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2001 Film
The Princess Diaries
Special Edition dvd


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by Christina M who says... "It's definitely not as clever as the first one, but it's a fun movie all the same. It's your typical cheesy Disney movie, with some truly bizarre musical sequences"

The movie opens with Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) graduating from college, then flying back to Genovia. We learn that the current Queen Clarisse Rinaldi (Julie Andrews) is retiring, and she's planning on handing the throne over to Mia. Once Mia arrives back, a party is thrown in her honor where she dances with several young suitors, none of whom are good dancers or desireable men. At one point, she trips and almost falls on Viscount Mabrey (John Rhys-Davies), who places her crown back on her head and then expresses his desire to steal the crown away once her back is turned. She steps on a mysterious young man's foot, and later dances with him. They are instantly attracted to each other, and he referrs to himself only as Nicholas.

Later on while Mia is searching the palace, she stubles upon an old passageway that leads to a secluded chamber with access to spy on Parliament when it's in session. While in session, Viscount Mabrey brings up an antiquated law that states a woman cannot become Queen unless she is married. However, Mabrey states that he has a nephew (?) who will also be eligible to claim the throne shortly, and he will be prepared to do so if Mia cannot find a husband within 30 days.

In a seperate chamber after the meeting of Parliament, Mia and Clarissa are discussing their current predicament. Mia expresses her desire to marry for love, and Clarissa reminds her that she married her former husband through an arranged marriage, and they eventually grew very fond of each other. Mia doesn't want to follow through with the plan, but she remembers encouraging words of her father's, and so she decides to get married within 30 days and become Queen.

The next day, Clarissa and Mia are getting ready to meet Viscount Mabrey and his nephew, who will be staying at the palace for a few weeks. Mia is reluctant to be kind to them, and when she discovers that the man who is trying to take the throne away from her is none other than Sir Nicholas (Chris Pine), the handsome man she danced with at the party, she is incensed and stomps on his foot and walks away.

Clarissa shows Mia her new "room," which is more like a mini-apartment. She takes a quick tour and then is shown her closet, complete with remote-controlled sliding doors filled with clothes, sunglasses, and jewelry. Out of her clothes closet jumps Lilly Moscovotz (Heather Matarazzo), who has just graduated from college and is in Genovia to visit for a few months. The ladies sit down and view a slide show of all the eligible princes in the area, turning down many as too old, too young, one as homosexual, etc. They finally decide that Andrew, a Prince from England, is the perfect candidate for a husband.

Mia and Andrew spend time together and eventually get engaged. Sensing that she is seriously planning on going through with it, Mabrey encourages Nicholas to woo Mia - get her to love him instead of Andrew, and hopefully decide not to follow through on the wedding. It is obvious that Nicholas is starting to have feelings for Mia.

Nicholas finds Mia reading on a set of stairs in the palace. They begin arguing, but in order to have some privacy, Mia leads him to a broom closet, where they continue to argue. As the argument continues to escalate and they are getting closer and closer to each other, a palace worker walks in on them. They break apart quickly and Mia runs away.

In a ceremonial event, Mia is supposed to ride side-saddle, but is reluctant since she has no idea how. Clarissa introduces her to "Henry," a wooden fake leg that attaches to the saddle underneath her skirt and allows her to ride normally but appear to ride side-saddle. At the event, Mabrey bribes a horseman to scare Mia's horse with a fake snake, and Mia's fake-leg plot is revealed. She is very upset and when Nicholas comes to return her hat to her, she tearfully tells him to leave her alone. Mabrey shows up in the stable, where the Queen's head of security, Joe, finds him. Joe warns Mabrey that he will defend the Queen's honor at any cost, and that he has diplomatic immunity in 46 countries (including Puerto Rico). Mabrey insinuates that Joe is in love with the Queen (which he is, and the Queen is in love with him), and Joe warns him to back off.

Mia practices archery for a ceremonial event concerning her coronation, but can't seem to get the hang of it.

At a garden party, Mia is attending with Andrew. She sees Nicholas coming up the walkway with a date, Penelope, and the two start bragging about their dates in order to impress each other. Andrew and Penelope decide to get some punch together, while Mia and Nicholas walk off to a more secluded garden area to argue. Before they leave, Nicholas tricks Mia in to admitting she's not attracted to Andrew. When they are alone, they continue to argue until Nicholas suddenly kisses Mia. She kisses him back, then gets angry with him for kissing her. Their argument escalates, and they fall in to the fountain.

