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A Time
To Kill


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by SatchmoJuJu who says... "I was pleasantly surprised"

The film starts with a young boy named Quinn walking through London to a construction site where a new subway tunnel is being drilled. He wants to talk to his mother, one of the workers, about how he lost his scholarship. While he's down there, a problem comes up with the drilling, they've reached a 'void'. Quinn goes into the hole, and finds strange walls, and an odd odor everywhere. Strange stalagtites hang from the ceiling. Suddenly a strange liquid drips from the ceiling and catches on fire when it hits the ground. He turns and sees a giant lizard face, which shoots something at his face. He runs from the tunnel to his mother, who washes out his eyes. While she does that, the other workers crowd around the hole, just in time to be killed in a massive eruption of flames. Quinn and his mother run into a freight elevator, and try to get it to move faster. Right then the dragon starts to fly up the shaft, and rips the elevator apart, killing Quinn's mother.

We then fast forward to 2020. Quinn gives a voice over explaining what happened. The dragons existed long ago. They killed the dinosaurs, and their ash caused the ice age. They live to eat and burn, and after they killed everything once, they mostly died, the rest slept, waiting for earth to replenish itself. They multiplied in huge numbers, and once they awoke, they attacked everywhere. Eventually, the heads of the nations decided to nuke them, but it did no good. Now only a few humans were left, and they were trying to stay underground, letting the dragons starve to death.

Quinn (Christian Bale) is in charge of a small community, digging down under, and living in a castle.

Their food supply is low, and some people want to drive out and pick the crops, but Quinn says they're not ripe yet, and that means no seeds, which means no crops next season. However, the question of whether there will BE a next season. The group sneaks off anyway and while in the fields, they're attacked by a dragon. One dies, and the rest seem doomed, but Quinn comes and rescues them in a giant fire-proof van.

The next day, a group of tanks drives up, led by Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey), a bald headed American.

He explains that they flew over from the US, lost a ton of men, and just want to repair their stuff. Van Zan is trying to re-build the army, and destroy the dragons. They have tanks, helicopters, and some cool gizmos. With Van Zan is Alex (Izabella Scorupco from Goldeneye), a cute helicopter pilot that Quinn is quite taken with.

Van Zan explains how he kills dragons. Their eyesight is great in the day and better at night, but at dusk, in the failing light, they can't focus. He calls it Magic Hour. Soon after, a dragon is spotted, and they swarm into action.

The basic plan is that 3 people place devices that will provide van zan with a 3d map of the area, and 3 people jump out of the helicopter once it's set up. One is bait for the dragon, the other 2 get it. While 1 falls, the other 2 shoot the dragon with a net, making it fall to it's death. One of the mapping guys is killed, and Quinn has to rush out on his horse to set it up. Meanwhile, the dragon tried to attack the helicopter, and they had to jump. The bait guy can't see the dragon, or the ground until it's too late, and one of the shooters is eaten, the other gets his parachute open, but collides with the dragon and is never seen again.

Van Zan says that Quinn has to be the bait, and to jump on his horse and ride toward him as fast as he can. He does, and the dragon's wing gets blown apart by a well placed shot by Van Zan, who then cuts it's head off.

That night, Quinn's community celebrates, drinking and singing. Van Zan busts in and says how disgusted he is with everyone, and that while 1 dragon was killed, he lost 3 men, and that wasn't a real victory.

Later, Van Zan and Alex explain to Quinn their plan. Every dragon they've seen is a female, and had eggs. They've never seen a male. Their hypothesis is that Dragons are like fish, just 1 male who goes around spreading the seed. And he lives in London. Quinn says no, very vehemently. Apparently someone from another community tried it and not only did they die, the dragon tracked them back to their community and killed everyone.

Despite Quinn's objections, Van Zan recruits people from the community, including Quinn's adopted son. Quinn fights Van Zan and loses, getting quite beat up in the process.

That night, Quinn is out trying to get what's left of the crops the dragon destroyed, and his son returns, he decided to stay. Quinn sends him back to the castle while he looks at the dead dragon body (They kept it there because the smell of a dead dragon scares other dragons away).

On the road to london, the soldiers are attacked by a giant dragon who kills everyone but Van Zan in 1 quick attack down the middle, just one pass. This is the male, 10 times the size of the other dragons. Alex was off in her helicopter looking for a way around a roadblock, and she returned to find Van Zan, who was blown under their tank and was the only survivor.

Meanwhile while Quinn inspects a dragon egg, the male dragon stalks to the castle, and starts blasting it with fire. The children and most of the people are moved into their basement stronghold, but some are left behind, including Quinn's best friend.

The next day, Van Zan comes and appologizes to Quinn. But they form a plan. Quinn knows this dragon. It's the one from the subway station, the one that killed his mother. They plan to take the chopper to London in magic hour and use tunnels, that quinn knows very well, to get around. Just Van Zan, Alex and Quinn and a bunch of weapons. They arrive by the water in london, and look at it's charred remains. Dragons are perched on almost every rooftop, but suddenly fly as the male appears and eats one. They're starving.

The 3 sneak into a subway tunnel and use flares to see. Eventually they come to the tunnel where Quinn found the dragon 20 years ago. It's out in a giant walled-in square, and this is where the final showdown will be held.

The plan is for Van Zan to climb a giant chimney and distract the dragon while Quinn prepares to shoot it with explosive-tipped arrows. Alex will also help distract it.

The plan springs into action, but the dragon flies low as Quinn is getting to his hiding place, and he has to duck and roll, and the arrows fall out of his pocket. Van Zan gets HIS arrow ready, and fires it at the dragon. When it explodes a few feet from his face, he picks up an axe and jumps at it. Before he can get a hit in, the dragon eats him.

On the ground, Alex and Quinn start searching for the arrows. The dragon is on the ground, walking on all fours, but is having trouble finding them. Quinn finds some arrows by a truck, and runs for them, avoiding the fire being shot at him. While he tries to load the crossbow, the dragon starts to advance, but Alex runs past it shooting. The dragon starts to advance on her, but Quinn gets the explosive arrow in and starts walking toward the dragon screaming. The dragon draws back to shoot flame at him, and Quinn shoots the arrow into it's mouth, causing a giant explosion, blowing it's head off.

We cut to months later, the community has erected a satelite dish, and are getting voices through it. They want to speak to the person in charge, and Quinn says that his son is in charge. Alex asks if Quinn thinks it's safe, and he says its been 4 months since they saw a dragon, and if they do see one, they'll dig and it'll starve. That or he'll kill it. He then hefts Van Zan's axe and walks into the sunset, holding hands with Alex


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