and Claire are helpers from Arcadia to save them but Alice denies it. Alice is confused because she has been to Arcadia, but Luther points out to her in the distance that Arcadia isn't a place but a ship.  The group resolves to find a way there.

Later, Alice is introduced to another survivor, Wendell, who is a guard for someone they are holding prisoner. While Wendell and Luther check out the basement, Alice introduces herself to the prisoner Chris (Wentworth Miller). Chris tells Alice he was in a military unit that was helping evacuate the prisoners and was mistaken for a guard and placed in the cell. Chris tells Alice to convince the others to let him go as he has a way out. Luther refuses to let Chris out as he can tell he's a killer. Alice shows him that she isn't a saint either by displaying all her weapons, leaving Luther surprised.

Unknown to the survivors, zombies have begun to tunnel through the ground and have started to break through the shower room.

In the distance, a large hooded man, dragging an axe, walks to the prison.

Luther directs Alice to the showers, where she finds Wendell attempting to be a peeping tom. Alice begins to force him out, but Wendell is attacked by face hugger zombies that kill him. Alice kills the rest.

The group realizes they are no longer safe. Since Chris knows a way, they vote to let him out, and Chris reveals to Claire that he's her brother. Chris tells them there is a riot van they can travel with to the barge to get to the ship. But first they need to get to the armory that is underwater.  Alice, Chris, and Crystal go for the armory, while Angel, Bennett, Kim, Claire, and Luther deal with the van.

Alice, Crystal, and Chris make it underwater, but Crystal is killed by zombies who followed them. Alice and Chris stock up then use ventilation tunnels to get out.

The Axe man arrives to the prison and starts pounding on the door.  Angel discovers that the van's engine is broken and won't be able to fix it in time. Bennett, who is had enough, kills Angel and steals Alice's plane, stranding the survivors.  After a fight on the roof, the group realizes the only way out is through the zombie tunnel in the shower room. Chris and Luther go first but Kim hesitates long enough for the Axeman to show up and cut him in half.  Alice and Claire work together and kill the Axeman. 

Going down the tunnels, Chris, Alice and Claire get through but Luther is dragged back by some face hugger zombies. Alice is distraught but Claire reminds her there is nothing they can do for him.  They press on and board the Arcadia ship.  They find it deserted but the ship's log claim there are 2100 survivors still on board. Searching the hull, they notice an Umbrella symbol and realize it was all a trap. Claire finally remembers that it was Umbrella soldiers that took them hostage but she escaped.  Alice concludes that Umbrella is taking every non-infected human they find to further study the T-virus. Alice goes off alone while Chris and Claire rescue the survivors including K-Mart (Spencer Locke).

Alice goes further and finds Wesker. He reveals that the T-Virus kept him alive but wants control so by consuming humans he can keep it at bay.  Alice goes to kill him but Bennett holds a gun to her head. Wesker plans to consume Alice since she bonded well with the T-virus in order to gain control of himself.  However, Alice tells him that won't happen and proceed to fight Bennett and Wesker's zombie dogs. Chris and Claire team up to fight Wesker but he is too fast and forces them into harvesting pods.  Wesker begins to transform, but it gives Alice the opportunity to put him down with her shotgun.  She releases Chris and Claire, who pump Wesker full of bullets. They leave the traitorous Bennett behind who is eaten by a not yet dead Wesker.

Wesker escapes with his plane and sets off the ship's self-destruct sequence.  But Alice anticipated that from the Tokyo incident and stashes the bomb on the plane.  Wesker finds out too late, and is killed when the plane explodes. 

Meanwhile, unknown to the group, Luther had survived without being infected or killed. He is about to exit the sewers when he sees dozens of Umbrella helicopter fly by.

The survivors are jubilant about a new start until Alice sees the Umbrella helicopters show up realizing the fight is far from over.

As the credits start, a final sequence begins. Inside one of the choppers, a blond woman briefs her men on their targets, Alice, Claire, and Chris. She stresses that this battle should not be taken lightly. She too is wearing one of Umbrella's leech mech's on her chest.  The woman is Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), former ally of Alice, who is now under Umbrella's control.

Alice thought she killed Wesker only to find that he has mutated only to need humans to keep the mutated side at bay.

Eventually Alice, Clair, Chris and K-Mart (Spencer Locke) get the better of him, though not before escaping again, this time to die in explosion.

The survivors make their way on to the top of the boat, only to see Umbrella helicopters making their way to boat.


NOTE: Miguel writes in that, "Wesker's demise is left with ambiguity since after his chopper explodes a parachute can be seen in the sky after Luther exits the sewer tunnels. It can easily be assumed he's still alive rather than dead."

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