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Who Killed Jesus?
50 Reasons Why He Came to Die


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NOTE: This spoiler was sent in by night crawler kid who says..."Excellent movie, far superior to the Christ films of old, not for the faint-of-heart."

The film starts with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, speaking to himself in Aramaic, with no subtitles. He addresses Peter, John, and James, speaking of betrayal, which will soon occur. He walks away , to his own spot, appearing to be possessed and he lays down. We are shown Judas, in the presence of the High Jewish Priests. He is payed to show the Jewish guards where Jesus is. Back to the Garden, Jesus is awoken by the mysterious and quite-scary Satan, who questions Jesus, on who he is and who is his father. After no reply, a snake appears from under his gown, in which Jesus rises and crushes. The guards appear and Jesus does not hold back. Judas kisses Jesus on the forehead, the sign of betrayal, but Peter and the others fight back. John gets away, while Peter and the others are apprehended. A wounded soldier, missing an ear from Peter's attack sits stunned as Jesus magically heals it. Jesus is then taken into Jewish custody. As the Jewish soldiers take Jesus away, we are shown how he is treated, by beatings and taunts.

We then see Mary waking up, with Mary Magdelene close behind. She notices a change in the night, in which John breaks through the door, telling them that the guards seized Jesus. We see Jesus being walked across a bridge, when the guards hit him to the point of him falling off the bridge. He hangs inches from the ground, held up by restricting chains, when he sees Judas hiding. Judas turns after he hears a growl, and the Satan's beastial spirit jumps out and frightens him off. Jesus is brought to Jerusalem. Surrounded by the common townspeople (Peter and Judas among them) and the high priests, he is asked about who he is, if he is truly the son of David, the Messiah, in which he replies "I AM." None believe him, and again he is taken away, beaten also. Peter goes to run away, but is confronted by several people. "You are one of his disciples," in which Peter keeps replying "I don't even know this man," three times. He is then reminded (flashback) of when Jesus spoke "Before the cock crows, three times you will deny me." He flees as Mary, Magdelene, and John arrive. Jesus is seen watching a carpenter, which instantly reminds of him of the past, him making a high table with Mary in the kitchen, and back to the present. As Mary, John, and Mary M. see Jesus, he is again taken away.

Judas again enters the high priests' chambers to give back the money he received for betraying Jesus. He throws it at them, and sits outside. Two kids approach him, accusing him of being cursed. As they taunt him, their faces begin to deform, showing that Satan is behind this. Judas flees.

We are then shown Pontius Pilate and his wife, sleeping with nightmares. Pontius and his wife are awoken with the news that Jesus has been taken into Jewish custody. We then see Judas in daylight running from a crowd of kids. They all taunt him and behind the group, he repeatedly spots Satan. The kids all disappear and Judas, realizing this will never end, takes the reign (rope) from a dead horse carcass and hangs himself.

Jesus, after lots of mistreatment, and barely any time to acknowledge Mary, Mary M., and John, who are always following, is taken to Pontius Pilate. Pontius Pilate speaks to Jesus, asking him why he wont speak the truth, and also, what is truth? he asks. Pilate responds to the Jewish crowd "Jesus has not sinned and should not be punished." He also says that this is Herod's problem, not his. Jesus is taken to Herod, who is excited to meet Jesus, simply from word-of-mouth. He asks to see Jesus' powers, but Jesus does not reply. Herod does not believe in punishing Jesus, he simply thinks he is a crazy fool. Jesus is returned to Pilate. Pilate condemns Jesus, but tells Abenader to make sure that Jesus is punished, not killed.