That night, Clarisse is upset with Mia and they argue. Princesses from around the world start arriving at the palace for a bachelorette party. The girls mattress-surf (sitting) down the palace steps, and Clarisse shows up to demonstrate her mattress surfing skills, standing up on the mattress. Later that night, Mia asks Clarisse to sing the song she sang for Mia at her 18th birthday party, and Clarisse starts, but Mia has jazzed it up, and Clarisse and Princess Asana (Raven) end up singing the song together.

At a parade, Mia and Clarisse ride in a convertible through town. Mia spots one of the girls at the orphanage with a mini-crown, and the crown has been stolen by a little boy. Mia orders the driver to stop the car, and goes over to the little girl. She tells the little girl and all the other little girls that they can be Princesses for the day, and orders a mini-crown vendor to give them all mini-crowns. She then allows all the children from the orphanage to walk with her in the parade. Nicholas is touched. The next day, Mia declares that a nearby palace, normally used for visiting diplomats, will be a temporary residence for the children of the orphanage until a new orphanage may be built.

Nicholas and Mabrey argue about their quest to take over the throne. Nicholas wants to give up, stating that he's decided Mia will be a good queen. Mabrey figures out that Nicholas has fallen in love with Mia, and tells him to go tell her they've given up. Once Nicholas leaves, Mabrey calls the local news celebrity gossiper.

In the palace, Clarisse is listening to music choices for the upcoming wedding reception and is dancing by herself. Joe comes up and dances with her, and asks her if she will take their relationship public. She hesitates, and Joe is disappointed but promises to be a loyal guardian to her all the same.

As Mia is practicing her archery, Nicholas comes up to her and teaches her how to correctly fire her arrow, while getting close to her and guiding her hands, very close to her. He tells her he's leaving. Mia is visibly upset, but lets him go. Later that night, Lilly tells Mia that Nicholas has been throwing rocks as the window. Mia goes to the window, where Nicholas asks her to climb down the ivy to the ground. Since Mia is clumsy, she is hesitant, but does it anyway. Lilly tells her she'll cover for her. Nicholas and Mia spend a romantic night talking, dancing, and playing thumb-war. They fall asleep cuddled under a blanket. When they wake in the morning, they notice a cameraman in a boat on the water across from them. Mia, thinking Nicholas has set her up, stomps off.

When Mia gets back to the castle, the story has already been broken to the media, and Clarisse is very upset. Mia and Andrew argue outside, where Andrew kisses her. They both admit that neither feels anything for the other, but they are very friendly toward each other. Niether know whether or not they should follow through with the wedding, but Andrew suggests they do it, because he believes Mia will be a great queen.

On the day of the wedding, Paolo (Larry Miller) shows up and gets Mia beautiful, through a series of hairstyle disasters. Nicholas decides not to go to the wedding, and Mabrey is happy with his decision. Mabrey leaves for the wedding, then the maid of the house tells Nicholas that he and Mia were set up by Mabrey. Nicholas decides that he definitely SHOULD go to the wedding, but he has no way to get there. The maid points out an old bicycle, and so Nicholas rides the bicycle toward the church until he sees a sheep herder on a horse, which he trades for the bicycle.

At the church, Mia is nervous and talks to Joe. Joe tells Mia that Nicholas did not set her up (stating that the maids know everything). Mia begins to walk down the aisle, but pauses and runs out of the church, asking for a few minutes. Clarisse follows her outside, where Mia admits she can't go through with it. Clarisse agress. Mia goes back in to the church and tells Andrew she can't marry him. Andrew breathes a sigh of relief and thanks her. Mia makes an impassioned plea to the members of Parliament and the citizens of Genovia to repeal the old law that says women can't be Queen until they are married, and it actually works. Mabrey tries to convince the Parliament otherwise, but Nicholas shows up and puts in a good word for Mia. It is declared that Mia will become Queen, even though she's single.

Mia encourages Clarisse to be happy, and Clarisse asks Joe to marry her that day in the church. The wedding that was going to be Mia and Andrew's ends up being Clarisse and Joe's.

The day of the coronation, Nicholas shows up at the palace. He apologizes to Mia, then declares his love for her. She is in love with him too, and they kiss.

Mia successfully fires her flaming arrow through the ceremonial hoop. In a fancy ceremony, Clarisse gives up her throne to Mia, who is crowned as the new Queen of Genovia.


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