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Royce (Adrien Brody) is free falling through the sky and tries to activate his parachute. At the last minute his parachute opens but it gets caught on a tree branch and he falls and hits the ground. Hard. He passes out and comes to in pain. He is in a jungle and doesn’t recognize the surroundings. He gets up and looks around just as more people fall around him. Chuchillo (Danny Trejo) lands with his guns drawn and points them at Royce but they are both distracted when a third person falls and hits the ground next to them. They are then fired upon by Nikolai (Oleg Taktarov), a soldier with a Gatling gun. Royce circles around him as he fires at Chuchillo. They settle their differences and try and figure out what is going on. Isabelle (Alice Braga) walks in on the three and points her sniper rifle at them.  Hanzo (Louis Changchien) follows them from a distance without them noticing.

The group goes on the move and talk about what they know. The last thing the group remembers before waking up is a bright light. As the group walk, they encounter RUF officer Mombasa (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali) and Stans (Walton Goggins) fighting each other. The break up the fight and then find Edwin (Topher Grace) hanging in a tree screaming for help. Royce shoots him down and Edwin lands in a puddle. Edwin is a doctor and the others are all mercenaries, killers and soldiers. A group of predators and a doctor in a mysterious jungle.

The group tries to get its bearings and try to find higher ground. They find a strange structure in the middle of the jungle. There is a skinned body at the bottom of the structure. They try and figure out what’s going on and Edwin suggests that they are part of an experiment. Nikolai is uneasy throughout the walk and the others deduce that something is wrong. Royce goes walking ahead and the group follows. Nicolai examines a strange plant and Edwin cuts it with a surgical knife. They note that it isn’t human and Edwin gets a sick look in his eyes as he watches the plant bleed. Isabelle asks what kind of properties it could have and Edwin suggests that it may have neurotoxins which allow it to capture it’s pray. Edwin looks at the gunk on his knife and they then turn to catch up with the group.

Royce leads the group to the top of a hill and Isabelle asks what the hell is going on. Royce assures her that he doesn’t know. Royce goes over their traits and points out the obvious: they are all killers who were brought together for a reason. He doesn’t know what it is but he doesn’t like it. The group continues moving until they find something which looks like an alien ship. Royce carefully moves toward it as the others circle it. He tells the others to provide him with back up as they move towards it. Hanzo pulls the cover off of it and they find rotting flesh and bugs in it.

Mombasa walks through the jungle and trips on a root which activates a complex series of traps which forces the group to scatter. Alice almost falls into a pit of spikes but is saved by Royce who grabs her wrist at the last second. They hear noises and find the person who made the trap already dead. His chest is burnt and it looks as if he was blasted through the chest by an energy weapon. Royce realizes that they are prey for something and tells them they should be on the lookout. Mombasa looks into the trees because he senses something looking at him. A cloaked Predator is looking right at him. Isabelle tells him to get a move on and Mombasa walks away.

The group reaches the end of the forest and seethe sky: there is a planet and a moon above them. It’s clear to them that they are no longer on Earth. They continue to speculate on where they are as they walk but something runs around in the trees above them. Stans complains since everyone has guns but him (and Edwin). He sees something in the distance and the group hears something growling. Several Predator Dogs come running at them and attack. The group opens fire and kill one before they realize they are a whole pack. Edwin and Stans turn and run but Edwin falls down. He is almost killed by a Dog but Isabelle shoots it at the last minute. Stans is tackled by one and almost devoured when Mombasa kicks it over and shoots it. Isabelle is cornered by one but her sniper rifle jams. It prepares to attack but she puts the gun to her head prepared to kill herself. Edwin screams at her not to but a whistle calls the Dogs away.

The group looks at the Dogs and wonder what the hell is going on. Edwin is still confused so Royce makes it clear that they are being hunted. During the squirmish, Chuchillo went missing. They hear him calling out in the jungle and find him sitting down, moaning. Royce suspects a trap and throws a rock at Chuchillo, activating a force field of sorts. The group decides to leave him since he was bait. Isabelle shoots Chuchillo in the head as an act of mercy as the group keeps moving. However, Chuchillo continues speaking; he was dead the whole time and something was mimicking his voice. Isabelle runs to catch up with the group as the Predators continue to watch her.

Royce follows the tracks of the Predator Dogs back to their camp. They find several skinned carcasses hanging from trees and a captured Predator chained to a statue (Hanzo steps over a Xenomorph skull, a shout out to Alien). This is their first encounter with the Predator species and Nikolai goes closer to have a look. He pokes it and it starts roaring. Mombasa is suddenly speared through the heart by an invisible Predator and Royce and the others spring to action, firing at enemies they cannot see. Nikolai’s gun is destroyed and the group retreats into the jungle. As Stans falls, Hanzo helps him up and the group continues running. They fall off a cliff and into the bottom of a waterfall. A Predator uses a Falcon to locate them and it is revealed that there are three Predators pursuing the group.

