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Hilary Duff
Hilary Duff
A Cinderella Story


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Righhht.

This is the story of a small-town girl Terri Fletcher (Hilary Duff). It starts off on the last day of school where her older brother Paul (Jason Ritter) has just graduated from high school. She is singing in the school choir and afterwards pays one of her friends for tickets to some event that night which will be revealed later on. She and her friend run into Paul and ask what he is doing that night. He says that he is going to say goodbye to some of his friends and then come back home for the big graduation party. Terri gets a ride home from her friend.

When Terri gets home, she brings up the great summer internship program in Los Angeles for music. They start arguing and Mr. Fletcher (David Keith) puts his foot down that she cannot go. Paul gets home and tries to defend Terri because he thinks that she needs to escape the small town and see what else there is in the world. Mr. Fletcher grounds Paul.

Terri goes and sees Paul on the front porch thinking. She tells him that she got them tickets for a Three Days Grace and they sneak out while Aunt Nina (Rebecca De Mornay) watches on laughing to herself. On the ride there, Paul is trying to convince Terri to get out of the grasp of their father like he is about to do. He is getting a summer job and going to college far away from this place. They make it to the concert and a new song starts up. They are both singing and then it cuts to them in the car driving back home still singing the car. All of a sudden, a car comes out of nowhere and smashes into their car.

Terri wakes up in a hospital with her mom (Rita Wilson) sleeping next to her bed. She wakes up and she is ecstatic that Terri has finally woken up from her coma. Terri says "Paul?" and her mom starts crying hard all of a sudden. Terri realizes what has happened and tears up.

A psychologist is checking out Terri and asking her questions if she is well enough to go home yet. She remembers them fine and then all of a sudden remembers the last time she saw her brother in the car. She has a mild breakdown but she is okay to go home. Back at home, life is hard for the Fletcher family, trying to adjust the the loss. Noone says anything much and they cry a lot. One day, Terri, her mom, and Aunt Nina are sitting in their family diner and they question why Terri had thrown away an acceptance letter from the summer music program. She explains that she doesn't think that she should go and she probably won't sing anymore. Aunt Nina works out a plan that Terri will "stay" with her for a few weeks so that she can get away.

Terri takes a train to L.A. and hails a cab. She puts her jacket down for a second to put her suitcases away in the cab. Her coat is stolen! The cab driver says, "It's gone, welcome to L.A.!" She arrives at her dorm building but can't get in because the doors are locked. She knocks and finally someone comes over. He refuses her entry at first but she wins Jay (Oliver James) over. They walk in and she heads up to her room. Terri bursts into her room accidently waking up her roommate Denise (Dana Davis). Terri has to call her parents so that her dad does not find out about her being in L.A. so she calls her Aunt first and then intercoms her parents in. The call goes well and Mr. Fletcher doesn't find out.

Cut to the first day of class, all the teachers are introduced by playing a classical strings piece. After they all finish, Mr Torvald (John Corbett) does a great solo on his bass. They all start going to class and practicing. Terry learns how to sing from her diaphragm ("Lungs in, diaphragm out, is okay to look fat!). She is given a solo in a song and Robin (Lauren Mayhew) is not pleased. Robin dated Simon at the last summer internship but things have changed. Jay and Terri start hanging out and romance blossoms between the two. One day Robin gets really emotional and starts crying so Simon consoles her in the piano room. She kisses him and Terri walks in and sees what had just happened. She flips out and runs off.

He comes to her room later on drunk trying to apologize and since alcohol is a banned substance in the dorms, they have to go to the roof so he can sober up. In the morning, they both wake up and she finally accepts his apology. They start working on a song to sing together for the final competition for a chance to win a scholarship for the next year.

Back in Arizona, Mr. Fletcher finds a letter from the music program inviting parents to the final performance of the students. He flips out and takes the car to go get Terri back. He arrives just as Terri returns to her room for something she forgot. They argue but Terri wins him over telling him that this the greatest thing that has happened to her. She returns to the stage and she and Jay perform a song that wins over the crowd, her parents, and Mr. Torvald.

The judges announce their winner and they choice Denise (she said before that her family had no money so she needed the scholarship so you kind of see it coming). Everyone is outside talking about the final performance and Mr. Torvald asks if Terri would be coming back. Mr. Fletcher replies "Maybe so..." The movie ends with all of the students having a jam session in the front lawn of the school.


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