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NOTE: This spoiler sent in by Rahul

The movie continues moments after the previous one ended.

James Bond (Daniel Craig), having just captured Mr. White (Jesper Christensen) from his villa in Northern Italy, races through a tunnel along Lake Garda, pursued by White's henchmen in a couple of cars. Bond's Aston Martin gets riddled with bullets as he evades oncoming traffic , while trying to keep a healthy distance away from the pursuing Alfa Romeros. After an encounter with an out-of-control truck, Bond's driver-side door is ripped off. Outside the tunnel on the open road, the pursuit heats up even more. Bond turns into the wrong lane and narrowly manages to merge back. One of the Alfa Romeros is not so lucky, coming under a truck at full speed. Bond continues to speed through the narrow streets, with the other AR on his tail. Soon, a Carabinieri (Italian police) jeep joins the pursuit behind the AR. Bond swerves into a construction site in the mountains. The cops fire at the AR, prompting its occupants to return automatic fire. The jeep goes off the mountain and bounces past Bond's car, as he makes a hairpin bend around. Soon, the Alfa Romero starts to slam into the driver's side of the Aston Martin. Bond seizes the opportunity to pull up the H&K MP5 (which he used on Mr. White's leg) and shoots the AR's driver, sending the AR off the mountain to a horrific crash.

In Siena, Italy, Bond pulls up to an MI6 safehouse, where he yanks out Mr. White from the trunk. "It's time to get out."

Opening Song and title... "Another way to die" - Alicia Keys and Jack White

Resume in Siena. The Palio di Siena (a horse race) is underway at the Piazza del Campo, near the safehouse. A large crowd is gathered outside. White is dumped on a chair, while MI6 agents tend to him, preparing him for interrogation. In the adjoining room, M (Dame Judi Dench) watches, while her personal bodyguard, Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster) stands nearby. Bond walks in, acknowledging Mitchell. M and Bond discuss White. Mitchell goes to check the perimeter, leaving M and Bond alone. M asks Bond when he slept last. She then shows him a picture of Vesper Lynd and her boyfriend, Yusef Kabira. Apparently, a body bearing his ID was found on a beach, but a DNA test proved otherwise. When M's back is turned, Bond swipes the photograph. M needs to know if she can trust Bond and that he's not after revenge for Vesper's death. When Mitchell returns, they go to interrogate White. Bond sits in front of White and asks him who he works for. White laughs derogatorily at M and Bond, and boasts that his organization has stayed under the radar all this time and has people everywhere. He turns to Mitchell and asks, "Am I right?"

On cue, Mitchell shoots the other agent dead and fires at M, but she barely evades it. Bond jumps to his feet and scuffles with Mitchell for the gun, which goes off and shoots White in the arm. He falls to the ground. M manages to get away. Mitchell starts to run, with Bond behind him. They run through the sewers and emerge in the huge crowd assembled to see the Palio di Siena. They run into an apartment block, and after a suspenseful rooftop chase, they end up fighting at the belltower of an under-renovation cathedral. They both fall off the tower, through the glass and onto the workman's scaffolding. They fight for a while through the wooden scaffolding and the thick long ropes. Soon, Bond finds his leg entangled in the rope, and inches away from his gun on the ground. Mitchell finds his gun. Just as he's about to shoot Bond, Bond grabs his gun off the floor and shoots Mitchell dead.

Returning to the safehouse, he finds that the place is deserted. Looks like White got away.

Back in London, England, Bond and M go to Mitchell's apartment. A forensics team is going through the place. M tells Bond that Mitchell was an MI6 employee for over 8 years and was her personal bodyguard for 5. M is unhappy that Bond killed him, rather than bring him in for questioning. She wonders what this organization is that White works for and how they managed to pass under their radar this long. They talk about White's escape.

Back in MI6, Tanner (Rory Kinnear) tells them about Mitchell's finances. A tech shows them a dollar-bill from Mitchell's wallet. It was a tagged bill. They have just discovered that similarly tagged bills have been scanned at a bank in Port Au Prince, Haiti, and deposited in the account of Edmund Slate. They have tracked him to the Hotel Dessalines.

