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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Sandee.

FLASHBACK:  OCT 2006: Aunt Katie (Katie Featherston) is holding toddler Hunter on her lap, while her sister films them together.  Katie brings a small gift box for her nephew, which has a necklace inside, and after he opens it, she leaves.  The nursery has a video camera taping, time stamped at 11:50pm, and we see Hunter’s mom holding him late at night.  She hears a noise, and then footsteps, and Katie comes in the nursery, glazed eyes and blood all over her shirt, and hurls the mom across the room into the wall.  She takes baby Hunter in her arms, and leaves.  The film says that Hunter was abducted Oct 9, 2006, and Katie and Hunter’s whereabouts are unknown.

Henderson, Nevada, November 2011:  Wyatt (Aiden Lovekamp), a 6 yr old boy, is playing soccer in the park with his team.  His dad arrives late, in a suit, and Wyatt’s mom gives him a bad look for being late.  His older sister, Alex (Kathryn Newton), distracts Wyatt with a cartwheel, so he won’t see their parents argue.

At home, Alex’s boyfriend, Ben (Matt Shively), comes over.  While they are playing Kinect video games, Ben asks Alex to take him on a tour of the yard and house.  Out back, there is a huge castle, which is 2-stories tall.  Inside, he is surprised that it is such a mess, and even more surprised to turn the corner and see a little boy.  Alex explains that he is Robbie (Brady Allen), the weird kid from across the street, and that he comes in their yard all the time.  She walks him home.  Robbie’s mom is single, and busy, or not around a lot, and Robbie goes into people’s yards a lot.

Later at night, Alex has a videochat with Ben, and carries the laptop with her downstairs while she makes a snack, and she hears sirens outside.  They are at Robbie’s house.  She goes outside to investigate and closes the laptop.

Next morning, Robbie is standing in their front yard, again.  He comes to the front door, and meets Wyatt, and the two boys go to play.  Mom tells Alex that Robbie’s mom is in the hospital for 2-3 days, and there is no one else to watch him, so Robbie will be staying with them.  He unpacks his things and says his stuffed animal is 100 years old, and that this fork he brought is special--it tells the future.  Alex rolls her eyes at how weird he is. She has another videochat with Ben and explains about her parents fighting and fears they may divorce.  A shadow passes behind her, in the hallway--it is Robbie.  She goes to check it out, and finds him staring at the door in the kitchen.

Ben comes over and shows her something on the laptop—his laptop automatically records all of his videochats. At first Alex is mortified, as it is an invasion of her privacy.  But he shows her that at night, Robbie got into bed with her and slept there, and she had no idea.

Ben shows them how he can use the videogame Kinect’s motion-sensitive tracking lights, with night vision, to show up, and make everything look like a disco-ball. They marvel at how cool it is, and have a “space dance party” except Robbie won’t dance.  They see it on the laptop’s night vision.  When they watch it back, they see what looks like a child sitting next to Robbie on the sofa, and his shape moves just a bit in the pindot lighting.

NIGHT #1:  November 6, 2011 3:02 am

A noise is heard, and Alex goes to see what it is.  Parents and Wyatt are asleep, so she goes downstairs.  With the pindot lights, she sees Robbie just staring at the tv, and talks to it.  Then there is a noise behind them, and a light goes on, and Alex says, “What the fuck?” and Robbie runs. The next day, she shows the recording from the laptop to Ben. They show it to her dad, and he thinks they are so good with technology that it is a fake.

At night, Alex is having another videochat with Ben, and the connection gets all wonky and breaks up.  She hears a noise in the hall, and can’t hear Ben on the laptop, and is suddenly yanked off the bed by her feet…only to find out it is Ben playing a prank on her.  She explains to Ben that she thinks Robbie brought something supernatural in with him and that it is after her.  She asks Ben to record all the videos on all the computers in her house, so she can see what is up with Robbie, and he does.

NIGHT #3:  November 8, 2011 3:23 am

The rooms in the house look fine, until Robbie gets out of bed and just stares at Wyatt sleeping.  Then he goes to the kitchen, the family room, and starts running;  Wyatt has gotten up and they are playing tag in the house. Mom comes down and makes them go back to bed.

