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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Joanna.

The movie begins with a beauty pageant competition. It is outside, and there is a parade going on in the town, complete with clowns, floats, games, and rides. A few clowns walk away from the parade route and look a bit suspicious. Cops pass right by them, making them nervous, but nothing happens. The clowns go to the security center and start their plan. They put up a tarp and start to crawl under the security center.

Meanwhile at the fair, a man dressed as a priest is working undercover. He even plays a few games at the fair while he keeps an eye out for what’s going on. He calls to his partner as they see a bunch of balloons floating away. The men go to the security center which the clowns have now broken into. They have everyone on the ground with guns and take everyone’s phones – all of them are working together.

One of the security guards is freaking out like he’s having a heart attack (he’s young though). The “priest” assures him everything will be fine. While the clowns use a blow torch to open the safe, he has a flashback of being with his girlfriend/wife, Claire (Emma Booth). We see the priest, Parker (Jason Statham), without his disguise and her father Hurley (Nick Nolte). They are at a picnic. It seems that Hurley and Parker are in the same profession. Back to present day, the thieves are setting everything on fire. Fire trucks and ambulances start to arrive, and the “cop” we saw earlier is in the heist. He brings the car around, and they put all the bags of money into the truck and start to escape, as Parker takes off his priest disguise. He’s a little upset seeing all the people running from the fire, but gets away nonetheless. When they get away, he fights with one of the partners because the fire was supposed to be in a place where no one would get hurt. They transfer the bags to other vans, and everyone takes off their clown disguises. They think Parker did a great job and want him for another job.

They offer him another deal, but he doesn’t like it. He sees them start to pull out a gun. They all start to do the same, but Parker manages to beat them in the car, but gets shot, before jumping out the window. They think he’s dead as they see him lying on the street. Melander (Michael Chiklis), the leader, sends Hardwicke, a young guy out to kill him and finish the job. Instead of shooting him that he kicks him into the water, and they leave.

Meanwhile, the security guard from the heist is being interviewed, and some people drive by where Parker is. They get out of the car to see if he’s okay and Parker has another flashback of him and his girl in the shower. The family takes him to the hospital, and he hears on the TV that some people were killed in the fire. A “nurse” comes in to the room, but he’s really a bad guy ,and Parker kills him. He takes his clothes and takes out his roommate in a wheelchair so he can get out. He goes into an ambulance and treats himself while he has a flashback of being beaten and pushed into the water. He escapes via the ambulance and gets to a motel. He breaks into a room, takes clothes and changes his disguise once again. He finds an unlocked car, hotwires it, and gets away.

He gets to a diner, beats up someone named Jack and takes his gun. They go somewhere, and Jack pretends Parker is helping him so he can get inside, steal some money, and get away. He steals a different car. He goes somewhere where he can get a fake license and passport made. He calls Hurley to tell him what’s going on. He tells him that he needs him to tell Claire he’ll be gone a little longer and that he has to get a hold of the client Melander. Harvey gives him the information he needs and sets off.

Parker heads off to a club to meet with Hardwicke Sr., the young guy’s uncle. He has to beat up a few people to find him but does. Hardwicke was working with Melander and took money that belonged to Parker (the money from the heist). Hardwicke’s brother tells Parker that Hardwicke is in Palm Beach, FL. Parker heads there.

The men are at their own place when the young Hardwicke gets a call – Parker is alive. They threaten him to get in contact with his uncle to put an end to this. Back home, Harvey tells Claire he will go find Parker, but he is being watched. As soon as he leaves, a man breaks into the house and goes after Claire. She hears something and gets away in time to get the air out of his tires and drive away. She calls Parker and he tells her where to go – the fish camp – he’ll meet her there Friday.

