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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Ciro

We begin with a long shot of a nature scene, where a pale, heavily muscled human-looking alien is standing near a waterfall. He disrobes and places an object on the ground next to him. What appears to be an oval-looking spaceship hovers above him, and he looks up at it before opening the object. Inside there is some sort of liquid that moves on its own, and he drinks it with a grunt. The ship flies away, and we see him being affected by what he drank down to a molecular level, where his DNA splits and his body begins to disintegrate. He falls down the waterfall to his death, the compound floating into the water, beginning to reform itself into DNA and splitting cells.

Fade to black.

Next scene is from an archaelogical dig, where a scientist, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), has just broken through into a cave. She says to someone to 'get Holloway,' and we see him being summoned. Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) climbs up to her, and they gaze in wonder at some cave paintings etched into the cavern. He asks her if she dated it, and she says its 35,000 years old. They notice a painting on the ceiling where a man is pointing to a constellation pattern. They get very excited about it.

Fade to a shot of a ship traveling through space. It is the Prometheus.

A man called David (Michael Fassbender) comes into a room where there are a dozen people in hypersleep and gazes upon Dr. Shaw, who is sleeping. He is able to look at what she's dreaming of, and it is a scene from her childhood with her father. In a foreign land, likely India, a funeral procession is taking place. Her father answers her many questions about dying, saying that he chooses to believe in heaven. This becomes relevant to her, since she always wears a cross her father gave her.

We next see David walking around the ship, watching Lawrence of Arabia, bouncing a basketball around, riding a bicycle, taking language lessons. He seems to have a great ability for languages. He seems to enjoy rehashing scenes from the old movies.

When the ship begins to tilt, an announcement is made that they have reached their destination. He begins initiating procedures like opening the port windows, gazing at the planet they have traveled to, activating the bridge, etc.

He comes across Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), who has just emerged from hypersleep and is doing push ups. She rudely asks for a robe. David gets it for her, and when she asks, "How Long?" he answers 2 years, 4 months, 18 days, 36 hours. She asks if anyone has died on the way. He says no. She orders him to wake the rest up.

We next see David comforting Dr. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) since she is throwing up from the stasis. Her partner, Holloway, speaks to her affectionately and tells her, "We're here, baby."

We next see the crew eating and making small talk, some friendly, some not so much.

Vickers sees the Captain (Idris Elba) putting up a x-mas tree, and she tells him mission briefing is about to start. She's very serious. She gathers everyone in a room and proceeds to present a hologram of an elderly Peter Weyland (Guy Pierce) who tells them that he recorded this message in the year 2091 and that he is likely long dead. He introduces David to everyone, calls him the closest thing he has to a son, and tells everyone he's an android.

He introduces Dr. Shaw and her partner as the reason they are there, and gives them the floor. The hologram winks out.

They present another hologram where they show pictographs from many different earth cultures, all showing the worship of the same constellation arrangements from the beginning. They tell everyone that they believe it is an invitation from their Engineers, the ones that designed humankind, and that they have arrived at the planet indicated in the constellation.

The rest are skeptical, but Shaw explains that she chooses to believe it is so.

The doctors are then in Vickers' cabin, which is apparently a separate module that could sustain her for 2 years on its own. She looks to set them straight about the chain of command, implying that the trillion credits invested in this venture makes them employees, not team leaders. She says that if they find their "Engineers" that they are to report to her, and not attempt to make contact. They are perplexed by her attitude but don't seem to want to make a fuss about it. Dr. Shaw marvels over a surgery capsule that was apparently very rare and expensive.

After entering the atmosphere of the planet, which is almost capable of sustaining human life, but has a very high CO2 content, they find what looks like a landing strip and land in front of a structure.

Holloway insists on investigating right away, saying it's his Christmas present. A team is sent out to investigate, and they enter what is clearly a sentient-built building. They send out some drone globes that begin to map the interior of the building. They reach an area of the building where the air is much better, actually cleaner and purer than earth's. This proves that some sort of terraforming was taking place, and they remove their helmets.

David comes across some markings which he begins to interpret, with some goo on them. He presses some buttons that activates a sort of ship's log, where they see a bunch of humanoid aliens run across the corridors. They follow them to a place where one of the holographic images trips and falls. There they find the body of an Engineer that was decapitated by a closing door.

Two geologists freak out and say they're going back to the ship. One of them says to Shaw, "Congratulations on meeting your maker," to which she replies, "Thank you."

They carbon date the body and say its about 2,000 years old.

David manages to open the door, and they find the head on the other side. The room they opened contains a bunch of metal vases that look like the black goo with things wriggling in it, but no one notices. There is a large human looking statue and a bunch of murals. David is fascinated by one of the vases and examines it.

A storm front is coming in and the Prometheus crew orders the rest to get back to the ship immediately. Vickers says that she'll close the doors in 15 minutes. She sincerely hopes they make it. They rush out, taking time to bag the head, and David bags one of the jars. The remaining goo is much more active as they leave.