In Port Au Prince, Haiti, Bond goes to the rundown hotel and sneaks into Slate's room. Suddenly, he's attacked by a knife-wielding Slate. Despite taking a few scratches, he manages to kill Slate with a knife to his femoral artery. He rifles through the room and finds a jacket to cover his wounds. Going downstairs and flashing the room key, he asks the attendant for Slate's messages. She hands him a briefcase that Slate had kept for safekeeping. As he steps outside the hotel, a Ford Ka pulls up. The driver, Camille (Olga Kurylenko), tells him to get in. Not one to refuse a beautiful lady, Bond obliges. They drive, while being followed by a man on a scooter. Apparently, she was expecting him (thinking him to be a geologist) and wants a file. As they talk, Bond surreptitiously steals her driving license from her purse. They notice the man on the bike following them and Camille manages to lose him through the traffic. They pull up in an alley and she asks to see the file. He opens the briefcase and gives her a file (full of blank papers). He notices a gun and her picture underneath the file. He tells her that someone wants her dead. Suddenly, she pulls out a gun, but he manages to block her arm as she fires and gets out of the car as she drives away. The man on the bike rides up and asks Bond why he didn't kill her. Bond commandeers his bike and follows Camille. He gets a call from M and Tanner, asking about Slate, to which he replies, with trademark sarcasm, that Slate was a dead end. M realizes that Bond's killed Slate.

Bond follows Camille upto the Port Au Prince harbor. She gets out and goes through a gate, past gun-toting Haitians. Bond drives past and stops at a good vantage point. Camille strides angrily past Elvis (Anatole Taubman) and goes inside a building to meet Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric). She demands to know why he tried to have her killed. Amused, he confirms it. Leading her outside, he shows her a corpse underwater - one of his geologists who Camille had contacted for information. She feigns ignorance and says it was the other way around. He tells her that she was only sleeping with him to get to General Medrano (JoaquÌn Cosio), a wannabe Bolivian dictator planning to stage a coup. Medrano's on his way there on a boat, from his private yacht. Camille obviously has some hatred for Medrano. Bond goes to the guard at the gate and hands him his card for Universal Exports, to give to Camille. Elvis comes over and takes it away. When the general comes ashore, Greene welcomes him. Greene talks about how he'll help the general in his coup with private security and bribes. All Greene wants is a desert in Bolivia, which is supposed to be worthless. He then tells Medrano about Camille - that she is the daughter of the powerful man he killed. Greene offers Camille to Medrano as a gift, with the caveat that he kill her after he's done with her. Camille is forcibly taken onto the launch, returning to the general's yacht.

Bond, seeing that Camille's in danger, manages to steal a boat and slams it into the general's launch. In the ensuing chaos, he grabs Camille and takes her aboard his boat. Soon, they are followed by the general's thugs on boats, who fire at them. Camille is not an easy passenger, until the bullets start pinging around. Bond manages to escape the boats, but Camille gets knocked out in the progress. Reaching an island resort, he hands her over, still unconscious, saying that she's seasick. Stealing an SUV, he drives away. He calls MI6 and asks her and Tanner to do a name-check for Dominic Greene. They find out that he's the CEO of Greene Planet, a utility company that does philanthropic work, building eco-parks. Bond looks at his picture and confirms it's him. M calls the CIA and asks about Greene. She's connected to the South American section chief, Gregg Beam (David Harbour), who sits with Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) in a plane in Port Au Prince. Beam says that the CIA has no interest in Greene. M concludes that Greene is now a person of high interest, since she's sure the CIA's tracking him.

Greene and his men pull up to the airfield and join Beam and Leiter there. Bond follows at a safe distance. He finds out that they are leaving for Bregenz, Austria. M orders a plane for Bond. As they fly, Beam tells Greene that they (USA) will do nothing to stop the coup in Bolivia in exchange for oil from the new government. He then shows them a surveillance picture of Bond and asks if they know him. Leiter feigns ignorance, but Beam knows him. Greene wants Bond gone and Beam accepts.

In Bregenz, Austria, they land and say their goodbyes. Leiter is not happy working with Greene. Greene and his men go to the Bregenz Festival House for a performance of Tosca. Bond follows them tracking them through the visiting card (which Elvis has). Greene and his men go to a private box to watch the show. Bond goes backstage and steals a tuxedo. He notices that, while most of the guests get a gift bag from a table, some of them are getting gift bags from under the table. He follows one of the guys with a "special" gift bag and steals it from him, after knocking him unconscious in the men's room. He finds cufflinks, shaped in the letter "Q". He also finds an electronic earpiece.

