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movie trailer (quicktime)

NOTE: This Spoiler was sent in by Alex007A who says... "I saw this with two friends, and all three of us liked it. The performances are good, especially Rachel McAdams, and it moves fast."

While the opening credits go, we see a crate very large crate being delivered to an unspecified location. We see it opened, and it's filled with fish on ice. Men dig through the ice and pull out a large package hidden inside.

Next we meet Lisa (Rachel McAdams), taking a cab to the airport. She sits quietly in the back, thinking. She and the driver have small talk. Meanwhile, we see Cynthia (Jayma Mays, good in her mostly comic relief role) behind the desk of a hotel. She is being berated by two very rude customers who are complaining because Cynthia says she can't find their reservation. They say that Lisa always takes care of them and demand to know where she is. Cynthia explains that her grandmother died and she's out of town. The couple continues until Cynthia frantically calls Lisa to tell her she accidentally deleted this couples reservations. Lisa tells her all the right things to say and gives Cynthia her access code to make them new reservations. When Cynthia mentions that the secretary of homeland security, Mr. Keefe, is coming in at 5:30 in the morning, Lisa tells her different things to have set up in his room. Then Lisa's dad Joe (Brian Cox) calls to ask if she's all right. Lisa, running through the airport now to make her flight, tells him he doesn't have to call her so often. He asks how everything went, and how Lisa's mother is. Lisa asks if she can call him later.

Her flight is delayed, and she waits in line. She sees a little girl who's going to be on her flight, flying alone for the first time. She gives and older woman who raves about Dr. Phil her copy of a one of his self-help books her dad had given her. When an airport staff member starts being shouted at by a man complaining about her letting someone cut to the front (who's flight was moved and was going to miss it if he didn't) Lisa, knowing what it's like, jumps to her defense. When it seems like he's going to get really angry, Jackson (Cillian Murphy), first verbally, and then physically, comes to her aid. She thanks him, and he wants to know, trying not to be too forward, if she wants to have a drink with him at the airport bar. She politely declines. After she gets her boarding pass, a woman runs into her and spills coffee all over her. She goes into the bathroom and changes her shirt, and we see she has a large scar on one side, between her chest and her shoulder.

As she leaves, she sees Jackson sitting at the bar and decides to sit with him. They talk, and Lisa explains how she was defensive of the clerk earlier because she's a hotel manager. And when he comments how she gave the elderly lady the book, she explains she's a people pleaser. He tries to guess her drink of choice. He eventually lands on sea breeze, and she tells him he's close, but she orders a bay breeze. They talk about her grandmother, and his name, Jackson Rippner. He says how he stopped going by Jack, because it sounds like, well, you know. She wonders why his parents would do that, and he jokingly says he asked them that too before he killed them. After more conversation, Jackson gets a phone call he has to take and leaves.

Lisa is boarding the red eye (from Dallas to Miami) and after two teenage brothers, she finally gets on. And her seat is right next to Jackson's. He asks her about her which parent the grandmother was related to, which gets her talking about her family, and she says how her parents divorced recently, and her dad just retired, and has a lot of time now, so he calls her constantly. They continue talking and Lisa asks about his job, and he goes on and on about how he does covert work, assassinations, and other things. He seems to be joking, but as the scene plays out, Lisa gets more and more creeped out. She, wanting to believe he's joking, tells him it's okay, his job is his business. “As fate would have it, my business is all about you.” He replies. He says he needs her. He pulls out a wallet, which Lisa recognizes as her father's (it has the initials JR). She starts to go into full worry mode. And Jackson continues, and describes things about what her dad is doing (from their earlier phone conversation), and when Lisa fully realizes this is completely real, she starts quietly crying. All she has to do is exactly what he says, Jackson says, or the man parked out her father's house with pay him a visit with a very large knife. Lisa hits the stewardess button, and Jackson explains no one will believe her, as JR are his initials too. When the stewardess arrives and sees she's crying, Lisa stays silent and Jackson says she just had a death in the family.

Jackson tells Lisa whatever female emotional breakdown trauma she's dealing with; she needs to listen to pure male fact. He explains all Lisa has to do is make one phone call. She needs to move Keefe to room 4080. Lisa says she doesn't have that kind of authority, and Jackson tells her he says he knows her very well, and starts to describe things about her personal life. How she goes out for drinks after work alone, how she stays at home watching late night movies… he wonders what happened to make her shut others out. And he knows very well that she's the only one Keefe will trust for something like that. … She asks why the room change, and if Keefe is easier to kill in there. Jackson doesn't tell her any more than he needs to and orders her to call, or her father will be dead. Lisa says she wants to know he's alive first and Jackson lets her call (using the air phone). She gets to hear his voice, but Jackson tears the phone away from her before she can tell him to run. Before he can have her call, a woman he helped earlier with a bag asks for help. He gets up, but takes Lisa's purse. Just then the old woman with the Dr. Phil book walks up to ask Lisa something about it. Lisa insists she'll underline her favorite parts and starts scribbling a message, and Jackson sees her doing this, but Lisa give the woman the book and she leaves. Jackson sits down and tells her he's going to have to assume she'll read it. Lisa starts to say something, but Jackson head butts her unconscious and lays her on a pillow, like she's sleeping.