Next day, Alex comes home from school, and as she gets something from the fridge, a basketball comes bouncing down the stairs from upstairs. She yells for Mom or Wyatt, but apparently they are not there.  She goes upstairs, yelling for anyone, but no one answers, so she goes in her room.  She hears a LOUD BANG out in the hall, and tentatively goes out to check.  She sees a line of small toys going from her room, all the way down the hall into Wyatt’s room, where they stop at the closet door. She slowly opens the closet door….and the electric train set on the floor behind her starts up all by itself.  Alex goes downstairs and sees the living room chandelier swinging; she gets her phone, and walks to look, and the chandelier that was directly over her head in the entry CRASHES to the floor, nearly killing her.  Robbie appears on the landing upstairs, and she can’t believe he was in the house the whole time.  She tells her parents that she thinks Robbie brought in something paranormal that is after her, but they won’t listen.

NIGHT #6:  November 11, 2011 2:11am

There is a noise, which wakes Alex, and she videochats with Ben.  Outside, she notices cars at Robbie’s house, which surprises her as the mom is supposedly still in the hospital.  She takes the laptop with her and videochats with Ben as she goes outside and across the street.  Inside the front gate, she sees people in the dark, and lots of cars. As she opens the gate, a voice behind her in the dark says, “Hi-can I help you?”  It is a woman, and Alex screams, and runs home.

The next day, Wyatt is riding his Big Wheel bike through the house, making loops, and as he makes another loop through the kitchen, a chair that was scooted in under the table…scoots out by itself, right in his path.  He has to stop…and then laughs and goes around it.  Mom is vacuuming in the other room, and doesn’t hear this.  Wyatt leaves his bike, and then we see the bike go by itself through the kitchen.

That evening, Alex and Ben are downstairs, and they hear a loud noise from upstairs. They go up and find Wyatt shirtless with ink and strange designs all over him.  Robbie says he did it so “He wouldn’t see Wyatt."  On his back is a triangle with a circle inside.  Alex tries to scrub the ink off.  Late that night while everyone is sleeping, Wyatt wakes up and goes downstairs, stops in front of the Kinect tv, and talks to it.  Alex and Ben see this the next day on the laptop, and ask him what happened, but he refuses to say anything.  Robbie doesn’t want him to talk.  On the outside video, they see a triangle shape in the sand, and realize it looks like the drawing on Wyatt’s back, so they Google it, and find out it is from some ancient civilization that uses it when they want to take possession of someone.

Mom makes dinner while watching a cooking show on the laptop.  She chops vegetables with a large knife, and when she is called, puts down the knife, walks away and yells an answer.  We see the knife fly upwards.  She returns and the knife is gone, and she retraces her steps, and is stunned she can’t find it.  She gets another knife and resumes making dinner.

Mom leaves for an errand, and Alex is babysitting.  Robbie and Wyatt leave the house, and go across the street to Robbie’s house; Alex sees this out the window, and freaks out that they left without telling her.  She chases after them, and they are inside Robbie’s house.  Most of the furniture is covered with sheets, and a closet in the bedroom has a large padlock on the door.  The boys run, scream, and a lady appears.  It is Robbie’s mom…who is Katie, the woman who killed her sister and took baby Hunter from the beginning of the movie.  Alex tells her mom that Robbie’s mom didn’t look sick at all, or like she had been sick.

NIGHT #9:  November 14, 2011 1:20am

Dad is resting on the sofa, watching TV, and hears a noise and gets up to see.  He hears a beeping in the kitchen--it is the computer. He fixes it, and goes back to family room, and the beeping starts again.  He goes back a second time, fixes it again, and turns to go back to family room. As he does, the large missing knife falls from the ceiling, and is imbedded in the counter top.  Dad is freaked out, and can’t believe he was nearly stabbed, and can’t figure where the knife came from.

In the morning, Alex talks to Wyatt and somehow Robbie and his mom know that he was adopted, and Robbie told him that the other family needs Wyatt back.

NIGHT #10:  November 25, 2011 3:18am

Everyone is asleep.  The door to Wyatt’s room opens by itself--no one is there.  Wyatt wakes up, gets out of bed, and goes downstairs.  In the family room, the pindot shows the figure of a child behind him.  He stops in front of the TV and talks to it, saying “No, I don’t know, No it’s not…I’m not Hunter!” Dad hears and comes down, flips on lights and asks him if he is ok, then takes him back to bed.