The group makes it to shore and Isabelle punches Royce in the face for making reckless decisions at the camp. She explains that she heard of an incident during a Cold War black ops mission that was stalked in a similar manner to how they are being hunted (a direct reference to the events of Predator). Royce decides to organize the group in order to have a fighting chance against the Predators. As the group rests for the night, they bond and talk about the situation until noises in the jungle scare them.

Royce and Isabelle are worried that the Predators have found them but Isabelle observes that the creatures are not Predators but rather insect like aliens. One is shot by something in Predator armor that uses their cloaking device which is revealed to be Noland (Laurence Fishburne), a former US Air Force member. He brings them him to his “base” – an old area which was once used for drilling by aliens but which now serves as his hideout.

Noland tells the group the dire situation they are in: He was brought to the planet 10 “seasons” before they were and survived by hiding from them. For centuries, Predators have been bringing the most vicious fighters to this planet to become better hunters. He tells them that the Predators have a spaceship near their camp which Royce immediately decides to steal to leave the planet.

While the group try and rest, Noland tries to kill them by flooding the room with gas in order to steal their equipment. Royce realizes that they will die if nothing is done so he uses a grenade to shoot a hole in the ship. This alerts the Predators to their location and they immediately head towards the ship. Hanzo finds a katana among the numerous weapons Noland has collected and Royce uses another grenade to destroy the door.

As Noland tries to escape the ship he runs into the lead Predator, Mr. Black, and is blown apart by the Predator’s lasers. The group manages to escape the death trap Noland left them in but realize the Predator’s have arrived. The Predator attacking the door rips a hole in it and Royce gets closer to the hole to shoot in a flare (hoping to blind the Predators) before climbing out.

Edwin gets separated from the group and walks down a corridor. He realizes that a Predator is with him and runs as he activates flares. The others run in a corridor opposite to Edwin as he screams for help. Nikolai decides to help Edwin and Edwin breaks flares as he runs down the corridor. Nikolai rescues Edwin by finding another way into the corridor and shooting at it. The Predator pursues them and shoots Nikolai through the chest. Mortally wounded, Nikolai is then stabbed by the Predator but activates a Claymore, taking the Predator with him. Edwin and the others barely escape as a fireball erupts from the entrance.

The group compose themselves and Stans is ecstatic to be alive. He screams out with joy before he is shot in the back with an energy blast by Mr. Black. Mr. Black prepares to kill Royce but Stans tackles him to buy the others time. The others escape and Mr. Black proceeds to rip Stans’ spine out with his bare hands.

The group makes it to a field when Hanzo realizes that they are still being pursued. Hanzo decides to stay behind and fight the Predator in a one on one fight to the death (having understood the Predators to place great importance on their ritualistic use of wrist knives). The two duel in the dark with Hanzo using his katana and the Predator using only his wrist blade. Hanzo cuts down the Predator but is mortally wounded. He dies immediately after his victory.

Edwin, Royce and Isabelle are now the only survivors left. As they run through the jungle, Edwin is caught in a bear trap. Royce tells her to leave Edwin but Isabelle refuses. Royce leaves her to help him in order to return to the Predator camp to see if he can negotiate with the Predator chained to the monolith. Edwin is terrified at the thought of being left to die but Isabelle helps him.

 Royce arrives at the Predator camp and tries to communicate with the Predator. He takes out his knife and makes it clear that he will free the Predator if the Predator agrees to help them escape the planet. He cuts the Predator free and it grabs him by the throat, examining him. Seeing no real fear, it releases him, agreeing to help.

Isabelle and Edwin continue through the jungle and are captured in a booby trap by Mr. Black. The Predator Royce freed dons its battle armor and shows Royce a hologram of Earth: the deal is officially accepted. Mr. Black arrives and the two Predators face off in the middle of the camp.

Royce returns to the jungle to find Edwin and Isabelle. He finds them in a pit where Edwin has paralyzed Isabelle with the neurotoxin on his knife. He reveals himself to be a serial killer and explains that he wants to join the Predators and help exterminate humans since they ruined his career and made him a wanted murderer. Edwin attacks Royce but is easily disarmed and killed. Royce booby traps Edwin’s body .

Mr. Black decapitates the Predators and destroys their spacecraft, stranding Isabelle and Royce. Knowing that the Predators hunt by heat signatures, Royce covers himself with mud and lights numerous fires. As Mr. Black examines Edwin’s body, Royce attacks him with an axe made of sharpened alien bone. Isabelle helps Royce fight Mr. Black and the two succeed in decapitating him.

As the dawn rises, Royce and Isabelle look to the sky. They see more people falling from the sky as more aliens are being deposited into the game preserve. Royce promises that they will find a way off the planet as they watch.

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