Jesus is taken to be scourged. In the presence are several people, including Mary, Mary M., John, and Satan (mocking Jesus, as he is holding a mutant-looking baby). Jesus is first whipped with sticks (by two unsympathetic guards) several times, severely scarring Jesus' back. As Mary and the others soon witness, the guards soon take out the cat o' nine tail whips, with several sharp objects attacked to each whip. Jesus is beaten and severely scarred. (Drawing gasps from the audience when Jesus' side gets chunks torn out, and his eye is hit). Jesus is then turned over and whipped on his frontside. During this, Claudia Pilate delivers white sheets and towels to Mary and Mary M., as a sign of forgiveness from her. Abenader, Pilate's Guard, arrives and stops the guards from proceeding. Jesus is dragged away and a puddle of blood remains. While Jesus is away, the Mary's clean the blood, which reminds (flashback) Mary M. of the time when Jesus rescued her from the crowd of stone throwers. She begins to cry. We then see Jesus sitting in a corner, when the guards approach and painfully place a rose thorn crown over Jesus' head. Jesus is then taken back to the court, where Pilate asks if this is enough punishment.

Pilate, though, fearing rebellion will occur if he does not condemn Jesus, takes a vote from the crowd, if Jesus should be freed or the murderer Barabbas, in which the crowd replies "Barabbas." Pilate washes his hands of the ordeal and sentences Jesus to death, agreeing to the crowd's vote of crucifixion.

Jesus is then taken out, with the giant wooden crucifix placed on his shoulders to carry.

Jesus makes his trek, with the guards behind him, whipping and torturing. The Marys and John follow Jesus also. Mary looks over the crowd and spots Satan. They meet eye to eye, but Mary sets her attention back on Jesus. They search for a quicker route, so Mary can meet her son. Jesus falls several times due to the cross, even one time the cross falls on his head, causing him to bleed severely. When Mary finally comes to the alley, she is reminded (flashback) of the time when Jesus was a child and he fell. As she rushes towards him, the present and the past are intertwined, her finally reaching Jesus and holding him.

He speaks to her, telling her that "I make everything new." (Here starts the tears, from the audience and I.)

For about 10 minutes he makes his journey, but he loses strength. A passerby, Simon, is ordered to help Jesus carry the cross. He does, but again Jesus falls several times. Near the end, when Jesus can barely move, an innocent woman offers her sheet to Jesus to wipe the blood from his face, and them some water, which is knocked away from the soldiers. As Jesus is being beaten after this, Simon stops them and the cross bearing proceeds. Jesus and Simon become closer as the bearing comes to end and when Jesus can bare the cross no longer, Simon is told off and he flees, crying. Mary, Magdelene, and John arrive just as Jesus is being placed on the cross.

As the first stake is placed on his hand, he is reminded of the last supper, when he was offering bread as pieces of his body. The stake is (violently) rammed through his hand, and (flashback) he is reminded of when he offered wine as is blood and forgiveness to sin. One evil guard says "this is how you do it" by dislocating Jesus' arm and placing his hand on the hole. Another stake, then another through Jesus' legs. Throughout this scene, several flashbacks to the last supper, mainly lines of friendship and sacrifice. Jesus cross is flipped and he falls face first, and then it is risen. As he is hanging there, another crucified thief near him scorns him, asking "why, if you are so powerful can't you escape" while the other thief asks "will you remember me in paradise?" (Tears) The bad thief laughs as a crow lands and pecks out his eyes. As the Caiphais, the high priest, scorns Jesus and walks away, Jesus begs "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do!"

Later, the sky begins to darken, a storm is coming. The Marys and John are still there, unmoved, when the Roman soldiers all begin to leave. When Jesus, after his spirit enters heaven (not seen but said) dies, an earthquake occurs and begins to tear apart the Jewish palace and Pilate's court. We are suddenly (and spookingly) shown Satan, from the depths of hell, screaming in disappointment at Jesus for entering heaven. The soldiers are forced to remove the crucified from the crosses. The first two crucified thieves have their legs broken to be released, but Jesus' cannot be done. The soldier replies that Jesus is dead, but is ordered to check, by spearing Jesus in the side. He spears him, and to be covered in Jesus' blood and scared off. When Jesus is finally released, we see Mary holding her son, saddened and depressed.

After about a 60 second fade out, the door to a tomb opens in daylight, and Jesus' body is shown disappearing from under the sheet covering his body. We then see Jesus, standing, healthy, with a hole in his hand, walk out of the tomb, resurrected.


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