We see one of the teenagers drawing pictures in a notebook… Lisa comes to as turbulence jolts the plane. Jackson says she wasted half an hour. Lisa looks back at the old woman unmoving in her seat. She stares horrified, until that woman too is awoken by turbulence. Jackson won't waste any more time and Lisa can't seem to kill more time, so she starts to make the call. She is starting to tell Cynthia to change the room, when the reception cuts out. Lisa pretends like she's still on the phone with her, until Jackson sees another passenger annoyed that his phone stopped working. He takes it from her and gets angry that she lied. After a stewardess tells them the phones won't work until they're out of the turbulence, Lisa says she has to go to the bathroom. After some convincing, Jackson lets her. The little girl gets in line behind Lisa, and notices how upset she is, and notices Jackson watching her. Lisa gets in and starts bawling and breaks down. She sinks to the floor crying. After, she lets it all out, she pulls herself up and starts splashing water on her face from the sink. She washes and her hands and as she squeezes the soap out of the handle, she stops and thinks. She looks at her hands covered in soap and starts writing on the mirror.

Jackson notices the phones are back online. Lisa leaves the bathroom and Jackson is right outside. He sees the mirror behind her with 18F HAS BOMB written on it. (18F was his seat.) He quickly puts one hand over her mouth and the other over her throat and pushes her into the bathroom and shuts the door. He slams her into the wall. He very angrily goes off on her. “I thought you were a nice person, but I think you're a liar! I've been following you for the last four months, and all you ever ordered was a f---ing sea breeze!” And eventually, “Do your dad a favor and stop gambling with his life!” As he is choking Lisa, he notices the scar. After she stars gasping for air, he lets her go and cleans off the soap. Meanwhile, the little girl (who had left for Jackson) comes back. A flight attendant asks why she's watching, and she says a boy went in there… but there's a girl in there too. The flight attendant, flustered, takes the girl back to her seat. Another one sees, Jackson and Lisa leaving, and chastises them. “This is not a motel!”

They take their seats, and Lisa has no choice but to call. She calls and tells Cynthia that there was a plumbing problem in Keefe's normal room, and to move him to 4080. Lisa then hands Jackson the phone, and he gives her an “I don't know what you're talking about” look. She tells him to make the guy leave her father's house, but Jackson explains he needs her for a little bit longer. He is going to stay with her until he makes sure that everything happens correctly with Keefe. Then he'll call. When he uses the word “they” when talking, Lisa asks “They?…” And she realizes his family is with him. Horrified, she asks why they would kill his whole family. And Jackson says whoever hired all these people wanted to make a splash. Lisa tells his the Keefe's are good people. “Sometimes bad things happen to good people.” He says. “Like you.”

We see the sun is out. The teenager wakes up and wonders where his pen is. At the hotel, the Keefe's arrive: Mr., Mrs., a son and daughter, and a whole lot of security. When Cynthia explains the room change, and the security wants to back out, but when Keefe hears Lisa authorized it, he says it's fine, but security checks the room first. There isn't anything worth noting, but they do see a speedboat with people fishing on it from the balcony of the hotel. They call to have police look into it.

As the plane gets ready to land, Jackson explains he's going to take her to the hotel to make sure everything went according to plan, and then he'll call the hit man outside her father's house. In the ocean, coast guard search the boat an find nothing. The plane lands. Lisa bends forward in her seat, clutching her head. Jackson asks what's wrong, and she reminds him of the head injury he gave her, and he basically tells her to suck it up. While this is happening, Lisa grabs the pen out of her pocket facing the wall that Jackson can't see. Lisa starts telling Jackson that two years ago, she was attacked in a parking lot. The man held a knife to her throat. He terrorized her. “And do you know what I keep telling myself?” she says. “That there was nothing you could've done to prevent it?” Jackson says. “No. That I will never let it happen again.” She says. Then Lisa lunges and drives the pen right into Jackson's throat, grabs his cell phone and runs.

