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Daniel and Kristi bring home their newborn son, Hunter, from the hospital. Ali, Daniel’s daughter from a previous marriage, takes their camera and walks around recording everything for her brother. They document his arrival and provide commentary for him as they go through each room of the house. As they finish the tour, there is a knock on the door and Kristi opens the door to find her sister, Katie, waiting to see her nephew.

Daniel asks Katie where her boyfriend, Micah, is and Katie tells him that Micah is off doing his own thing but will visit Hunter later. Katie looks over Hunter and plays with Ali in the pool. The family has fun with the newborn and Katie comments on how precious Hunter is.

The footage jumps forward. A break in has occurred and the entire house has been wrecked, furniture thrown around and various objects destroyed. Daniel walks through the house recording the damage for insurance purposes and notes that the only room that wasn’t disturbed was Hunter’s. He goes into the basement, which is full of boxes and various odds and ends, and decides to focus on mainly cleaning the upstairs of the house. As a precaution to avoid more break-in, Daniel decides to install CCTV, which puts surveillance into every room in the house and outside in the pool. That night, the lights which illuminate the pool shut off.

The next morning, the pool vacuum which runs in the pool at night is out of the pool. Daniel kicks it back in, assuming that someone else pulled it out. Their house keeper, Marcella, senses bad spirits in the house, which amuses Ali but Ali doesn’t press the issue. The family dog, Abby, walks around the house scratching at the basement door repeatedly, but nothing comes of it. That evening, Hunter begins crying and Kristi goes to take care of him and put him back to sleep. She feels something weird and goes to the window, where a bird flies directly into it, scaring her.

The next morning, Daniel sees the dead bird and gets rid of it. Micah and Katie arrive and we learn more about Katie and Kristi’s childhood. Daniel tells Micah that Katie and Kristi apparently used to have séances to communicate with spirits. Katie denies it and just states that they had a weird childhood. Micah is fascinated by the camera and Daniel then pulls him aside to tell him that Kristi thinks the house is haunted. Micah cracks jokes but doesn’t take it seriously. The time stamp on the recording indicates that the conversation took place two months before he is killed.

Ali goes out with her boyfriend, Brad, while Daniel and Kristi go on a date as well. Marcella takes care of Hunter and puts him to sleep. When he goes to sleep, Marcella goes downstairs and sees the pans and pots moving in the kitchen. She hears a giant boom from upstairs and Hunter crying out. She runs upstairs and grabs her incense candles from her room. She begins a ritual to keep bad spirits out of the house. Daniel and Kristi return home and Daniel is upset that Marcella is doing a religious ceremony in his house. He fires her the next day and ignores her claims that something evil is in the house.

Ali is upset that Marcella was fired and talks to Daniel about it. This ends up turning into a discussion about the paranormal. Daniel is a skeptic and doesn’t want to believe, whereas Ali is open to it, since she thinks that it would be nice to know her mother is looking after them. Kristi hears a pot fall in the middle of the night and goes to check it out. She puts the pan back on the rack but it falls down again a few minutes later when Kristi looks out the window.

A few nights later, Ali is left in charge of Hunter while Daniel and Kristi go out on another date. Ali’s boyfriend comes over and they begin playing with a Ouija Board. Ali asks what the spirit wants and Brad begins messing with her (spelling out P-U-S-S…). However, as Ali is laughing, the planchete begins moving and spells out Hunter. Ali is a little surprised but doesn’t think much of it. Brad leaves and Ali is left alone in the house with Hunter. She falls asleep and a shadow creeps over her, interfering with the TV display. There’s a boom and she wakes up breathing heavily, certain that she heard something say her name. She goes to check up on Hunter but is distracted by a knock on the front door. She opens the door and steps out, and the door slams and locks behind her. She desperately tries to get back in the house, with Abby trying to help by scratching at the back door, but she cannot get in.

Over the next two hours, the demon plays with Hunter. It levitates him out of his crib and Hunter crawls around the house. The demon opens the door to the basement and guides Hunter there, but Hunter just crawls back upstairs. When his parents arrive, they notice that Ali is missing and begin to freak out. They find Hunter in his crib crying when Ali bursts into the house, explaining herself. Daniel is pissed with her behavior and doesn’t believe her story. Ali implores Kristi to believe her but Kristi is just worried about Hunter.

The situation in the house becomes more and more tense. Katie comes over and Kristi tells her that she thinks it’s what happened when they were kids. Katie freaks out on her, telling her that their childhood was the result of a messed up mother who was obsessed with the occult. Katie tells her not to focus on it and that it will go away. Ali spends her time researching spirits and determines that they are being attacked by a demon. She learns that when a person makes an oath with a demon, the pact often revolves around surrendering the first born son. She does more research and sees that Hunter is the first male born in Kristi’s side of the family in generations. She deduces that the demon is coming to collect a debt.

Kristi is in the kitchen when she feels the demon’s presence. She turns around and sees all the cabinets explode, sending the materials flying around her. She freaks out and runs to Hunter, then comes back and puts all of the materials back in their proper place, defiantly. That night, Abby senses the demon and begins attacking it. Unfortunately, the demon throws Abby behind the couch and Abby cries out in pain. Daniel and Ali hear it and run to find Abby having a seizure. They rush her out to the vet, leaving Kristi alone in the house with Hunter.

Over the next several hours, Kristi calls Daniel asking if Abby will be ok. She hears a noise in Hunter’s room and goes to check it out. She is then immediately dragged out of the room and down the stairs, but catches onto a leg of the banister, which allows her to run back to Hunter’s room. The demon rips her out of the room and drags her to the basement where she is trapped for two hours.

The next morning, Daniel asks Ali to stay home and watch Hunter. Kristi won’t leave her bed and Daniel has a business meeting with a client. Ali is freaked out by Kristi’s behavior and notices the weird bite on Kristi’s leg. Kristi screams at Ali not to go near hunter in a demonic voice. Ali gets scared and looks over the previous night’s footage on the CCTV. She sees Kristi’s attack and calls Daniel crying. Daniel returns home immediately and gets upset looking at the footage. He calls Marcella back and Marcella gives him a cross and administers blessings. Ali begs Daniel to leave but Daniel says that he can’t. Ali tells him that should just let the demon take Hunter or try and pass it on but Daniel tells her that the demon can only haunt a blood relative.

Daniel approaches Kristi who is catatonic in her bed. Kristi attacks him and grabs Hunter as the demon kills the power in the house. Daniel grabs the camera and uses its night vision feature to find Ali. He tells her to stay in the kitchen.  Daniel follows Hunter’s cries into the basement where he is attacked by Kristi. He uses the blessed cross to force the demon out of Kristi and the camera falls, leaving a moment of uncertainty. Hunter waddles into view.

The next seen is Daniel burning an old photo of Katie which Kristi had in her photo album, effectively spreading the curse to her. Katie visits Kristi and asks about the activity, which Kristi says has stopped. Katie told Micah and Micah is now curious. Katie drives back to her house where the opening to Paranormal Activity plays.

The day after Micah is murdered; Ali is away on a trip. Daniel is passed out on the couch when Katie appears in the dining room. Daniel doesn’t notice her until he hears Hunter cry out from his room. As Daniel turns around, Katie snaps his neck and makes her way upstairs. She goes upstairs and Kristi is comforting Hunter. She is surprised to see Katie when Katie walks over and throws Kristi into the wall, killing her on impact. Katie picks up Hunter and leaves. They have not been seen since.

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