Next day, Mom tells Wyatt he needs a bath, but he is watching a movie on his laptop. She lets him bring it into the bathroom, and he watches it from the tub while he plays with toys.  She leaves him alone, and goes to answer the phone downstairs.  Wyatt is suddenly yanked underwater by something unseen, and the water stops moving.  Mom is still downstairs, and the water in the tub is completely still.  And…Wyatt pops up, a minute later, seemingly okay, but just stares.

NIGHT #11: November 16, 2011 12:03am

Mom and Dad are watching TV downstairs, and Dad comments that he has never seen Alex so knocked out. Mom replies that she has been giving her prescription sleeping pills for the past 2 nights.  Dad flips put, and can’t believe she’d give something that strong to a teenager, and without asking him first.  We see Alex sleeping, and her door slowly opens by itself.  Then, her blanket is yanked off by something unseen.  Slowly, her back arches, and Alex levitates off the bed, at least 3 feet in the air.

In the morning, Alex sees that Wyatt has scribbled “Hunter” on the walls in his room.  She asks if being a hunter is some kind of game.  He tells her it used to be his name.

NIGHT #12: November 17, 2011 12:48am

Alex has a videochat with Ben.  She takes the laptop with her as she walks downstairs, and keeps talking to Ben.  In the kitchen, she hears the electric garage door open.  She checks, and it did open by itself.  She tells Ben goodbye, and goes back to the garage. She pushes the button and the door closes. As she goes back in the house, the door reopens.  Alex goes back in the garage and the door is up. She turns, and it SLAMS shut.  Then, the parked car starts, and all the doors are locked.  The exhaust is filling the garage.  The door to the house is locked, and Alex can’t get any door open, or the car to stop.

Robbie’s mom, Katie, goes in the house while Alex is stuck in the garage; she walks upstairs and goes into Wyatt’s room.  He is hiding in the closet, and won’t come out. Katie tells him that she will wait.

Alex grabs a golf club and shatters a car window.  She gets in to turn it off, and it goes in reverse through the closed garage door, and finally stops in the driveway.  When her parents get home later, Alex is hysterical, and they don’t believe her that it all happened by itself.

The next day, the phone rings, and Mom gets it.  Katie again appears in the house and stands in the family room, and goes up to Wyatt’s room.  When Mom hangs up, she hears noises and looks at the TV in family room, where they seem to be coming from, and a book from the shelf falls off right in front of her.  She replaces it, and then wind blows her hair, but she is INSIDE.  Then, something unseen grabs her, flings her up towards the ceiling, and then slams her to the ground.  She doesn’t move. Katie comes back downstairs, and drags Mom’s body away.

Ben lets himself in the house as no one answers, and he is going to try to fix the recordings on the laptops for Alex.  He gets a drink from the fridge, and then he hears a loud noise.  He calls upstairs but no one answers.  He looks in Alex’s room, but it is empty. So, he sits down at the laptop to begin fixing it.  Katie comes from behind, and snaps his neck, killing him instantly.  She drags him into Alex’s bathroom.

It's night, and Dad and Alex drive up to the house.  Dad sees cars at Robbie’s house and goes over to see what is going on. Alex goes inside her house, and in her room, she gets her phone to call Ben.  As she does, she hears his phone ring, and thinks he is pranking her, hiding.  She follows the sound, and finds his dead body in her bathroom and screams.  She runs, screaming for help, to Robbie’s house, looking for her dad.  She goes in the house, hears loud noises, and sees her dad being flung around the room, slammed into walls.  She can’t’ find him, and goes into another room, looking and yelling for her dad.  She hears crying, and finds Wyatt, standing still, zombie-like.  She grabs him, takes him through the house, and Katie shows up and comes after her.  She slams a door shut, yet Katie breaks through it.  She yells at Wyatt to “GO!” but he just stands there. It is all dark, and she looks behind Wyatt and sees the yard full of identically dressed women, with dark eyes, looking like zombies, and they all come at her. Alex is grabbed from behind, and it all goes dark.


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