Lisa runs past people unloading their bags, and heads to the exit, which hasn't been opened. She begs the flight attendant to open the door. Jackson is wheezing and grabbing at his neck, and people start noticing. Just as someone yells, “Stop her, she just stabbed a man!” The doors are opened and Lisa bolts. One of the flight attendants calls security. Someone advises Jackson on how to deal with the injury, but he doesn't listen and tears the pen out. As he shoves people to get to the exit, the little girl shoves her bag out and trips him. Lisa finds inventive ways to hide from security, but she sees Jackson across the terminal, they lock eyes, and she runs again. It's a huge chase through the airport until Lisa makes it to a tram. The doors slam on Jackson. Lisa gets to the area where people are dropped of at the airport, steals are car and drives away. She gets on the cell, but the reception is really bad. She calls the hotel first, and Cynthia thinks she's messing her at first, but she tells Cynthia to do anything to get Keefe out. Pull, the fire alarm, everything. “KEEFE IS A TARGET! KEEFE IS A TARGET!” She yells. She hangs up, and tries to call her dad; the phone gets in a couple rings, but the phone dies before she gets through.

We see the boat in the ocean. The fishers reel in there line, the box from the very beginning of the film. Inside, a rocket launcher. Cynthia pulls he fire alarm, screams for everyone to run, and uses a staff elevator to get to Keefe's room. She quickly summarizes and everyone starts running. The rocket is fired and Cynthia, the Keefe's, and some of the security guys get to the elevator as the rocket hits. There is a big explosion.

Lisa speeds up to her house, and sees an empty car across the street. She sees a man standing in her driveway. She immediately realizes who it is, and he recognizes her. He pulls out a gun, and she hits he gas, he fires a couple times but she rams him with the car, and they go through into the house. Joe runs out shocked and very confused. He asks if Lisa's okay and she tells him to call 911. Cynthia is surveying the wreckage when her phone rings. It's Lisa, who wants to know if she's okay. She says she's fine, the Keefe's are fine, but she doesn't know how she's going to explain the explosion. She wants Lisa to come ASAP. She heads toward the kitchen, but Jackson comes charging out. She asks about her dad, but Jackson says he's still alive because he wants him to see what he does to Lisa. He charges after her and she heads up some stairs, throwing things down at him to slow him down. She even gets in a few punches and kicks. She gets to the top and heads down a hallway and locks the door. She runs out a window onto a little awning and climbs down to a back door, gets a key from under a mat and gets into the kitchen through a back door.

While she was doing that, Jackson went to the body the hit man and pulled a very large knife from his coat. Jackson heads back to the kitchen to find Joe gone. As he turns, Lisa hits him over the head with a vase. “Want some pure male fact? They lived. Everyone lived.” Jackson's eyes widen. “YOU FAILED!” Lisa screams at him, she runs away, drawing Jackson away from her father, who we see she dragged behind a counter. She heads into another door and locks it. As Jackson goes at it with the knife, she heads into her old room and finds a cane in a closet. She looks around the rooms, trying to find Jackson before he finds her. She goes from her room through a bathroom to her dad's office. She hears Jackson's wheezing and hides behind a shelf. After he leaves the doorway the phone rings. After looking around, she answers it, whispering. It's 911, calling about a man hit with a car. The woman on the line apologizes for the delay, there was an incident in the city, and police are on the way. She tells her there's a man in her house trying to kill her, the lady tells her to lock herself in a room. As she heads to the door, Jackson pops out from behind it and knocks her weapon away. He gets the upper hand throws her into the hallway, and uses himself as leverage and throws her over the railing and down a flight of stairs. (It looked really painful.) Lisa, crawling now from the stair injuries, looks around desperately, and sees the gun that was knocked from the hit man's hands. She grabs it just as Jackson gets down to the foot of the stairs. She shouts at him not to move, but he does, and she shoots. It his him on the left side of his stomach, but that's not fatal. He knocks the gun from her easily, (she's on the ground) and grabs her by the hair. All of a sudden a bullet hits him in the chest. Joe is standing there with the gun. Jackson falls to the ground. Joe helps Lisa up and they embrace.

Lisa arrives at the hotel, and some time has passed since she's bandaged up. She hugs Cynthia, who notes, “aside from this, the day actually went pretty well”. Keefe thanks Lisa and Cynthia, and the obnoxious couple from the beginning see them and complaining about the events. “There was plaster everywhere,” the wife says, “I might have asthma now”. And they tell her she needs to fire Cynthia. Lisa suggests they fill out a comment card. Horrified, they ask, “You want us to fill out comment cards?” Lisa says yes, and tells them they can shove them up their asses. Cynthia and Lisa walk off, and Cynthia tells her she's her hero. Lisa suggests they find out if the hotel bar is still open… and she wants anything but a bay breeze.

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