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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by brentage2000 who says - "This is a great movie, but in order to tell it to you, I'm gonna have to go through the first half in a couple of different storylines. Here we go..."


After having slept in a coffin for about fifty years, Lestat (Stuart Townsend, who actually does a better job in this role than Tom Cruise) awakes to the sights and sounds of modern day New Orleans. One sound in particular draws him out of his tomb, and, after drinking the blood of a drunken reveler, he goes in search of it. He finds that the sound - a teenage rock band - is coming from his old house. He goes in and introduces himself, and the band forms with Lestat to create the group which becomes known to the whole world - human and vampire - as The Vampire Lestat.

Unfortunately, this move has gotten Lestat in a world of trouble with the other vampires. Seems they don't want people knowing of their existence and are afraid that Lestat's acts will disturb the balance of things, or something. Marius (Vincent Perez), who turned Lestat into a vampire and showed him the ways and rules of their kind, tries to tell him this and warn him about the return of Akashsa, queen of the vampires (Aaliyah), but Lestat just scoffs and says "Let her come." Later that night Lestat encounters a girl who he met in London (see next section) named Jesse Reeves (Marguerite Moreau). She asks him about being a vampire, and Lestat shows her every grisly thing. She freaks a little, and Lestat leaves her.


Jesse is a doctor in the field of paranormal studies in London. She hears something in the lyrics of one of Lestat's songs about the Admiral's Arms. She figures that it must be a vampire coven (where they go to drink from humans in private) and tells her board, but finds they already know of it. One of the members, David Talbot (Paul McGann), takes her aside and warns her to stay away, telling all he knows about vampires and Lestat and Marius. She asks how he knows about the coven, and he gives her Lestat's journal. In it she finds how Lestat got a violin of his that he treasures much, and how he drank from the sleeping Akasha when she was being kept in the basment of Marius's castle.

Regardless of David's warning, she goes to the coven that night, and after a little scuffle during which we wonder about whether her neck will be bit or not (it isn't), she meets Lestat outside and returns his journal to him. The following week, in San Francisco, just before Lestat's one-and-only concert in Death Valley, Jesse again meets with Lestat in his room, where the events I told you all about before take place (she asks about the vampire life, he shows her). The next night, Jesse and about a thousand vampires - including Marius, Jesse's Aunt Maharet (Lena Olin), and some others - all go to Lestat's concert (and no, Jesse isn't a vampire - her parents died when she was a baby, so she went to live with her aunt, and when her aunt was turned, she gave Jesse to an orphanage rather than have her turned too). The concert starts good (with the lead singer of Korn, Jonathan Davis, singing for Lestat), but vampires soon start attacking Lestat, but with the help of Marius, he is able to defeat them. However, more vampires than the two of them can handle soon show up, and just as they are about to be defeated, Akasha shows up and makes all the vampires that are attacking Marius and Lestat burst into flame. She then takes Lestat away to a house on a beach where she kills all the nearby humans (with a little help from him), and they start having sex.

Lestat is even given the ability to walk in the sunlight, which when it first happens, even scares the audience a little too.

Meanwhile, Jesse and the other vamps have all gone to Maharet's house in the southwestern U.S.A. After Jesse discovers the truth about her aunt, they start planning what to do about Akasha. When Jesse asks about Lestat, Marius merely claims that he is lost to them now. At that moment, Akasha and Lestat arrive. Akasha says that they must join her or die. Naturally, the vamps refuse. Akasha tells Lestat to kill Jesse, and he does, almost draining her dry (important). Lestat returns to Akasha and demands his crown. She offers him her blood. He begins to drink, then looks at Marius, seems to think something at him, and then drinks more. And more. And more. Akasha screams at him to stop. He doesn't. She pushes him away, and all the other vamps (except Maharet) seize the oppurtunity to rush her. Two of them get burnt up, but she soon runs out of power. Finally, it is only Lestat doing it. Before he can finish, Maharet stops him. See, whoever drinks Akasha's last drop will both kill her and be killed. Maharet finishes drinking Akasha's blood, but, rather than be killed, she is made into a statue and put to sleep. Lestat goes over to Jesse. He slits his wrists, and slowly begins putting his blood in her mouth....

A couple months later, we find Jesse's old boss, David, sitting in his office reading articles which are telling the story of what Lestat's group is doing without him. He hears a noise, checks it out, and finds nothing. He returns to his office, and finds Jesse sitting in a chair waiting for him. She is now a vampire. He turns around and sees Lestat standing in the doorway. Lestsat gives David his journal, saying that he thought that he would want it back. Jesse says goodbye to David, but is stopped when David asks her what it's like. She offers to change him, but he refuses. She smiles, promising him that if he he ever changes his mind, she'll be waiting. David watches her and Lestat leave through his door. He goes back to his office, and there he finds Marius. Waiting. For him.


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