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George Clooney stars as Billy Tyne, captain of the ANDREA GAIL, a fishing boat used to catch sword fish. It's been a real bad season for Clooney and his crewman are upset at their pitiful paychecks. Mark Wahlberg is a rookie fisherman and his girlfriend Diane Lane, wants him to quit and find a safer job.

As the fishing season is about to end, Clooney decides to go out one more time to try to make up for the poor season they have had. Wahlberg decides to go because after all, he loves to fish.

Once again, the fish just aren't there and the crew begins to doubt Clooney's abilities as a captain. Clooney decides to venture way out to the Flemish Cap because, "That's where the fish are."

Finally, they are catching fish bigger and faster than they have ever done. They are on the verge of a record catch when one of the crew announces that the ice machine, used to keep the fish cold, has broken.

At the same time, closer to the coast, two hurricanes, one coming from Bermuda, and the other from the north, are on a collision course. Once they collide, they will create "The Perfect Storm", a weatherman's dream.

Clooney must make a decision to either stay where they are in calm weather and wait for the storms to pass or try to ride through the storms. If they wait where they are, the delay would spoil their record catch. They take a vote and decide to go through the storm.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is the captain of another fishing boat, also out fishing but in safer waters. She spends most of her time shouting at Clooney on the radio telling him things like "You're going into the middle of the monster!" or "You're sailing straight through hell!"

The storm is doing incredible damage to the boat and Clooney and the crew are being thrown all over. They decide to give up and turn around, heading away from the coast and back to calmer waters. Turning the boat around takes an incredible effort and the crew all celebrate when it is accomplished. They seem to be safe now. Suddenly they see a huge wave coming up so fast they have no time to turn around. With the crew down below, Clooney and Wahlberg attempt to go straight up the wave (the photo from the poster). The wave is far to powerful and it flips the boat over, with the huge wave crashing down on the now upside down ANDREA GAIL.

No one from the crew can get out but Wahlberg and Clooney can swim out from the broken windows. Wahlberg escapes and Clooney is about to follow him but decides to stay on the boat and "Go down with the ship".

When Wahlberg reaches the surface, he is in the middle of gigantic waves and storms and has no life jacket. We never see him or the crew again.

At the funeral for the entire crew of the ANDREA GAIL, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio gives a touching eulogy.

The final scene has her going out fishing again the next year, thinking about what Clooney used to say about how great it is to be a fishing boat captain.

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George Clooney:
He and his entire crew drown!
Mark Wahlberg:
He makes it out of the capsized ship but drowns in the storm and huge waves.
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