The performance begins. Bond goes backstage and climbs to the top, looking down on the huge audience gathered there. Through the earpiece, he hears Greene talking to various people in the audience (one of whom is a healthier Mr. White). There are mentions of Canadian intelligence and extra pipeline. Greene tells them that the Americans won't bother with another dictator as long as they get their end of the bargain. They wonder if the "Tiara" project is the best use of "Quantum's" (Q-cufflinks? the new Spectre?) time and whether they should focus on the Canadian (subject of next Bond movie?). Greene assures them that they will soon control a huge amount of the world's most precious resource and Bolivia is top priority. Suddenly, Bond interrupts them, much to their surprise. The "Quantum" members start to get up and walk out. As they do, Bond photographs them all and sends the pictures over to MI6, where Tanner works on their identities.

Downstairs, Bond runs into Greene and his men. After a brief stare-down, Greene signals his men to kill Bond. Bond runs, followed by the tuxedo-clad bodyguards. Running through the theatre's restaurant and kitchen, he manages to drop a few of the bodyguards. Suddenly, another bodyguard (not Greene's) attacks him and follows him to the roof, where Bond gets the drop on him and orders him to drop his gun. Holding him off the edge of the terrace, he asks him who he works for. The man tries to fight, but Bond lets him go. He falls right on top of the hood of Greene's car, still alive. Greene, seeing the man's not one of his, orders him killed. Greene's henchman shoots the bodyguard dead.

At MI6, Tanner gets the IDs of the Quantum members and calls M at home. Tanner shows her the pictures and tells her their identities. He also tells her that Bond has apparently shot one of the Quantum members' (Guy Haines) and threw him off the roof. Haines is a big shot with connections to the PM and his bodyguard was a member of Special Branch. M calls Bond and tells him to come in to debrief, wanting an explanation for his actions. Bond refuses, so M orders his cards and passports blocked. Bond finds out that Greene is leaving for La PAz, Bolivia, but can't follow them as his credit cards are blocked. Knowing he's being tracked, he flirtatiously requests the lady at the airline desk to tell the people who are about to call her, that he's going to Cairo.

Bond goes to Talamone, Italy, to meet Rene Mathis (Giancarlo Giannini), the liaison whom he suspected and had arrested (Casino Royale). Mathis now lives on a private island. Mathis is none too happy to see Bond, but Bond asks him to provide him with a new passport and credit cards to continue his mission. Mathis offers his condolences for Vesper's death, though Bond brushes it off. He shows Mathis the pictures of the Quantum members. He talks Mathis into accompanying him to Bolivia.

They take a plane to La Paz. On the flight, Mathis talks to Bond (who is drinking Vesper's Martini) about his lack of sleep. He offers pills, but Bond declines. At La Paz, Bond and Mathis meet Ms. Fields (Gemma Arterton), from the British Consulate, whose responsibility is to ensure that Bond gets on the first flight back to England, which is the next morning. As they taxi through La Paz, Mathis calls his friend, Carlos, the Colonel of Police, and asks for his help. They stop at a fleabag hotel where Fields has made a reservation. Their cover here is as teachers on sabbatical. Bond refuses and takes them to a more luxurious hotel and tells the man at the front desk that they're teachers on sabbatical and they've won the lottery. They're assigned 2 suites - one for Mathis and one for Bond and Fields. As you can guess, Bond has a Fields day (sorry, couldn't resist). Mathis tells him that they've been invited to a Charity fundraiser for one of Greene's eco-parks.

Bond and Fields go to the party. There, Dominic Greene speaks to the assembled people about his plans to build eco-parks to prevent the world from collapsing, calling it the Tiara Project. The people applaud him. Mathis introduces Bond and Fields to his friend, Carlos, who assures Bond that his entire police force will back him up. As Greene speaks to potential donors, he is interrupted by Camille, who acts drunk and spills some of his less-than-philanthropic exploits, costing him the donors. Greene leads Camille to a corner of the balcony, and threatens to push her off. Bond comes by and takes Camille away, as Greene taunts them, calling them both "damaged goods". Elvis tries to follow them down the stairs, but Fields trips him, causing him to fall hard, and apologizes. Beam and Leiter watch as Bond and Camille leave.