Leslie Rogers (Jennifer Lopez) is at home with her mother in her condo. Leslie is on the phone trying to get them to give her more time to make her car payment. She sees a cop Jake (Bobby Cannavale) who flirts with her, but she doesn’t seem to like it. At the same time, Parker goes to the office of the men who were supposed to make his fake IDs. He winds up killing/hurting all the men until they give it to him – he is now from Ecuador. He meets with Harvey who tells him that it’s too dangerous down there – the cops can shut the city down very easily if there’s anything going on. Harvey offers him the money that he lost in the heist, but he doesn’t want it from them – it’s the principle of the thing.

Leslie is a realtor who needs her first commission – if she doesn’t sell something soon she’s screwed. She spies on one of her coworkers so she can steal her sale. The client is Parker in disguise under the name Daniel Parnet from San Antonio. He tells her he will see her the next day and goes to Claire. She’s obviously very upset about all that’s happening, and he tells her if she left no one would blame her.

Parker goes to see the huge beautiful house with Leslie. He tells her he was married once, but she passed away, and she tells him that she’s been divorced for 11 months, but because he had declared bankruptcy before they got divorced she has to help him pay his debt. They drive around past some more beautiful houses and past one bought by a Mr. Rodrigo for 1.2 million – he wants to renovate, but it’s “obviously a tear down.” Parker says he will have to meet him one day. They pull over, and Parker gets out of the car to look at the water. He tells Leslie how he’s from San Antonio but was born in Ecuador. They stop back at the office, and he asks to take the pictures of the houses. Leslie kind of asks him out and gives him her card, but he tells her that he has plans and leaves.

Back at the hotel he rips up her card and looks at the pictures of the homes. At her home, Leslie looks on the computer and looks up Parker’s online accounts and sees there has been “no activity.” Also, she gets an email saying they will be repossessing her car. Her mother tries to get her to go out, but she just sits and cries.

Parker goes to the house they stopped by earlier and spies on the crew. He sees them leave and sneaks into the house. He plants guns in the house, finds all their weapons, and takes out all the ammo. The crew is at the place where he picked up the IDs, and the man is saying he doesn’t know Parker, so they kill him. They drive home and almost catch Parker, but he gets away in time. As he leaves, he sees Leslie who had been spying on him! He gets in the car, and she says no one knows she’s there, but she knew something was wrong about his story. The name he gave her is of a child that is 2 months old, and she tells him all the other holes in his story. She looked into Mr. Rodrigo too – he’s only 6 months old. They go to the office, and she pours herself some champagne, revealing details about herself – pushing 40, hasn’t talked to her sister in 5 years, living with her mom, chauffeuring these playboys around to rich houses she could never buy, etc. Maybe one of these days she will get a full commission! She tells him that if he’s going to kill her to just go ahead and do it, but if he’s not, she can help him. Whatever he’s into down there, she can help him because she’s knows the territory. He tells her to take off her clothes to see if she’s wearing a wire. She strips down, and all she is asking is for him to give her a small piece so she can get the hell out of there. He checks her for wires, and she gets dressed – he says he’ll think about it.

The next day he goes and sees the men at work and spies on them, having flashbacks to when they hurt him in the car. Jake the cop starts bothering Leslie. She gets a call from Parker and goes to meet him – with Jake following her. After she meets with Parker she comes on to him, kissing him, but he just wants to stick to business. He tells her that “Rodrigo” took something from him, and he wants it back, and they are going to do a robbery and stay in the house when they’re done. He doesn’t know where they will be stealing from. All he knows is that it’s $50-$75 million worth of jewelry. Leslie seems to know where it is, but she tells him they’re crazy and he’ll get killed if he goes anywhere near them. The woman they will be stealing from had more jewels than Elizabeth Taylor, and they’re having an auction with her things the next night. They go to her home – huge and beautiful. The robbers are sneaking into the house posing as delivery men for the auction. Parker and Leslie go to the house to see what’s going on. He makes her get out of the car and tells her just to go to her office.

