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NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Jeremy.

The film starts with Daniel Lugo (Mark Wahlberg) exercising outside the Sun Gym in Miami. Suddenly, he sees police cars and the SWAT team coming and he makes a run for it. He only gets so far until a car slams right into him.

We hear a voice that says the events in this film are unfortunately based on a true story.


Daniel narrates, saying he believes in fitness. He also wants to make America a better place, and he hates people who squander their potential. He spends his time at the Sun Gym spotting other people until he applies for a personal trainer job there. He admits to manager John Mese (Rob Corddry) that he was recently in trouble with the law, but Mese let's it slide. Three months after he joins, attendance is up. However, he feels unaccomplished and frustrated that his life is going nowhere. He unsuccessfully tries to hit on a female client and is embarrassed. One of his clients, Victor Kershaw (Tony Shalhoub), is a self-made businessman who brags about his accomplishments to Daniel.

Daniel goes to a get rich seminar led by a guy named Jonny Wu (Ken Jeong). According to him, there are two types of people - doers and don't-ers. Because he is a doer, he became successful and left his wife and kids to mess around with other women. He catches Daniel's attention and inspires him to be a doer to get what he wants.

He hatches up a plan - steal Kershaw's money and "make America a better place". He enlists the aid of another frequent gym goer, Adrian Doorbal (Anthony Mackie) and newcomer Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson). Paul is a born again Christian who was recently released from prison, while Adrian uses steroids and is upset when his penis shrinks as a result. Although Paul is reluctant, he joins the gang.

The trio purchase tasers and head off to capture Kershaw. Their first couple attempts fail, but Adrian shocks him with a taser and they capture him. They take him to a sex toy warehouse where Daniel tries to mask his voice with an accent but Kershaw knows it's him, which makes Daniel angry, so he slaps him around a bit.

Over the course of a few weeks, Daniel tries to get Kershaw to sign over his money while still going to work. Paul has to keep watch while Daniel and Adrian are out, and he bonds with Kershaw and begins to sympathize with him and even gets him to accept Jesus Christ as his savior. This makes him "the weak link". Daniel notices as Paul calls Kershaw "Pepe" (his middle name) and uses a stripper named Sorina (Bar Paly) in what the movie calls "Operation Honey Pot". Sorina attracts Paul's attention, but when she goes off with a rich scumbag named Frank Griga (Michael Rispoli), it sways his opinion of Kershaw and other rich scumbag types.

Kershaw signs the documents for Daniel to acquire his assets, but he is unable to unless Kershaw is present to sign documents at the bank. Daniel thinks he's hit a snag in the plan until he gets Mese's help, forging Kershaw's signature as a notary, and allowing Daniel to succeed. 

To tie up loose ends, the gang fuels Kershaw with alcohol and tries to kill him by staging a drunk driving accident. He survives because Adrian left him sitting with his seat belt on. They set the car on fire and blow it up, but Kershaw survives that too. They make one final attempt to kill him by running him over, which Paul deeply regrets. He drives over his head and assumes he's dead and they drive off. Not long after, the cops arrive and find Kershaw.

At the hospital, Kershaw is questioned by detectives, but they don't believe his story that bodybuilding ninjas abducted him, stole his money, and tried to kill him. It also doesn't help that he's being a dick to the detectives. Kershaw looks for help from another detective named Ed Du Bois (Ed Harris) to help him. Meanwhile, the gang learns Kershaw is still alive and they go to the hospital dressed as doctors to finish the job, but they can't find him due to the hospital's complicated color-coded navigation system, and they get nowhere.

Since they have Kershaw's money, the gang goes off and happily spends the money. Daniel moves into Kershaw's house, Paul starts a relationship with Sorina, and Adrian gets involved with his penis doctor Robin Peck (Rebel Wilson). They get around to other things like starting a neighborhood watch, all while Du Bois is keeping his eye on the gang. He even joins the Sun Gym as a new client, getting trained by Daniel. He drops Kershaw's name and makes Daniel slightly nervous.

Things get messy when Paul, who has a serious cocaine problem, blows all of his money and becomes desperate. He assaults a security guard and takes his money, leading to a chase between him and the cops. He runs in and out of a hair salon and Chinese restaurant, outrunning them but getting his toe shot off. He runs all the way to Adrian's house where he is getting married to Robin. Paul tells Daniel that he needs more money and is considering stealing from Frank Griga. Adrian, also in need of money after buying the house and getting married, is in on the plan.

First, the gang finds out the motel where Kershaw is staying at to try and get rid of him, but he escapes. Daniel learns that Du Bois is paying for his room and they leave.

The trio meet with Griga for a fake business offer in India. They all go back to Adrian's home to discuss, along with Griga's porn star girlfriend Krisztina (Keili Lefkovitz). Griga isn't totally on board and calls the group amateurs, which pisses Daniel off to the point where he smacks Griga around and kicks him until a weight falls on his head and kills him. Krisztina discovers this and freaks out and tries to shoot Daniel, but Adrian takes her down with a horse tranquilizer. Although she is barely conscious, she gives them the combination for Griga's safe.

Daniel and Paul go to Griga's house to open the safe but they think they got the wrong combo. When Krisztina comes to and sees Griga's corpse again, Adrian injects her with another tranquilizer, but when he tries to get the combo from her again, he realizes she is dead. On top of getting the blood stains out of his carpet, he panics, and the other two go back to his house, but not before Paul leaves his severed toe with Griga's dog.

Daniel and Adrian go to Home Depot to buy materials to dispose of the victims' bodies. They buy a chainsaw to cut the hands off, but it gets stuck as Adrian accidentally jams it in Krisztina's head. Daniel decides to hack their hands off with an axe. When they return the chainsaw, they notice blood and hair is on it but they get away with that and get a new one. Paul, having had enough of the mayhem, abandons the duo, just as they finish chopping up the bodies and dispose of them into a river. At the same time, Robin comes home to find that Adrian cut the blood-stained carpet pieces and dumped them in the trash, and Du Bois gets a group of cops to look for Daniel, Paul, and Adrian.

We go back to the film's opening where Daniel is working out, and the cops are coming in. They arrest Mese at the gym while they also find Paul at a church and Adrian in his home. Daniel manages to escape and hops on a speedboat out of there.

Du Bois learns from Kershaw that he has a secret stash of money in the Bahamas and determines that Daniel is going there. Sure enough, Daniel is already trying to get more of Kershaw's money, but Du Bois and his men find him and give chase. Du Bois shoots Daniel in the leg but he keeps running. Kershaw finds Daniel and hits him with his car until he drives into a wall. Daniel is taken back to the states and finds a bunch of cops waiting for him. When asked by Du Bois why he did all this, he replies that it's because he's a doer.

The trio go on trial for their crimes. Sorina, Robin, Paul, and Kershaw all testify. Paul gets 15 years in prison for his cooperation, but Daniel and Adrian are found guilty of murder, racketeering, attempted extortion and theft, among other crimes, and the two of them are sentenced to death. 

Du Bois sits with his wife who tells him that some people can't see when they have a good thing in front of them. He knows Daniel was searching for the American dream, but he went about it the wrong way. In prison, Daniel reflects on what he's done, but says he'll continue to do what he's used to, because he still believes in fitness.

The real life Daniel Lugo and Adrian Doorbal are currently on death row. Paul Doyle served his 15 years and is now free. John Mese was given 15 years but he died in prison.

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