They rush out towards the ship and barely make it, but they drop the head. Shaw goes to retrieve it and is blown away by the storm. Holloway jumps after her and is also blown away. They are rescued by David using a winch.

Inside a lab, they begin examining the helmeted head, and David manages to open it, revealing a head just like the alien at the beginning. They insert a probe that shoots electrical impulses into the nerves and manage to reanimate the head, but it starts to violently transform, and then explodes. They begin to analyze the DNA and come to the conclusion that their DNA is a match for human DNA. This convinces them that they are the Engineers of humanity.

David is seen using a helmet to communicate with someone and is confronted by Vickers who demands to know what 'He' said. After threatening him, David reveals that 'he' said to try harder. David then begins to examine the vase, opening it and taking out a droplet of black goo onto his index finger. Later, he's speaking with a very drunk Holloway, Shaw's partner. The whole time he visibly has his index finger extended, and ultimately dunks his finger into Holloway's drink. 

As it turns out, the two scientists that freaked out were stranded by the storm, and are wandering around the cave, totally creeped out by the other bodies they run into. They speak with the Captain, and he tells them that there was a 'ping' picked up by a probe, indicating a life form. They get scared shitless, and begin to move away from the signal.

Dr. Shaw is recording her findings when her partner comes in with a rose he meant to give her when they found what they came for, but he's bummed because they didn't find any Engineers alive to talk to them, to understand why they made us, and from where humans came. Shaw shows him the DNA results that show humans are descendants from them, and he says that she can take off her cross now. She asks why, and he says that now they have no more questions, but she persists, wondering where 'they' came from. They have a conversation about how she can't have kids, and argue, but make up and have sex.

Vickers comes into the bridge, and the Captain makes a move on her, doubting that she's human, asking her if she's an android. She gets annoyed, but defiant, and says to meet her in her cabin in ten minutes.

The two scientists in the cave begin to settle down for the night when they see something moving in the black goo by their feet. An elongated, snake-type creature rises out, and one is freaked out while the other thinks it's beautiful. They contact the Prometheus, but no one's on the bridge. the scientist reaches out to the alien when it suddenly seizes his arm, tightening until it breaks. The other scientist tries to cut it off but it spews acid into his helmet. The snake thing then gets into the other scientist's suit and reaches his head, where it crawls into his mouth.

We see Shaw and Holloway lying in bed. He rises and washes up, but sees that his eyes are weird, bloodshot, with something crawling in them. He freaks out, but the captain calls and says the storm passed but they can't reach the scientists. They all head out back to the cave to find them, and it's soon clear that Holloway isn't feeling too hot. Shaw notices and he tells her he's screwed. They find the bodies of the scientists, and while searching them, a snake thing jumps out of one of their mouths. Collective freak out.

David goes his own way and reaches a bridge control room, of sorts. He sees a hologram of the Engineers plotting courses through the stars and different planets, one of them being Earth. He also finds a sort of hypersleep pod where one of the Engineers seems to be alive.

The rest are all making their way back to the ship, but Vickers grabs a flamethrower and says that Holloway can't come on the ship because he's sick. His condition rapidly deteriorating like the alien in the beginning of the film, he sacrifices himself, moving apart from the ship and telling Shaw he loves her, then asking Vickers to fry him, and she obliges. He is apparently burned to a crisp. Shaw collapses from grief.

Shaw is now lying on the lab table being examined by David. He removes her cross because it might be contaminated. He asks if she had been intimate with Holloway, to ascertain her exposure. He runs a scan and comments that she's pregnant. She says it's impossible, but he says that it looks like 3 months along, but cooly comments that it's not a traditional fetus.

She demands to see it, but he knocks her out, telling her that her best option is to be put back into hypersleep, as she doubles over in pain.

The others are waking her up to transport her to quarantine when she fights back, escaping them and making her way to the surgery pod, she overrides the controls and programs it to extract foreign objects. She climbs in, injecting herself several times with anesthetics in a totally bad-ass scene as her belly begins to bulge terribly. The pod commences the surgery, cutting her belly open and spreading the wound and extracting a nasty looking, coiled, shrimp-like pod that bursts and thrashes about as it tries to escape the graspers. The pod staples her wound shut, and she manages to exit it, gassing the thing on her way out.

The captain asks one of the maintenance guys to check the bodies because their camera just came back on, just outside the ship. They open the bay door and see the body scrunched up, but it comes to life and attacks them. The next scenes are the crew fighting to keep it out of the ship, as Shaw races through the halls.

Shaw finally stumbles into a part of the ship she hadn't been in and finds David attending to a recently woken from hypersleep Peter Weyland, who had been on the ship unbeknownst to the rest except for David and Vickers, apparently.