Reaching their SUV, Bond tells Camille that he wants her to show him Greene's Tiara project. As they drive away, a couple of motorcycle-borne cops follow them. Bond guesses they're working for Greene. They stop at a secluded corner. The cops ask Bond to pop his trunk. When he does, he finds Mathis inside, barely alive. They order him to remove Mathis from the trunk. As he does, they notice that Mathis is still alive and shoot him in the back. Bond throws Mathis' limp figure on one of the cops and grabs the other's gun, shooting the first cop dead, and then executes the second one. He goes over to Mathis' side. Mathis, dying, asks Bond to stay with him till the end. He tells him that they forgive each other and Bond should forgive Vesper, who gave everything for him. He should forgive himself. With that, he dies in Bond's arms. Bond, betraying no emotion, dumps Mathis' body in a Dumpster, saying Mathis wouldn't care. Taking Mathis' money, they leave.

In MI6, M gets the word that Mathis is dead and Bond is the suspect. The foreign secretary wants to see her. Despite her attempts to convince him of the existence of the unknown organization, he tells her that Bond is becoming a liability and must be stopped, or the Americans will kill him.

Bond and Camille drive to an airstrip in the desert and trade their car for a Douglas D3 plane, though Bond knows he'll rat them out. As they fly, Bond tells her that he knows she's Bolivian Secret Service. Bond notices sinkholes in the desert, just as they're attacked by an old-fashioned fighter plane. After a long pursuit, in which one of their jets is damaged, Bond tells Camille to grab a parachute. He tricks their pursuer to crash into a hill. But now a helicopter's after them. He and Camille jump out of the plane with one parachute. They grab each other and open the parachute, just in time to slow them down as they fall into a sinkhole and hit the ground. At night, Bond asks Camille her story. She tells him that, when she was a little girl, her father worked for the military junta in Bolivia. He was murdered by General Medrano and her mother and sister were raped and killed. She was too young to be a threat. So they set the house on fire, giving her a scar on her back. She asks him if he lost someone, to which he says yes. She asks if he found who killed her, to which he answers no. She asks him to tell her when he does and how it feels. They start to climb out of the sinkhole. Bond notes that this used to be a riverbed at one time. When they come out of the hole, they notice a huge body of water. Bond realizes that Greene's real interest is water. He's damming the water to create a drought. In the nearby village, there's a severe water shortage and the water tank has run dry. Bond and Camille get on a bus and head back to La Paz.

When they reach the hotel, the receptionist hands Bond a message from Fields - RUN! Leaving Camille at the front desk, he goes to his room and finds M and 3 MI6 agents there. They've got Camille as well, but they let her go. She accuses him of being so blinded by revenge that he doesn't care who gets hurt. He notices a black form in the bedroom. Inside, he sees Fields lying dead on the bed, covered in black crude oil (homage to "Goldfinger", black gold). Though they know Greene is behind her murder, M says that Bond is responsible for putting her in danger. She suspends him immediately. He hands over his gun and is handcuffed by the three agents there. They take him into an elevator, where he makes short work of the agents and frees himself of his cuffs. Meeting a shocked M in the hall, he finds that there's a kill order put on him by the CIA. As the CIA agents swarm in, Bond escapes. M tells Tanner to tail Bond as he's onto something. She wants to protect one of her own, rather than let him get killed by the CIA. Outside the hotel, as Bond walks out, Camille pulls up in a car and tells him to get in.

Bond calls Felix Leiter and asks to meet. They meet in a bar. Bond asks him why the Americans are going into bed with Greene and General Medrano. Leiter tells him that regimes change frequently here. He tells him that Greene's going to suck the place dry, leaving the Americans to clean up. Bond then guesses that Leiter didn't come alone. Leiter tells him he has 30 seconds before the hit squad comes in to kill Bond. Leiter quickly tells Bond that Medrano has to pay off Carlos, the Colonel of Police, with Greene's money at a hotel called Perla De Las Dunas, in the desert. Just then, a CIA Special Activities Division team bursts in and opens fire at Bond, who makes a quick getaway.