Parker goes to his hotel room, takes off his watch, and relaxes on the balcony. When he goes inside, a man is there who attacks and tries to kill him. He almost does, by suffocating him with the shower liner, but instead Parker smashes his head with the top of the toilet seat. Very bloody scene. Thinking he’s dead, Parker is about to pick up the knife when the man shows up behind him. Parker allows the knife to go STRAIGHT THROUGH HIS HAND so that he can bring the guy to the balcony and manages to knock him over the side, all the while with a knife sticking through his hand.

The next morning Jake shows up at Leslie’s house asking her about Parker with his pseudonym. She lies and says she doesn’t know anything, while trying to cover up blood that’s in her house. He tells her about the altercation with the balcony, and that he needs him to ID the body of the guy that died – they found her business card in his hotel room. While Jake still tries hitting on her, she tries to get rid of him, as she has now seen Parker hiding, completely torn up and bloody. Once she gets Jake away, she goes to him, freaking out. Parker gives her a phone number to call from a payphone. Even though she is freaking out, she agrees to go and work to work like he said and surprisingly her mother stays with him.

At work, Leslie watches a video clip of the fight and balcony murder on her computer. She tells her friend she needs some air and leaves to go home. Claire is at the house taking care of Parker. Leslie is still freaking out wanting Parker to go to the hospital but Claire says he is who he is. He tells Claire to wait for him at the fish camp, and she says she will before they kiss and she leaves. Parker tells Leslie to go back to work because Jake the cop is watching her.

Back at the house, the guys are getting their weapons out of the case for their heist, not knowing that Parker had taken out all the ammo. They put on their disguises and set off. The auction is going on, and there are millions and millions of dollars worth of jewelry. All of a sudden there are bullets fired and little fires set with flares. The entire scene is chaos as everyone tries to escape. The robbers are dressed like firemen so they can get into house without suspicion. They get inside and steal all the jewelry while young Hardwicke is out on a boat to get the guys when they’re done. He is stopped for being in a “restricted area” while the men are now in scuba suits. Hardwicke is arguing about leaving the area because obviously he’s there to get the men. The real firemen show up at the house and when they go inside the “fire” is gone, and everyone realizes it was a robbery.

Leslie gets to the scene and is nervous now that it’s “really happening,” as Parker is breaking into the hideaway house. He waits for them in the house with the gun he previously hid there. Leslie is also watching from outside. The men show up and go inside the house in their scuba gear and empty the bags of jewelry. Hardwicke finds Leslie outside and with a gun to her face he drags her inside. The men think Leslie was sent in by Parker, but Hardwicke thinks they’re being paranoid. Hardwicke starts beating Leslie to find out where he is. While on the ground, she sees the gun Parker hid under the table. One of the guys calms her down and sits her up. Leslie insists she doesn’t know where he is. They start checking the house while armed, and Leslie sees the jewels. One of the guys, Ross (Clifton Collins Jr.), goes outside but Parker grabs him. They make Hardwicke go check it out, and one of the guys is trying to strip Leslie. Melander finds Parker and tries to shoot him but realizes the gun is empty. Leslie grabs the gun from under the table and kills the man, Carlson (Wendell Pierce),while Parker beats up Melander, breaking his arm and killing him. Hardwicke has the gun to Leslie’s head now and tries to shoot her, but his gun is empty also. Parker shoots him dead and rescues Leslie.

They go into the car with all the jewels. He tells her to take them to her office and stuff them in a vent without telling anyone. In three months he’ll send someone to get them from her, and after it’s done she’ll receive her money by express mail – but, she can’t put the money in the bank or go on a crazy shopping spree. It will be millions. He gets out of the car, and she drives away.

Chicago, 6 months later:

Parker walks into Hardwicke Sr.’s office after killing some guys and shoots the man dead.

One Year Later:

There’s a knock on Leslie’s door. It’s the certified mail. In it are huge amounts of money for her! Parker also bought the family who saved him in the beginning of the movie a new house.

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