Shaw tries to convince Weiland to go back to earth, that the ship has nothing but death, but Weiland is sure that they can help save them, specifically him, from death. Shaw compromises in order to find out more about them.

They are preparing to head back out into the cave, and Weiland is strapped into a sort of suit that helps him move. Vickers meets him and begins to argue with him, saying that 'a king has his reign and then he dies.' It turns out she's his daughter. He is dismissive of her.

They head back out to the cave, reaching the life pod and David manages to revive the Engineer. Before that, they pass through a cargo hold where they see thousands of vases of black goo. Shaw asks the Captain if he sees it, recalling a previous conversation where they had come to an agreement that nothing contaminated can be allowed to reach earth.

David explains that the Engineers were in the process of going to earth before they were stopped by the escaped black goo. When asked why they were heading to earth, he says sometimes you have to destroy to create.

The Engineer wakes, gazing at the humans with contempt. Shaw tells David to ask them where they come from, to know why they wanted to destroy the humans with the black vases, while Weiland wants David to communicate more self-serving sentiments. When Shaw persists, she his hit in the abdomen, and Weiland instructs one of the guards to shoot her if she persists. David speaks to him and the Engineer touches his head, before twisting it and ripping it off, and attacking Weiland and all the rest.

Shaw runs off, but the Engineer doesn't follow her, turning towards the bridge. The decapitated head of David the android bids Weiland a good journey as he dies. Vickers orders them to go back to Earth. The captain orders the ship to take off, but then scans the building again, and they realize that it's a hangar with a ship.

At some point, someone made a comment about the Engineers making weapons of mass destruction on this planet, away from their own.

The Engineer presses a button on the ship and the huge telescope thing from Alien 1 comes out, and he climbs into it, being engulfed by it and the helmet, looking exactly like the one Ripley and Co. find in the first Alien movie.

Shaw manages to get outside, but the ship is taking off. She speaks with the Captain of Prometheus, telling him that he has to stop the ship. Vickers says that they're going home, but Shaw tells her that if they don't stop it there won't be a home to go back to. The Captain tells her that the Prometheus is not a warship, but Shaw says that he must do it.

The Captain believes her and despite Vickers' protests decides to crash into the ship to bring it down. He tells Vickers that he will expel her module, so she can survive for two years or die with them. She hightails it out of there. His co-pilots stay with him, and they aim the Prometheus towards the Engineer ship as they jettison Vickers' module, and later Vickers expels herself on an escape pod.

They crash into the alien ship, effectively bringing it down, but it comes right back down to where Shaw and Vickers are standing. They run to avoid it, but Vickers is crushed under it, and Shaw is almost crushed too.

Shaw makes her way to Vickers' module, running out of air. She enters and sees that the lab with the surgery pod is closed, but a huge tentacle crashes into the windows when she looks inside.

At just that moment, David's head contacts her, asking if she is alive. She says yes, and he says she has to get out, that the Engineer is coming for her. Immediately the module's hull is breached, and the Engineer enters and attacks her, but Shaw quickly opens the door to the lab and the immense tentacle thing grabs a hold of the Engineer, pulling him away. Shaw barely makes it out, heading towards the crashed ship.

As the Engineer is being consumed by the thing, it finally grabs a hold of its head and pumps a tentacle into his mouth, eventually settling on him. As the camera pulls back, we finally see that it is, in fact, a huge face-hugger, like the Alien movies.

Shaw makes her way into the crashed ship, finding David and getting her cross back from his headless body. He tells her that if she will help him, he can get them off the planet, because there are other ships. She asks him if he knows the way back to earth, and he says that he can figure it out. As they leave the ship, she tells him that they aren't going to earth. Instead, they're going to go to the place where the Engineers come from, because she deserves an explanation as to why they wanted to destroy humankind. They created us, then they tried to kill us, and she wants to know why. David says that it's irrelevant, but she says he's wrong. He doesn't understand, and she says that it's because she's a human being, and he's a robot.

The final shot is of Shaw walking away from the ship, with a voice-over of her leaving a warning for others not to come searching for the ship, since it is a place of death. She signs off as the last survivor of the Prometheus, in the year of our lord 2094, still searching.

There is then a a brief glimpse of another of the Engineer's ships rising in the sky. This one, apparently, holding Shaw and David on their way to find the Engineers' home planet.

Meanwhile, inside the remains of the Prometheus, the Engineer is seen to be still moving. Its chest then bursts open to reveal a small xenomorph creature.

After the final credit there is a logo that says:

Building Better Worlds since

Brought to you by

The "Space Jockey" aliens created life on Earth but then decided to destroy it.

The planet the expedition goes to is one of their facilities, containing bioweapon monsters.

Only Elizabeth Shaw survives, with David the robot's head, and goes in search of the alien home planet in one of the alien's ships.

We see a version of the Xenomorph alien at the end.

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