In the Bolivian desert, Medrano and Carlos, with their soldiers, are at the Perla de las Lunas, a hotel powered by hydrogen-fueled cells. The whole hotel has been cleared for them. The svelte receptionist comes over and takes their order, though Medrano is more interested in her. Outside, Bond and Camille prepare for raid the hotel. He asks her if she ever killed anyone. He advises her on how to do it, since this is personal for her. Greene and his men arrive at the hotel. Medrano, Carlos and their men meet Greene and his men. Greene hands Carlos his money. Thrilled, Carlos takes the money and leaves, calling Medrano "Presidente". Greene tells Medrano to sign over his land. Medrano has the receptionist take his drink to his suite. Medrano signs the paper, but Greene wants him to sign another. Since he now owns the majority of Bolivia's water supply, he wants his organization to be the official utilities provider. Medrano refuses, but Greene threatens to back another wannabe dictator. Medrano signs it reluctantly. Victoriously, Greene prepares to leave.

Camille manages to sneak into the hotel and takes cover as Medrano goes into his room, with the receptionist inside. Carlos and his men prepare to leave. Just as they drive outside the gate, Bond jumps onto the hood of the jeep and executes Carlos, in Mathis' memory. The jeep driver reverses inside, but Bond shoots him as well. The jeep hits the hydrogen cells and a whole section of the hotel explodes. Bond kills Carlos' men and also drops Greene's henchman. Camille kills the two soldiers outside the general's suite and enters the suite. The receptionist escapes, but Medrano attacks Camille and they fight.

Greene and Elvis run to the lobby, where Greene forces Elvis to hold off Bond. However, another hydrogen cell explodes, the fireball consuming Elvis. Greene manages to escape barely. Bond and Greene have their showdown. Greene, though not a fighter, attacks Bond wildly with a bar and then an axe.

We see cuts of Bond and Camille fighting their respective foes as the hotel explodes around them. Finally, in the midst of all his wild axe-swinging, Greene wounds himself with the axe and almost falls off the top-storey ledge, but Bond grabs him by his hair. Camille manages to get the drop on Medrano and shoots him. Bond hears the shot and turns, as Greene taunts him that he's lost another lady. Bond pulls Greene up by his hair and leaves him there as he runs to save Camille from the exploding hotel. Camille, trapped inside the suite by the burning debris, sits huddled in a corner, whimpering. Bond makes his way to her and holds her, shielding her from the falling debris. Camille looks at the flames and is reminded of the day her family was killed. Bond picks up the gun and fires at an exposed hydrogen cell. The cell explodes, blasting a hole in the wall. Bond and Camille escape the burning hotel through the hole and see Greene trying to crawl away through the desert. Bond tells Camille to wait for him there.

Later, Bond drives Greene to the middle of the desert. Greene whines that he told him everything about Quantum and that he thought he'd let him go. However, Bond leaves him stranded in the desert with a can of motor oil.

Bond drives Camille to a village. He tells her that Greene's dams will have to come down to restore water to the people. She asks him if he'll be able to sleep now. He replies that the dead don't care about revenge. She wishes she could set him free, but he's imprisoned in himself. They share a passionate kiss, and then she leaves.

In Kazan, Russia, a couple - Yusef Kabira and Corinne (Stana Katic) - walk into his house. Inside the darkened house sits Bond, a gun in his hand. He orders them to sit down. Aiming the gun at Yusef's head, he restrains himself from firing. He speaks to Corinne, saying that he knows she's Canadian Intelligence. Since she knows Yusef, she must have access to sensitive material, which she'll be forced to give up, because his life will be threatened. He sees her necklace, which is the same as Vesper's, which he shows Corinne. He tells her to check with her people, because they have a leak. He tells her to leave them alone. As she leaves, she quietly thanks him. Yusef, resigning himself, pleads with Bond to make it quick. No such luck; Bond lets him live. The MI6 agents arrest him. M is actually surprised that Bond didn't kill him. She tells him that Greene was found dead in the Bolivian desert, shot twice in the back of the head and with motor oil in his stomach. M has fixed things with the Americans. Leiter's promoted, Beam's out. Bond tells M that she was right about Vesper. M tells him she needs him back. He replies he never left. He throws away Vesper's necklace as he walks away.

THE END (with a gun-barrel theme and Dan Craig shooting at us)

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